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Ranking Each Possible Super Bowl 53 Match-up

Ranking every possible option for Super Bowl 53 in order of what we want to see
| 4 min read
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Super Bowl 53 is looming on the the horizon but before we get to Atlanta we have to decided the outcomes of the Conference Championship games. We'll find out our Super Bowl matchup on Sunday night but before then let's rank every possible option in order of what we most want to see.

4. Patriots v Saints

All we've heard this week before their game against the Chiefs is that the Patriots are underdogs. They're not, they're the freaking Patriots, and the GOAT is still under center. So frankly, I could do without them being the underdogs against a much-fancied Saints team.

In absolutely honesty, I think this would be a fun game but we've seen Payton versus Belichick before. Let's have something new, something exciting. Ultimately the narrative around this game just wouldn't be as intense as the other three remaining options.

Pats to beat Saints +600

Saints to beat Pats +525

3. Patriots v Rams

Oh man, I'm going to be inundated by Patriots fans on social media aren't I? Look, Brady and Bill are the great double act in football history but I'd just like the Pats to take a year off. Is that okay?

The enticing battle between the old master Bill Belichick and the young pretender Sean McVay is the main attraction of with this option. A battle between the NFL's brightest young mind and the greatest coach of all time would be a great indication of where the modern NFL is and the two haven't met before. This would be fun.

Pats to beat Rams +1000

Rams to beat Pats +1000

2. Chiefs v Rams

Yeah, this is the point where the neutrals are beginning to shake their heads. When the two teams met earlier in the season it finished 54-51 and was heralded as being the game to usher in a whole new era. 

"Never go back" is the advice you always see in relationship columns about going back to a former flame. The highs are never as good and it'll inevitably not live up to expactations. That will be the case here, if we get this game then there's no way that we get another classic like that shootout and I don't want to be disappointed come Super Bowl Sunday.

Chiefs to beat Rams +650

Rams to beat Chiefs +650

1. Chiefs v Saints

Brees v Mahomes set with an incredible supporting cast featuring Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara. We absolutely have to see the Chiefs facing the Saints in Atlanta, these two franchises have been the best two teams to watch all season, feature the two leading MVP candidates and crucially both have great offenses.

There are no losers with this matchup. The Chiefs win and we get to see Andy Reid finally getting the ring that even the harshest critic would agree that he deserves. If the Saints were to lift the Lombardi Trophy then we're going to see the great locker room celebration videos of all time and see Teddy Bridgewater doing the 'choppa' on the Falcons' home turf. It's win-win.

Chiefs to beat Saints +375

Saints to beat Chiefs +340

Roll on Super Bowl Sunday!

By Sam Farley

A lifelong football and basketball fan with years of experience in the sports gambling industry, Sam is known for his incredibly deep knowledge of all things NFL and NBA.


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