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NBA Championship Winner Betting Odds

Here are the latest NBA Championship Winner odds from all of the biggest sports betting sites in Virginia. Navigate to our NBA homepage to see all the latest NBA odds for upcoming games. Click on the odds to place a bet with your favorite NBA betting site.

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Where Can I Find the Latest 2022 NBA Championship Odds?

If you are searching for the best odds for NBA Championship 2022, look no further than OddsChecker. We’re the number-one portal for up-to-the-minute NBA Championship odds, as well as basketball betting markets in the NCAAB and WNBA. We compare the best available prices from all the reputable and licensed sportsbooks across the UK and update their lines daily to ensure you get maximum value for your NBA Finals odds.

To view our entire NBA Championship odds grids, just click the “More Odds” link above to explore all the available odds to win NBA Championship 2022.

How to Read NBA Championship Betting Odds

If you are looking to bet on NBA Finals odds for the first time, it’s important to understand the American odds format. The odds for NBA Championship 2022 will be displayed in positive and negative numbering.

Positive numbers usually relate to the underdogs in a Moneyline NBA market. Negative numbers usually relate to the favorite in a Moneyline NBA market. However, in a futures NBA Finals odds market, most teams will be positive given the various permutations that can happen in the run-in to the NBA Championship.

Let’s say that the Brooklyn Nets are priced as +200 favorites in the NBA Championship odds market. If you were to wager $100 – and the Nets go on to win the NBA Championship 2021 – you win $200, plus your initial $100 stake back.

If the LA Clippers are priced as -180 favorites in a Moneyline NBA market, this figure relates to how much you must stake to win $100 profit e.g. $180 for a $100 return on a winning bet. You can calculate it for smaller bets too, with $18 required to win a $10 return.

How to Bet on the NBA Championship

There are various ways you can wager on the 2022 NBA Championship odds – and it doesn’t have to be the Outright Winner market. You can also indulge yourself in a variety of prop bets to really showcase your NBA knowledge. Most US sportsbooks offer prop bets involving individual players, as well as team-based outcomes. You can even bundle them up into an attractive NBA Championship parlay to try and win even bigger sums.

Of course, if you do prefer to bet straight up on the winner odds for NBA Championship 2021, you can find the best value right here at OddsChecker. We’ve also got a list of the best free bet promotions, which could give you more bang for you buck when scouring the NBA Finals odds this summer.

NBA Championship Betting Strategy

When it comes to working out the best available odds to win NBA Championship 2022, you need to consider several factors. First and foremost, you need to consider player form. Usually, the teams with the NBA MVP or MVP finalists are pushing hard for the NBA Finals, so these are always worth a look. There’s also NBA icons like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo who are capable of turning games on their head in an instant with moments of magic. Whichever franchises they are representing, you can be sure they will be battling hard to reach the NBA Finals.

You should also look at the history of the NBA Championship. Some NBA franchises are more successful than others at getting the job done in the NBA Finals. The Lakers and the Celtics are the most successful teams of all time and should always be respected in the NBA Championship odds market. Meanwhile the Phoenix Suns have achieved 29 NBA Playoff appearances without coming close to winning an NBA Championship. It’s a similar story for Utah Jazz, who have appeared 27 times in the Playoffs without becoming NBA Championship winners. The Sacramento Kings have gone the longest time without holding aloft the coveted NBA Championship trophy, with a 70-year wait that’s likely to continue.

What Are the Various Bets I Can Make on the NBA?

There are so many futures bets you can place on the NBA aside from looking at the odds to win NBA Championship 2022. You can place futures bets on the prospective “Rookie of the Year” or the “Coach of the Year”. You can also bet on the Divisional winners and overall winners of the NBA Eastern and Western Conferences, as well as the NBA Championship outright. On a game-by-game basis, you can also wager on handicap markets, such as betting on points totals per team. The point spread is one of the most popular NBA Championship odds markets, with “Over” and “Under” lines for each team. Betting against the spread is an important term to understand when wagering on points totals in the NBA.

When is the NBA MVP Announced?

The NBA’s MVP for the current season is normally revealed in June. Typically, the NBA will reveal at least three “finalists”. These are players that have been shortlisted for their personal form over the season, as well as their role in the overall success of their respective teams. The NBA MVP award is one of the most coveted prizes in the sport. It’s a benchmark for other players to aspire to, underlining the most talented and influential players in the NBA right now. Some savvy individuals in the NBA betting markets will look to see which team this year’s MVP plays for before taking their 2022 NBA Championship odds at the best available price with their favorite sportsbooks.


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