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Formula One Betting Odds

F1 Odds

Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton
Charles Leclerc
George Russell
Sergio Perez
Carlos Sainz
Lando Norris
Esteban Ocon
Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton
Charles Leclerc
George Russell
Carlos Sainz
Sergio Perez
Lando Norris
Esteban Ocon

Where Can I Find The Latest F1 Betting Odds?

At OddsChecker, we compare Formula 1 odds from all the leading sportsbooks to help you find the best value when you wager on Grands Prix or the World Championship. Our F1 betting odds are updated every single day so you can be sure you’re always getting the freshest and most accurate data. Click on ‘More Odds’ above to find the full list of Formula 1 odds.

How To Read Formula 1 Betting Odds

Reading Formula 1 betting odds is easy. If you’ve ever placed bets on other sports before, you’ll feel right at home when Formula 1 odds.

Here in the US, we usually use the “American format”, so you’ll see odds displayed as a three (or more) digit number with a + or - sign before it. The smaller the number, the more likely that outcome is believed to be.

Ahead of a Grand Prix, you might see Formula 1 odds for the winner displayed like this.

● Lewis Hamilton +120

● Max Verstappen + 130

● Valtteri Bottas +800

● Sergio Perez +1000

● Nicholas Latifi +300000

In this case, Lewis Hamilton is the favorite to win as he has the best F1 betting odds. A $100 bet on Hamilton would see you receive a $220 payout (made up of your $100 stake and $120 winnings).

At the opposite end of the scale, Nicholas Latifi has odds of +300000. That means oddsmakers give him a 3000/1 chance of taking the checkered flag first. Of course, it’s not impossible, rain, a well-timed pit stop, some high-profile DNFs, and a safety car could make it happen.

How To Bet The Formula 1 Races

Betting on Formula 1 offers up a whole host of different options from simple wagers like who is going to win a race through to prop bets on whether there’ll be a safety car in the race.

The beauty of betting on Formula 1 is that there is something for everyone. If you’re a casual fan that has a hunch about which driver will win a race or the World Championship, you only need to find the sportsbook offering the best Formula 1 odds and place your bet. On the other hand, if you love analyzing statistics and trends, this data-driven sport offers an infinite number of opportunities.

No matter which type of punter you are, here at OddsChecker, we’ve got your back. We compare all the best Formula 1 odds from all the leading bookies from here in the US to help you find where to place your bet.

Just simply choose the bet you want to place and check our simple odds grids to see where you’ll get the best odds for Formula 1. Then use our link to be taken securely to the sportsbook’s website where you can place your bet with ease. Not only that, but we also compare all of the best free bet offers from each of the sportsbooks so you can get even more from your F1 betting.

F1 Betting Strategy

On the surface, Formula 1 looks like a fairly simple sport. Drivers sit behind the wheel and complete 60 or so laps each race, with the car that crosses the finish line first being declared the winner.

All of that is factually correct, but when you look a little closer you’ll find that Formula 1 is an incredibly technical sport where teams spend millions of dollars to drive 0.1 seconds faster. Most Formula 1 fans love to delve into this, learning about each team’s efforts to go faster and faster. Having this knowledge can be a real help when deciding what Formula 1 odds to bet on. There are more than 20 races each season and each one presents a different challenge. Some cars suit high-speed circuits while others perform best when high downforce specifications are required.

Here are some of the other things you may want to consider in your F1 betting strategy.

● Driver form - Some drivers perform well at certain tracks, others can struggle to find a rhythm. You’ll want to see how well they’ve done at that circuit in previous seasons, as well as compare it to their performance at similar tracks this year. For example, Victory at Monaco could suggest a driver may find success at Hungary or Singapore.

● Car form - Not all cars are created equal, each team manufactures their own. That means some are better suited to some tracks while others aren’t. You’ll want to make similar comparisons like you do with drivers.

● Weather - What is the weather forecast for Saturday qualifying and the race on Sunday? Some drivers excel in the rain, others really struggle.

● Formula 1 odds - Sometimes you may have a different opinion to the people that set odds for Formula 1, in which case, you may feel certain bets offer a lot of value.

● Friday and Saturday performance - You can still place bets on the race on the day after you know what’s happened during Friday practice and Saturday’s qualifying. If the main contender is at the back of the grid due to car trouble, then you may prefer to bet on a different driver to win.

If you also enjoy betting on other motorsports, you will find most of these strategies will apply to them too.

Where can I bet on Formula 1?

Most leading US sportsbooks offer Formula 1 odds. This means bettors usually have a lot of choice over where they can bet. But don’t worry, we’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you as we’ve found all bookies that offer odds for Formula 1 and listed them above. Just click on the ‘More Odds’ button above to see and compare all the latest Formula 1 odds.

What kind of bets can I place on F1 races?

Formula 1 odds are offered on a wide range of markets, including which driver will win, whether a driver will finish on the podium (top 3), and who will get pole position in qualifying. You can also find Formula 1 betting odds for futures markets like which driver and which team will win the two World Championships. Prop bets are also available for in-race events like whether a safety car or virtual safety car period will occur and which driver will get the fastest lap.


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