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Super Bowl 53: Winners & Losers

Who won and who lost in Super Bowl LIII
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Sunday's Super Bowl wasn't a vintage but another Patriots win surely cements their place as the greatest dynasty in any sport. Let's take a look at the three winners and three losers after Super Bowl LIII.


Julian Edelman

It seems difficult to mention Edelman without mentioning the words small or scrappy. His style and stature are very much keys to him as a player but his ability to find space underneath is incredible. Edelman himself sums up the Patriot way, a 7th-round pick who works hard and always turns up in January and February. 

He cemented his place in history with an MVP performance and one that has only furthered the debate pre-Super Bowl over whether Edelman's post-season performances were enough to get him into the Hall of Fame at Canton. The other debate that raged was wether number eleven should have been playing anyway, having served a 4-game suspension earlier in the season for takings PEDs. It's unlikely that Edelman will be able to hear the detractors over the sound of another Super Bowl victory.

The Defenses

The Patriots defense played well for all four quarters of the game, something they've not really done in any of their previous trips to the big game. Even rare lapses in concentration, like the busted coverage that got Brandin Cooks wide open, were ended with incredible plays from the defense. The impressive thing is that no individual Patriot stands out, they were a unit in perfect sync.

This brings me to the Rams defense who were also spectacular. Wade Phillips did a great job coordinating a superb gameplan against Tom Brady. If you'd have told Sean McVay that they'd have held the Patriots to just 13 points then he'd have been certain that they'd have won the Super Bowl. It wasn't to be and Donald, Suh, Fowler and Talib could feel aggreived that they didn't wake up with a ring.

New Orleans

Record-breakingly low TV numbers in New Orleans show that the city wasn't interested after feeling that they'd been cheated out of a clash with the Patriots by the officiating in the Conference Championship game versus the Rams.

The Patriots win wouldn't have made up for the missed call a fortnight ago but it may have given them a sense of closure and that some form of justice had been served.


The Fans

Social media was not kind to the Super Bowl, and although I personally enjoyed the tense, defensive spectacle, it clearly wasn't the most enthralling game to a majority of fans. Perhaps the low-scoring game was more of adissapointment given the over-arching theme of the season has been offensive shootouts.

If you thought the football was bad then the half-time show felt like a punishment. Maroon 5 are the definition of beige, a bland entity who churn out instantly forgetable music for adverts. Even the addition of Big Boi couldn't help lift hte feeling that the dismal offering was betraying the deep musical history of Atlanta. 

The Rams

Forget about the loss, that's not why they're included here. They're here because they've missed their window. Another year has gone by with Jared Goff on his rookie deal, delaying the question of whether you pay him. They signed Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley to huge long-term deals, ensuring they'll be with the Rams for a long time. However the likes of Aquib Talib and Ndamukong Suh are on short-term deals and it's unlikely that they'll be able to be kept on. 

Tom Brady

It seems crazy to be saying that a man who just won his sixth Super Bowl ring is a loser but hear me out, he didn't play well. For all the post-match talk abotu Goff it's worth rembering that Brady himself wasn't much better. Brady completed 21/35, marginally better than Goff's 21/35, only passing for 33 yards, with both getting interecepted and both failing to throw a touchdown pass.

It wasn't a vintage performance from TB12 and had the Rams found a way to win then we'd have been discussing whether this was the end of Brady. Time is beginning to take it's toll and it's hard to see how long excellent coaching can paint over the cracks.

By Sam Farley

A lifelong football and basketball fan with years of experience in the sports gambling industry, Sam is known for his incredibly deep knowledge of all things NFL and NBA.


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