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2022 NFL Draft Odds: Ranking The Top Five Most Likely No.1 Overall Picks

The latest NFL Draft odds have some interesting prospects when it comes to the potential No. 1 overall pick of April's draft. Who goes first? Find out here
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2022 NFL Draft Odds: Ranking The Top Five Most Likely No.1 Overall Picks

Sure, we’re exactly six months away from the 2022 NFL Draft. Most fans aren’t even thinking of the draft, but if your favorite team sucks, like mine (the Eagles), then April can’t come fast enough. And, if you’re thinking about the NFL Draft you should also be thinking about NFL Draft odds.

The NFL Draft is, in my opinion, already the best event of the NFL season. It’s better than the Super Bowl, it’s better than any playoff game. On that day in April, every single team has hope for the future and you can feel it in the air.

But, one way to make the NFL draft even more fun is by betting on NFL Draft odds. And, what better place to start than by analyzing the No. 1 overall pick? We don’t know who will be drafting No. 1, but we do already have odds for potential picks.

So, it’s time to take a look at the five most likely No. 1 overall picks for 2022, according to the latest NFL Draft odds.

2022 NFL Draft odds - No. 1 pick

2022 NFL Draft Odds: No. 1 Overall Pick

1. Kayvon Thibodeaux – Oregon EDGE (+125)

For the first time since 2017, we may see someone other than a quarterback drafted first overall. The reason for that is twofold. First, there isn’t a lot of top-tier NFL talent at the QB position in this draft, especially after Sam Howell and Spencer Rattler fell off a cliff. Second, Kayvon Thibodeaux is a special kind of talent. Just a sophomore, Thibodeaux already has an NFL-ready body at 6-foot-5 and 258 pounds. He is explosive, quick and most importantly, powerful. After Oregon’s game against Fresno State earlier in the season, Thibodeaux missed games with an ankle injury, but he returned to the field this month and has tortured offensive tackles ever since. In last week’s win over UCLA, he finished with nine tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble. There is a reason he’s the favorite to go No. 1 overall.

2. Matt Corral – Ole Miss QB (+300)

We’re just one spot in and we’ve already got a surprising name. But, it’s important to remember that this is odds to go No. 1 overall, not the five best draft prospects. So, while Corral may not be one of the top-5 prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft right now, it’s possible a team would trade up to the first spot to reach on a QB, like Heisman hopeful Matt Corral. Corral has looked fantastic in Lan Kiffin’s offense this season. He is the second favorite to win the Heisman for a reason. He kills defesnes with both his arm and his legs. He’s a deceptively good athlete and possesses the top-end speed to be a good dual-threat QB in the NFL. He also has some of the best arm talent in the draft but hasn’t put up eye-popping numbers in the pass game. Sportsbooks clearly don’t care and think he has the skill to entice a team to take him at the top of the draft.

3. Carson Strong – Nevada QB (+500)

We’re back at the QB position for the No. 3 spot on this list and get ready because we aren’t done yet. I’m somewhat surprised to see Carson Strong this high up the list. I know he is well regarded in NFL circles and had a ton of draft hype entering the year, but I have other names that I would expect to be taken before him. This season, Strong has put up big numbers with 2,466 yards passing, 20 TDs and 4 INT. However, his team, which was expected to be one of the best we’ve seen from Nevada, has been average with losses to Kansas State and Fresno State. The real question with Strong is his health. How healthy is Carson Strong? Over the past few years, Strong has struggled with knee injuries and discomfort. If teams flag that as a concern, we could see his far come draft night.

2022 NFL Draft odds - No. 1 pick2022 NFL Draft odds - No. 1 pick

4. Malik Willis – Liberty QB (+500)

Honestly, I expected to see Malik Willis as the No. 2 most likely to go first overall when I looked at the NFL Draft odds. If I was forced to reach for a QB at No. 1 in this draft, Willis would be my choice. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be excellent or even good in the NFL, but he has all the tools needed to be elite. Willis originally enrolled in Auburn out of high school, but he transferred to Liberty once Bo Nix took over as the starter at Auburn. Willis has it all. He has a massive arm, the ability to move in the pocket, a big frame, a quick release and the speed to take off if nothing is there. He is far from a finished project, but if he could get a good offensive coordinator and QB coach at the next level, he can become an elite NFL QB.

5. Evan Neal – Alabama OT (+800)

In Need of a cornerstone left tackle on your offensive line for the next ten years? Evan Neal may very well be your guy. Neal is absolutely massive, even for an NFL offensive lineman. He measures in at 6-foot-7 and 360 pounds. Even if he physically couldn’t move, he would be enough to block the path of defenders just with is massive size. It makes sense to assume that, at that size, Neal struggles moving and getting out in space. That is not the case. Neal is an excellent athlete and impossibly strong. The things to watch with Neal are his technique, it needs some work, and his weight. 360 pounds is getting toward the upper end of acceptable weight for an NFL lineman. Any bigger and he may start to see his body break down. Still, he is as close to a sure thing as you’re going to find in the 2022 NFL Draft.


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