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Free MLB Picks and Parlays - Expert MLB Predictions for Today's Games

OddsChecker provides you with the most current free MLB picks for each game. Currently, handicappers Matt Zylbert and Drew Martin are making MLB picks against the spread, as well as parlay bets for upcoming games. You can find updated MLB Picks of the Day by following OddsChecker’s Picks & Parlays page.

When it comes to betting on the free MLB picks, moneyline bets are the most popular way to wager. The MLB moneyline is handicapped to account for a team’s starting pitchers. Even the league’s best players on the mound only play one of every four to five games.

Here's an example of an MLB moneyline:

LA Dodgers -154

San Diego Padres +138

Here, the Dodgers are the favorite and the Padres are the underdog. To make money betting on the favorite (Dodgers), a punter needs to wager $154 dollars to make $100. To make money betting on the underdog (Padres), a punter needs to wager $100 to win $138.

The point spread bet allocates a certain amount of ‘points’ to the underdog in order to even out the bet. Sportsbooks try to make both sides of the bet even by requiring the favorite team to win by a certain amount of points and the underdog to not lose by a number of points.

Betting on a pick against the spread is to back an underdog team. Keep in mind that in the Major League Baseball, point spread betting is referred to as a ‘run line’. So MLB picks against the spread are placed on run lines.

In run lines, a punter wagers $110 to win $100. The extra $10 spent here goes to the sportsbooks that create the run line. In the industry, this $10 is known as ‘the juice’.

Here’s an example of an MLB run line:

Oakland Athletics +1.5 +134

Los Angeles Angels -1.5 -158

When reviewing run lines, you’ll see a variety of points to wager on, from 1.5 up. In this example, the underdog (Athletics) need to not lose by 2 points for a bet to pay out. A $100 bet placed on the Athletics would earn a bettor $134 should they manage to lose by less than 2 points. A $158 bet placed on the Angels will pay out $100 if they defeat the Athletics by more than 2 points.

Handicappers make MLB expert picks and predictions by studying a variety of details.

First, a handicapper analyzes a team as a whole. This includes staff, recent draft picks, and overall team dynamics. Then, a handicapper analyzes specific player statistics, injuries, and overall tendencies. Come gameday, they’ll even take a close look at the weather. Finally, a handicapper studies trends across the Major League Baseball. This includes how a team tends to perform away or at a specific stadium, as well as where the general public is putting their money. By studying the betting market, handicappers are able to compare which teams have the best MLB odds versus which team the public is backing with their money. From here, handicappers make their MLB picks and parlays.

Handicappers offer MLB expert picks across a variety of bets. These bets include:

Run lines (Against The Spread): the underdog team is provided a ‘handicap’ of a certain amount of points. The favorite must win by a certain amount of points and the underdog must not lose by a certain amount of points.

Over/under or Totals: handicappers decide how many points total will be scored in a game. Simply wager on whether or not this number will be exceeded (over) or not (under).

Moneyline: handicappers and sportsbooks choose a favorite and an underdog to win a given game. MLB games are handicapped according to who’s on the mound.

Parlays: handicappers arrange a series of bets that run concurrently. A bettor stands to win big if they predict the outcome of multiple bets on a single game or series—but only if each leg of the bet is won.

It’s possible to make a profit betting on MLB picks and parlays. OddsChecker is here to connect you to passionate and trusted handicappers who provide key insights on betting smart on baseball odds.

By following successful handicappers, you can stay up to date with expert predictions. Each handicapper has their own style and opinion when it comes to analyzing statistics, making picks and how to bet on baseball. To find the right expert for you, check out a handicapper’s latest article. In each detailed assessment, there are various strategies and angles at play. A punter can see the logic behind MLB expert picks and parlays, as well as key insights from the league. Staying informed helps bettors win big.

At the end of the regular season, top teams from the National League and the American League face off in the best-of-seven World Series. Betting on the MLB World Series is one of the most popular ways to get in on MLB action.

The Dodgers are favored to win both the NL West and the World Series. In their last draft, the Dodgers acquired Mookie Betts, regarded as the MLB’s best player. In addition to a deep 40-man roster, the Dodgers projected record stands at 37-23 and their run differential sits at +68.

OddsChecker is home to three expert MLB handicappers: Matt Zylbert, Drew Martin, and Jason Radowitz. All three of our MLB handicappers had excellent years in 2021, turning a profit and making our readers a fair amount of money while doing so.


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