Odds on Potential Games for Squid Game Season 2: Hide and Seek Given 90.9 % Chance

We have a breakdown of the latest odds for what games are likely to be coming in Squid Game Season 2.
Kyle Newman |
Thu, October 28, 1:56 PM EDT | 4 min read
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Odds on Potential Games for Squid Game Season 2: Hide and Seek Given 90.9 % Chance

Netflix is in talks about renewing Squid Game for a second season, and oddsmakers are all in. Oddsmakers have placed odds on games that could appear in the potential second season with two games as clear favorites, and one game making a potential return to Squid Game. We've taken a look at the latest odds for Season 2 of Squid Game and what games might be coming.

Hide and Seek is expected to be part of season 2 of Squid Games with -1000 odds, or an implied 90.9% chance to appear in season 2. Oddsmakers are also bullish on Tag, giving the game -150 odds, or an implied 60% chance to be in Squid Game Season 2. Finally, musical Charis is a toss-up, with oddsmakers giving the game EVEN odds or a 50% chance of appearing in Season 2 of Squid Games.

It may not be all new games, though, coming in Squid Game Season 2. Oddsmakers given Marbles +350 odds, or a 22.2% chance to return to Squid Game. Of course, oddsmakers believe some regional games could be possible. British oddsmakers list Conkers as +2000 or a 4.8% chance, and British Bulldogs as +3300 or a 2.9% chance.

Squid Game is notable for its ability to turn individual or one on one games into deathmatches. So, it's surprising to see some of the games here given such great odds. Tag would be a hard fit for Squid Game given the nature of its one versus all, and it wouldn't be able to eliminate as many people given only one person can be it. The same can be said for tag variations like Blind Man's Buff and British Bulldogs.



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