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The Biggest NFL Bets Ever Made

Kevin Taylor lists some of the all-time biggest NFL wagers
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Over the years, sports betting in Las Vegas has steadily grown, and is now where some of the biggest action in the city can be seen. Below you will see a few of the biggest NFL bets that have ever been made, and one of them includes a famous poker player that we have already talked about in previous betting articles. Let’s take a closer look.

$8,500 turns to $250,000

Normally the parlays you hear about are the crazy $5 tickets that have to hit 10-12 games to hit a huge payout. However, in 2017, one bettor thought he had a solid grasp on that day’s slate, as he put down $8,500 on a five game parlay. He hit the first four games: Ravens, Patriots, Chiefs, and Raiders, and his final bet was for the Lions to win outright as three point underdogs against the Giants. Well Matthew Stafford led the Lions to a 24-10 victory, and the bettor, who remained anonymous, walked home with a cool quarter of a million dollars.

Big Money Lost on the Panthers

In 2016, the Carolina Panthers put together one of the most impressive regular seasons in years, going 15-1, with several blowout victories. This included a 49-15 drubbing of the Cardinals in the NFC Championship, so it was no surprise that the Panthers were five point favorites against the Broncos in the big game. Most of the bets were placed on the heavy favorites, including one bettor, who put down $623,142 on the Panthers to win outright. Well, as many know, the Broncos defense suffocated Cam Newton and his high powered offense, as the Broncos pulled off the upset 24-10.

Billy Walters Bets Big...and Wins

Billy Walters is one of the biggest names in sports betting, having placed several high profile seven figure bets. One of those big bets came in 2007, when he bet $2.2 million on the USC Trojans to beat the Michigan Wolverines in the Rose Bowl. USC got him the win, but that bet pales in comparison to his 2010 Super Bowl wager, where he put $3.5 million on the underdog New Orleans Saints against Peyton Manning’s Colts. The Saints won outright 31-17, giving Walter his biggest win known to the public.

Speaking of that Super Bowl, Phil Ivey also made a big bet on that game, but unfortunately for the poker superstar, he was on the Colts for $2 million. As we know from a previous post, this isn’t the only massive loss Ivey has suffered in the Super Bowl, so maybe he should take a break from betting the big game.

Birdman Willing to Bet It All

Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman was one of the biggest names in Hip Hop in 2011 when the Packers took on the Steelers in Super Bowl 45. Apparently, Birdman placed a $1 million wager on the Packers, mainly because his good friend Lil Wayne was a big Packers fans. Well he made bank on that 31-25 Packers win, so Birdman was looking to up the stakes the following year, when the Patriots took on the Giants for the second time.

According to various sources, Birdman wanted to bet $5 million on the Patriots, who were -2.5 favorites. No sports book was willing to take the risk on the massive number, but fellow rapper 50 Cent did offer him a $1 million wager, one that 50 Cent would go on to win. In this case, Birdman won by simply not being able to place his massive bet, one that, let’s be honest, probably still wouldn’t have put much of a dent in the hip hop mogul’s bank account.

By Kevin Taylor


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