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AFC East Winner Betting Odds

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Where Can I Find The Live Odds To Win AFC East?

OddsChecker connects you to live AFC East odds all day, every day. We use handy comparison tables that make it easy to check on the latest odds from leading US sportsbooks like FanDuel and Caesars. This makes it simple to follow AFC East betting odds and the NFL as a whole.

The AFC East is one of the most dynamic and interesting divisions to follow. After a long reign from the New England Patriots, the Bills and the Dolphins are leading the charge to shuffle up the pecking order of the past decade. But that doesn’t mean the Patriots (or the Jets) will be rolling over this season.

Ready to dive into odds to win AFC East? Keep reading for more information on how to read AFC East betting odds, how to wager on them, and handy profiles on all four teams for the 2021-22 season. Those ready to wager now can head to OddsChecker’s free bets page for the latest deals from top sportsbooks.

How To Read AFC East Betting Odds

Some of the most popular wagers in the NFL cover future events. These are known as futures bets and cover the outcome of events long ahead of schedule, from the Super Bowl to conference and division champions. Keep in mind that the highest-value AFC East odds are posted before the season begins, so many punters choose to back a team early on for the chance for a larger payout.

Futures bet like those on AFC East odds to win division are written in a standard moneyline format, as they predict the outright winner. For this reason, reading NFL division odds is simple. The division favorite will have a minus (-) sign before their odds, while those not favorited to win will have a plus (+) sign written before their odds to win AFC East.

The favorite shows what a bettor must wager in order to earn $100, while the underdog odds show what a bettor stands to win if they wager $100. If a division is closely matched, all four teams may be listed as underdogs.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Buffalo Bills -150

Miami Dolphins +325

In this example, the Bills are the favorite in AFC East odds to win division. A bettor will earn $100 if they wager $150 on the Bills’ odds, while a bettor would net $325 for a $100 bet on the Dolphins. Keep in mind that many sports fans wager less than $100; odds are written this way for simplicity’s sake.

Current Odds To Win AFC East

The Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets compete in the AFC East. The AFC East has a large number of young players and up-and-coming coaching staff, which makes it a popular division for pundits to follow and will also alter odds to win AFC East.

In 2020, the Bills managed to knock the Patriots out of the number one spot in the AFC East for the first time in a decade. However, the Dolphins are a few years into a full rebuild in Miami, and are also expected to battle the Bills for the top spot.

The current AFC East odds are written below. Keep in mind that these will change throughout the season as analysts have more accurate performance stats to reference. Be sure to check back with OddsChecker for the latest lines and picks from pundits.

Current AFC East odds to win division:

Buffalo Bills -150

Dolphins +325

Patriots +350

Jets +2000

Buffalo Bills Odds To Win AFC East

The Bills aren’t just expected to perform well in the AFC East—they’re also a favorite to advance into playoffs and potentially compete for the conference title. In this scenario, they’d likely face the Kansas City Chiefs or, potentially, the Baltimore Ravens.

Quarterback Josh Allen is in excellent shape, while other key players were retained through their period of free agency. So long as the Bills’ offensive coordinator keeps his momentum going, the team is sure to impress. Odds to win AFC East list the Bills as the favorite, but will the team have what it takes to survive the conference?

Miami Dolphins Odds To Win AFC East

As mentioned above, the Dolphins are a few years into a total rebuild in Miami. They’ve had multiple first-round picks at the Draft in past years, which they haven’t squandered. They’ve also been active this off-season, acquiring two strong offensive talents in wide receivers Jaylen Waddle and Will Fuller, while also landing a strong draft pick in pass rusher Jaelen Phillips. It seems that the Dolphins are incrementally addressing every issue with the franchise.

However, the Dolphins also have a serious concern this season: quarterback. It seems that their push for Tua Tagovailoa will pay off, as he’s recovered from his hip injury well and shows promise. However, Tagovailoa will be tested early on this season and his response will determine much of the Dolphins’ future in relation to AFC East odds and beyond.

New York Jets Odds To Win AFC East

Jets fans are likely rejoicing that head coach Adam Gase has been replaced with Robert Saleh—but no one is under the illusion that the Jets will make much progress this year alone. The team will need to structure itself around supporting new quarterback Zach Wilson, as well as integrating the Jets’ new free agents.

Currently, the Jets shortest odds are for them to post the worst record in the NFL. But with so much hype surrounding Saleh and the cautious hope surrounding Wilson, it’s possible the Jets may surprise this season and avoid placing last in the AFC East. Saleh will certainly be looking to avoid a 13-game losing streak.

New England Patriots Odds To Win AFC East

Brady may be gone, but Bill Belichick has plans when it comes to elevating the Patriots’ roster. The franchise spent more money than any other NFL team this offseason and picked its way through leading offensive players. They also made sound moves to bolster their defense, picking up linebacker Matt Judon and cornerback Jalen Mills.

Whether all this jockeying will be enough to stick together a cohesive performance remains to be seen, though it’s certain most NFL fans would be dismayed at another decade-long dynasty in New England.


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