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NFC North Winner Betting Odds

Here are the latest NFC North Winner odds from all of the biggest sports betting sites in Virginia. Navigate to our NFL homepage to see all the latest NFL odds for upcoming games. Click on the odds to place a bet with your favorite NFL betting site.

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Where Can I Find Live Odds To Win NFC North?

You can find live NFC North odds here at OddsChecker. We compile the latest lines from top US sportsbooks and keep them updated so that NFL fans have access to division odds (and more) all season long. Punters can use our handy comparison tables before choosing a sportsbook to wager with.

Whether you’re a Cheesehead or not, the NFC North is one of the most exciting NFL divisions to follow. Looking for more information on how to wager on odds to win NFC North, as well as key insight into all four teams? Keep reading below for expert insight into the division for the 2021-22 season.

How To Read NFC North Betting Odds

Those looking to bet on the winner of one of the NFL’s eight divisions will be placing a futures bet. A futures bet covers the outcome of a sporting event that’s far ahead of schedule, which also includes Super Bowl and conference champion wagers. Bets on NFC North odds predict an outright winner like a standard moneyline bet. As such, they are written the same.

The division favorite has a minus (-) sign written before their odds, while the remaining teams will have odds written with a plus (+) sign. The three underdogs show what a punter stands to win if they wager $100 on odds to win NFC North, while the favorite shows what a punter must wager in order to net $100.

Let’s take a quick look at an example:

Green Bay Packers -1400

Chicago Bears +1100

Here, $100 wagered on the Bears NFC North odds would yield a $1,100 payout should they be named NFC champs. However, a punter would need to wager $1,400 to win $100 on the Packers (or $700 to win $50, and so on).

Current Odds to Win NFC North

The NFC North is contested between the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, and Minnesota Vikings. At the moment, the Lions are looking to rebuild their roster and staff from scratch, which makes them an underdog bet suited for a free bet offer. NFC North odds from leading sportsbooks are available on which team will come away as the victor; the Packers are the heavy favorite as the Aaron Rodgers dynasty continues in Green Bay.

Odds to win NFC North are listed below. Keep in mind that these odds will be updated throughout the season. Check back with OddsChecker for the latest odds from sportsbooks as they update their lines and make their picks according to factors like injuries, breakout stars, and more.

NFC North Odds

Green Bay Packers -143

Minnesota Vikings +260

Chicago Bears +400

Detroit Lions +2000

Green Bay Packers Odds To Win NFC North

The Packers have faced a long offseason with trade rumors swirling about star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Following the team’s elimination in the NFC Championship against the Buccs, it seemed that Rodgers would be packing his bags.

With a promising new quarterback in Jordan Love, who’s been serving as Rodgers’ understudy, there may be a new dawn on the horizon. However, the team will need Rodgers back in the driver’s seat if they hope to push into playoffs, especially after losing center Corey Linsley in the off-season.

The Packers biggest challenge in the coming season will be whether front office disputes affect their performance on the gridiron (assuming Rodgers stays). This will likely affect the team’s odds to win the NFC North throughout the season, so check back in with OddsChecker.

Minnesota Vikings Odds To Win NFC North

The Vikings were the favorite last year to take the NFC North but ended up sinking as the season went on. Ultimately, the Bears made it into the playoffs over the Vikings, largely due to the Minnesotan’s critical lapses in defense.

The Vikings made smart moves in the offseason to acquire defensive players like Patrick Peterson, Dalvin Tomlinson, and Nick Vigil. Though making strides with their defense, the Vikings lost their offensive coordinator, which opens them up to a new set of challenges.

They have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL, which affects their odds to win NFC North, but will have homefield advantage during four of their toughest faceoffs. Check back in with OddsChecker to see how the Vikings fare compared to the Bears.

Chicago Bears Odds To Win NFC North

Typically, the Bears and the Vikings are listed as second- and third-place rivals in NFC North odds in recent years. The Bears are listed behind the Vikings with most sportsbooks, but the Bears weren’t expected to make it to playoffs in 2020-21, either.

The Bears will need to make good on their draft of QB Justin Fields and get him into starting shape to replace Matt Nagy. The Chicago squad has the toughest schedule in the division, but Fields may be able to offset some of that stress. Looking forward, the Bears odds to win NFC North will be dependent on how the Vikings fare.

Detroit Lions Odds To Win NFC North

With a new head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and quarterback, the Lions have one of the league’s most promising overhauls underway. However, they’re at the foundational start of a rebuild, which means new coach Dan Campbell can only make so many strides in a single season.

The Lions made smart choices at the draft, managing to swing Penei Sewell as an offensive tackle who should make an immediate impact. They’ll also be relying on fellow rookie D’Andre Swift to make a difference.

Be sure to follow OddsChecker’s NFC North odds for the latest updates to lines from top US sportsbooks.


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