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Top 5 Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers Touchdowns

We look back at Antonio Brown's best touchdowns for the Pittsburgh Steelers
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Antonio Brown has enjoyed a long and personally successful tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers, reeling in 11,207 receiving yards and 74 touchdowns through 103 regular season starts. He became an icon at Heinz Field and Ben Roethlisberger’s most reliable weapon with Brown’s terrifying speed, unnatural athleticism, and ability to baffle defensemen making him sit as the best wide receiver of his generation in the eyes of many.

When the 2019 NFL season gets underway, Brown will be 31-years-old and, for the first time in his professional career, not be sporting the Steelmark. After a tumultuous season that still saw Brown claim 1297 yards and a career-best 15 touchdowns, the Steelers were all but forced to deal the want-away receiver, dealing him to the Oakland Raiders for their third and fifth round picks in the 2019 draft. Even with Brown on the roster, the Raiders are still at long odds of +1400 to win the AFC West.

So, before the 2019 NFL season gets underway, we thought it best to give Brown a proper send-off from Heinz Field by showcasing his top five professional touchdowns so far.

5. Titans vs. Steelers: November 16, 2017

By this point in the game, a couple of minutes into the fourth at the ten on second and five, you could sense that the Pittsburgh Steelers were about to add to their 30-17 lead over the Tennessee Titans and that Antonio Brown was likely to be the one to pull in the touchdown. However, what you wouldn’t have expected is how Brown masterfully took the catch, utilizing everything he could to get another six points on the board.

Out of the snap, Big Ben takes a short step back, sees Brown already at the five and loops an almost dainty little pass over the top, which the enigmatic wide receiver gets one hand to and then clutches to his helmet for the score.

4. Colts vs. Steelers: October 26, 2014

In an intense battle which saw two top-class QBs, Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger, combine for 922 yards and nine touchdowns, both regularly sought the aid of their best receivers, T.Y. Hilton and Antonio Brown. In the end, Hilton notched 22 more yards than Brown with 155, but Brown made his ten receptions count, scoring twice as many touchdowns as Hilton with two.

Brown’s first of the game, which put the Steelers 27-10 up at 8:33 of the second, was a quick eight-yard pass towards the side of the left side of the end zone. AB leaped, reached, and nailed the one-handed catch. To add insult to injury, Brown scored on a 47-yard pass just over three minutes of game clock later to keep the Steelers rolling towards an eventual 51-34 victory.

Click Here For Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Itkfnmse8o

3. Bears vs. Steelers: September 22, 2013

The Chicago Bears currently boasts one of the most, if not the most menacing defenses in the league and are at +650 to win the NFC Championship next season, but in 2013, they couldn’t stop Brown’s ascendency to greatness. He had a terrific night all around despite the team’s eventual 40-23 loss, and while his touchdown catch in the second was great, it’s Brown’s third quarter catch which made him a household name overnight.

Down by 14 points, Roethlisberger launched a pass to the back of the end zone. Brown had already outpaced his marker but still had a lot of work to do to make it to the ball. AB reached out with one hand, managed to tickle the ball towards his body, seal a falling two-handed catch, and still just about keep himself in play as he rolled out of the back of the end zone.

Click Here For Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON39Il0VbqY

2. Steelers vs. Chiefs: October 14, 2017

In the 2016 playoffs, the Steelers snuck an 18-16 win over the Chiefs. Despite his 108-yards, Brown was kept off out of the end zone and stopped from adding to his first ever postseason touchdowns scored in the AFC wild-card game a week prior. Returning to Arrowhead Stadium the next season, AB once again found plenty of yards, but this time, he capped off this win with a touchdown.

With three minutes left in the fourth with the score at 12-10 to Pittsburgh, an ill-advised pass from Big Ben slipped the destined interception and fell into the hands of Brown. He shrugged off a light challenge and bolted the remaining 34 yards of the 50-yard play to seal the win.

1. Ravens vs. Steelers: December 25, 2016

On a Christmas Day match-up which would decide the AFC North, the heated rivalry delivered in full measure. There were many heroes on the night, but none will be remembered for the game like Antonio Brown. The Ravens took the lead with 1:18 on the clock courtesy of full-back Kyle Juszczyk’s gravity-defying stumble to the end zone, but the Steelers weren’t ready to quit. Roethlisberger used all of the names in his arsenal to get down the field.

On second and goal with 13 seconds left, Big Ben took the snap looked up and fired into AB. The receiver made the catch but was thrown off balance by one Raven and then swarmed by two more Baltimore jerseys about a yard from the plane to stop him dead – or so they thought. Brown managed to wriggle up and extend his arm to break the plane and steal the win at the death.

Many Steelers and fellow NFL fans will consider Brown to be an all-time great, and even though they’re in the mix at +200 to win the AFC North next season, Pittsburgh will miss AB.


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