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Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play

Looking to get in on the fun of Super Bowl squares? We've got you covered
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Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play

As every person who has ever been to a Super Bowl party knows, Super Bowl squares are one of the best ways to keep hardcore fans, casual observes and the downright apathetic entertained throughout the night.

There is absolutely no skill involved in the game, and it still allows everyone to stay interested the entire time the Super Bowl is on. Obviously, with COVID-19 still restricting the size of gatherings in most states, you won’t see massive Super Bowl parties like past years. But, the great thing about Super Bowl squares is it can all be done virtually. Let’s take a look at how Super Bowl squares work.

Super Bowl Squares Format

Super Bowl squares are extremely simple and easy to set up. The pool is made up of a 100-square grid, consisting of 10 columns (vertical) and 10 rows (horizontal).

One team is then assigned the rows on the grid while the other is given the columns. For this year’s matchup, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the teams playing are irrelevant to the game, other than deciding which team gets which side.

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Each square is given the same price, which will be 1/100th of the total pot. If you want it to be Super Bowl squares with a prize pool of $500, you’d make each square worth $5, and so on. Participants can buy as many squares as they want. Every square purchased then increases that person’s chances of winning.

Once every square on the board has been sold to people at the party (or in this year’s case, the virtual party), numbers are assigned to each column and row at random. Usually, this involved picking numbers 0-9 out of the hat, but a random number generator spanning that same range works just fine as well.

Your blank Super Bowl squares grid, before any of the squares have been purchased, should look something like this:

How do You Win Super Bowl Squares?

Once the board is set up, the hard part is done. There will be 4 winnings squares by the end of the night, one for each quarter. Usually the 1st and 3rd quarter are the lowest prizes, with halftime being slightly more than those and the final score being the grand prize.

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The winner at the end of every quarter is the person who owns the square that intersects at the final digit of each team’s score when the quarter concludes. For example, if the Chiefs were winning 10-7 at the end of the first quarter, the person that owned the square at the intersection of Kansas City 0 and Tampa Bay 7 would win the prize for that quarter.

It really is that easy. Oh, and don’t worry about not being able to fill the whole 100-square grid. You can play with a semi-full pool of squares and just roll the prize from a previous quarter over if a blank square is the eventual winner.


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