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Ranking the Five Worst 2023 Super Bowl Commercials: From DoorDash to Rakuten

What were the five worst commercials of the 2023 Super Bowl? Jon Conahan has you covered with his five worst Super Bowl commercials.
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Ranking the Five Worst 2023 Super Bowl Commercials: From DoorDash to Rakuten

The Super Bowl commercials simply aren't that good anymore. Look, there were a few I loved. Dogs, women's sports, and others were all at the top of my list, but there were so many bad ones that it's tough to even put a list together.

I still found the five worst Super Bowl commercials and that's what we're here to discuss.

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5 Worst Super Bowl Commercials

5. Super Bowl Worst Commercials - Temu

Temu had two commercials on two occasions and honestly, I didn't like it either time. People are saying that it's an e-commerce brand that is an online shopping website.

The music and vibes of the video just didn't sit right with me and for that reason, it was definitely in my top five worst Super Bowl commercials. Maybe they have some good deals on their website, but the commercial simply wasn't good.

4. Super Bowl Worst Commercials: DoorDash

Look, I've spent more money on DoorDash in the past two months than this commercial took to make. What was this? I expected more out of such a company and that means they easily go in my top five worst commercials.

They were trying to show off how they can buy groceries for people now. I think the idea of it was cool and the little jellybean character was cool, but the rest of the commercial was poorly done.

I think I might have to take my talents to GrubHub.

3. Super Bowl Worst Commercials: Rakuten

Something about the Rakuten commercial didn't hit it off with me. I do think it could've been funny, but it seemed a bit weird. I like how they should the beauty stores. However, once the person in the commercial had that red hat on, I decided this was maybe the worst commercial of the night.

If a commercial isn't funny, cute, or emotional, I don't find much joy in them.

2. Super Bowl Worst Commercials: Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico was such a disappointment. I thought that it was originally going to be funny. The little chipmunk was cute and everything but I don't think their joke was funny at all.

It wasn't as bad as some of the others on the list, but definitely one of the worst of the night.

1. Super Bowl Worst Commercials: Hellmann’s

For one, who even eats mayonnaise? It genuinely might be the worst condiment in the world. Plus, it was a bit cheesy. They put two people inside of a refrigerator and then had Pete Davidson "eat" them. I thought it was a bit strange and for that, it lands on my top five worst commercial list.


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