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Stanley Cup Winner Betting Odds

Here are the latest Stanley Cup Winner odds from all of the biggest sports betting sites in Virginia. Navigate to our NHL homepage to see all the latest NHL odds for upcoming games. Click on the odds to place a bet with your favorite NHL betting site.

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Edmonton Oilers logoEdmonton Oilers
Colorado Avalanche logoColorado Avalanche
Boston Bruins logoBoston Bruins
Carolina Hurricanes logoCarolina Hurricanes
New York Rangers logoNew York Rangers
Florida Panthers logoFlorida Panthers
Dallas Stars logoDallas Stars
Vancouver Canucks logoVancouver Canucks
Vegas Golden Knights logoVegas Golden Knights
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2023 Stanley Cup Odds

OddsChecker connects you to the latest Stanley Cup odds right here. We update offers from leading US sportsbooks consistently as odds shorten on favorites and underdogs throughout the regular season and playoffs. For many, the Stanley Cup series is a popular futures bet; 2023 Stanley Cup odds are offered immediately after the previous season concludes.

Check the most competitive lines from a range of sportsbooks from BetMGM to FanDuel with OddsChecker’s handy comparison tables. If you’re ready to wager now, click on ‘More Odds’ above to find the full list of odds available today. Before you get started, learn the basics of NHL Stanley Cup odds and betting on this page.

In this article, we’ll walk you through:

• How to read Stanley Cup odds

• How to wager on odds to win Stanley Cup

• How to apply key insights on NHL betting odds to win the Stanley Cup and more

As mentioned above, oddsmakers release their Stanley Cup odds immediately after the current season concludes and pundits make their picks. For this reason, betting on the NHL’s championship series is considered a futures bet. Futures bets are very easy to read, which makes learning how to bet on Stanley Cup winner odds a breeze.

In American odds formatting, NHL Stanley Cup odds are written with a plus (+) sign. The team with the shortest odds is the favorite to win the tournament. Odds are written in terms of a $100 bet, showing what a punter stands to win if they wager $100 on a given team.

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Las Vegas Golden Knights+120+705
Tampa Bay Lightning+150+650

In this example, we can see both team’s Stanley Cup winner odds when first opened. As play advanced, the Knights’ odds shortened. Those who wagered $100 on the Knights’ current odds would win $120. Those who bet when lines were first released would win $705.

Placing a futures bet on odds to win Stanley Cup is a popular way to get in on the action—but it’s not the only way. As the NHL season starts and advances toward postseason play and into the playoffs, sportsbooks will update their lines according to records, injuries, and other relevant details.

Ready to place a futures bet on your favorite squad? Check out OddsChecker’s free bets page for exclusive deals.

Aside from Stanley Cup odds on the outright winner, sportsbooks also offer prop bets ("proposition bets") on a range of smaller events that will happen during the Finals series as a whole or on individual games. If placed far enough ahead of an event, these are also considered futures bets, but may be referred to either way.

Popular Stanley Cup prop bets include:

• Which team will score first in a given game

• Whether the game will reach overtime

• Stanley Cup MVP Award

• Length of the Finals series

Aside from Stanley Cup prop bets, other relevant futures bets include:

• Division champions (North, West, Central, and East)

• Conference champions (Western and Eastern)

• Playoff contenders (sixteen teams total)

• Player awards (Hart Memorial Trophy, the Conn Smythe Trophy)

• Player stats

There are a few key tips to keep in mind when looking into NHL betting odds to win the Stanley Cup, which can help you identify which teams are strongest. Whether relying on analysis from a pundit or going with a sportsbook with the best welcome bonus, be sure to consider the points listed below when selecting Stanley Cup odds.

• Competitive odds: As mentioned above, OddsChecker connects you with the most competitive deals and odds from the US’s top sportsbooks for all hockey bets. Be sure to choose the most lucrative odds—and keep in mind that the best deals on odds to win Stanley Cup are offered immediately after the current season concludes.

• Reference past winners: Take a look at the league’s most recent winners. For example, in recent years, there’s been an uptick in first-time Stanley Cup winners, from the St. Louis Blues (2019) to the Washington Capitals (2018).

• Rely on a team’s playoff performance: Even if you’ve been betting on the NHL throughout the season, there’s no information more relevant than a team’s immediate record. As the NHL’s playoff series advances toward the Finals, injuries from leading players, lapses in physical endurance or focus, and away records will become even more important for punters. Additionally, there are certain players who are known to blossom in the postseason, which makes them a secret weapon that shortens their team’s Stanley Cup odds.

The Boston Bruins are current favorites with NHL Stanley Cup odds of +450 to become champions.

The Golden Knights are currently rated at +1500.

The Colorado Avalanche won the 2022 Stanley Cup, defeating the defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning by four games to two.


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