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AFC Championship Odds: Top 5 Most Wagered Teams

Which teams are bettors backing to win the AFC
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Let's take a look at which teams OddsChecker bettors are putting their money behind to become AFC Champions. Click the best odds to place bets.

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  1. Kansas City Chiefs – 22.58% of bets

Best Odds: +300 Worst Odds: +250

Nearly a quarter of all bets in the past 30 days have been on the Kansas City Chiefs, current World Champions. This isn't a surprise in itself but the sheer volume of bets indicates the huge faith that bettors have in Patrick Mahomes and company to continue to perform at such a high level.

  1. Baltimore Ravens – 12.90% of bets

Best Odds: +340Worst Odds: +275

So far this list has followed the sportsbooks, and the Ravens are the second most popular with bettors, just as they're the second most likely to win the AFC Championship judging by the sportsbooks. If Lamar Jackson continues to grow then they'll be tough for anyone to beat, although some would suggest that perhaps defenses may develop new ways to stop this innovative team.

  1. Buffalo Bills – 12.52% of bets

Best Odds: +1500 Worst Odds: +1000

Take a minute to breathe it in, the Bills are the third most popular bet to win the AFC Championship. After years spent trying to win the AFC East, bettors now think that they could win the whole conference. We still don't know exactly what Josh Allen is, but if he excels, alongside new recruit Stefon Diggs, and that mean defense, then they could be a tough prospect.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers – 12.34% of bets

Best Odds: +2200 Worst Odds: +1400

The Hard Knocks effect? It's not immediately clear what has driven so many bets on the Chargers, but the reality is that they have one of the best defensive ends in football and an array of offensive talents. This is the sort of team who could be classified as a dark horse, but when they're fourth favorite, it may be time to find a new word to describe them.

  1. New England Patriots – 12.06% of bets

Best Odds: +1200 Worst Odds: +1000

You didn't think we'd get a list to win the AFC and not see the Patriots listed...New England may be entering new territory but if Cam Newton is anything like the Cam of old, then the AFC will be put on notice. They have a new man under center, a great defense left in peices by opt-outs but they still retain Bill Belichick and with him in the building we'll still see bettors flocking to make money on the Pats.

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AFC Championship Betting Odds 

Kansas City Chiefs +300 

Baltimore Ravens +340 

New England Patriots +1200 

Indianapolis Colts +1300 

Pittsburgh Steelers +1400 

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