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Chiefs v Chargers Odds: How To Bet Thursday Night Football

Looking to bet on Chiefs v Chargers tonight, in Thursday Night Football on Amazon? Then follow our how to bet Thursday Night Football guide below, as we bring you the best odds, promo offers and markets to bet on for this game.
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Chiefs v Chargers Odds: How To Bet Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football has spoilt us for the first two weeks of the season, with the Buffalo Bills traveling to the LA Rams in Week 1, before the Kansas City Chiefs host the LA Chargers tonight, at Arrowhead Stadium.

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In this how-to-bet Thursday Night Football guide, we will give you the latest odds, the best promo codes, which add up to $825 in guaranteed bonuses, and our favorite markets for this Chiefs v Chargers, AFC West clash.

First, let's look at the odds on this game, before moving on to the promo codes.

Chiefs v Chargers Odds

Here are the latest odds for the Chiefs v Chargers, courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook. If any of these particularly stand out to you, make sure you are claiming the DraftKings promo code below and turning $5 into $200 guaranteed.


  • Kansas City Chiefs -195
  • Los Angeles Chargers +165


  • Kansas City Chiefs -4


  • Over/Under 54 points

Win $825 Guaranteed on Thursday Night Football

If you are able to claim all of the promo codes below, you will turn $37 into $825 guaranteed. So claim the offers that you can, depending on your location and user status, and win more betting on Chiefs v Chargers in Thursday Night Football!

DraftKings Promo Code: Bet $5, Win $200 Guaranteed

Available in: AZ, CO, CT, IA, IN, KS, LA, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY

If you sign up to DraftKings Sportsbook today, using the DraftKings promo code linked below, you will turn $5 into $200 guaranteed on the Chiefs v Chargers.

Just claim the DraftKings promo code, complete your signup process, and then bet $5 on your favorite Chiefs v Chargers market to secure $200 no matter who wins.

It could be the Chiefs led by Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, or the Chargers led by Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler who emerge victorious from this one on the field, but you, the new DraftKings Sportsbook user will win no matter what. As soon as you have claimed the DraftKings promo code and placed $5 on this game, $200 will hit your account.

That is a huge 40x return, just for claiming this DraftKings promo code, signing up for your new DraftKings Sportsbook account, and placing $5 on your favorite selection in this one. You were going to wager on this game tonight anyway, so why not lock in a 40-1 win while you are at it?

Without the DraftKings promo code, a $5 wager on the Chargers Moneyline would only return $13.25 total if they won. With this offer though $13.25 becomes $213.25 if the Chargers win, due to your bonus payout. Add in the fact that $200.00 still gets added to your account, even if the Chiefs win this one, and you clearly have a no-lose situation.

Looking at it another way, you might not like the Moneyline odds on the Chiefs right now but are also concerned they may not cover the spread. Well with this DraftKings promo code, you are effectively getting 40-1 odds on Mahomes and co. so bet on the team you really want to back, now!

Win tonight, before NFL Sunday even rolls around in NFL Week 2, thanks to the DraftKings promo code.

Claim this DraftKings promo code, by following the how-to-claim steps below:

Step One: CLICK HERE or on the offer button below to lock in the DraftKingspromo code and attach it to your new account

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Step Two: Complete your registration with DraftKings Sportsbook

Step Three: Make a deposit and place a $5 bet on your chosen Chiefs v Chargers market

Step Four: Get $200 guaranteed, win or lose, thanks to the DraftKings promo code

Exclusive FanDuel Promo Code: Bet $1, Get $125 Guaranteed

Available in: AZ, CO, CT, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY

With this OddsChecker exclusive, you will turn $1 into $125 guaranteed, when you claim our FanDuel promo code below.

Add this to your DraftKings promo code and already with the aid of this FanDuel promo code, you have locked in $325 guaranteed, from a total of $6 in stakes!

So worry less about who is going to win this game, and more about stocking up on your favorite beverages and snacks, as you look to relax while watching two of the best Quarterbacks in Herbert and Mahomes, go at it. Claim the FanDuel promo code now, and line up that relaxing evening now.

It really is as good and simple as it sounds. Just sign up for this exclusive FanDuel promo code below, bet $1 on Mahomes and the Chiefs or Herbert and the Chargers and $125 will be yours no matter who owns Arrowhead tonight.

Without claiming this OddsChecker exclusive FanDuel promo code, you cannot guarantee a return on FanDuel Sportsbook, so make sure you let us set you up right with your new sportsbook of choice.

Get off to a winning start to NFL Week 2, just like these two teams did last Sunday, with this FanDuel promo code.

Claiming the FanDuel promo code for Thursday Night Football could not be easier. Bet $1, Win $125 by following this quick-step guide below.

Step One: CLICK HERE or click below to claim the FanDuel promo code

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Step Two: Register for a new FanDuel Sportsbook account

Step Three: Deposit and wager $1 on Chargers or Chiefs in Thursday Night Football

Step Four: Get $125 guaranteed, thanks to the OddsChecker exclusive FanDuel promo code

BetMGM Bonus Code: Get $200 When a Touchdown is Scored

Available in: AZ, CO, DC, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MI, NJ, NV, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY

Ready to make $200 just for watching a ball land in the endzone? We bet you are! So claim this BetMGM bonus code now, bet $10 on this game and $200 will be yours as soon as either team scores a touchdown.

It could be Justin Herbert throwing to Mike Williams. Patrick Mahomes throwing to Travis Kelce. Austin Ekeler or Clyde Edwards-Helaire rushing one in. No matter who scores, when they score, or who wins this game, simply wager $10 on either team and once a touchdown is scored by either team, you will cash $200 with the BetMGM bonus code.

There is very little chance this AFC West clash passes us by without a touchdown being scored, especially with the ball in Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes' hands. So claim this BetMGM bonus code now and let two of the best in the league 20x your money, even if your team loses.

That's effectively a 20-1 guaranteed win, just for a touchdown occurring during the game, and with two high-powered offenses on show, it seems incredibly unlikely one isn't scored!

Claim the BetMGM bonus code and lock in your 20x return now.

Step One: CLICK HERE or click the offer button below to activate the BetMGM bonus code

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Step Two: Register for a new BetMGM Sportsbook account

Step Three: Wager $10 on any Chargers v Chiefs, or any other NFL Week 2 Moneyline

Step Four: Get $200 if any team scores a touchdown, thanks to the BetMGM bonus code

Bet365 Promo Code: Win $200 Guaranteed Betting on TNF

Available in: CO, NJ

If you are a Colorado sports betting user or are in the New Jersey sports betting market, there is no better way to get involved in this game, than with the Bet365 promo code.

Claim this Bet365 promo code now and your first $1 wager will lock in a $200 guaranteed return, just for taking part in Thursday Night Football.

That is 200-1 odds on either team to win, thanks to the Bet365 promo code, so claim this offer now and bet on Mahomes or Herbert to lead their team to victory.

It could be that instead of betting on the game result, you want to get involved in the Anytime Touchdown Scorer market. Get 200-1 odds on Travis Kelce or Austin Ekeler to score a touchdown in Thursday Night Football, thanks to this Bet365 promo code.

A $1 bet is not going to make you rich in the NFL, especially when it comes to Moneyline betting, Spread betting, or even your favorite Anytime Touchdown Scorer, but with the Bet365 promo code, new users can turn that $1 into $200 even if their first bet fails.

If you think the Chargers are being overlooked here, even on the road, then claim this Bet365 promo code now and boost them to 200-1 odds, and win on them no matter what!

Here are the simple steps you need to take, to claim this Bet365 promo code now.

Step One: CLICK HERE or the claim button below, to add this Bet365 promo code to your account

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Step Two: Complete your Bet365 account registration

Step Three: Bet $1 on the Chargers vs Chiefs

Step Four: Claim $200 guaranteed, even if your bet loses - thanks to the Bet365 promo code

Sports Illustrated Sportsbook Promo Code: Get $100 Guaranteed

Available in: CO, MI, VA

New users in the Colorado, Michigan, or Virginia sports betting markets can win another $100 guaranteed, thanks to Sports Illustrated Sportsbook.

You will have to wager $20 to unlock this FREE $100 bonus, but that is still a 5x guaranteed return on your investment, AND you have a bigger bet riding on the game. So if you think the Chiefs are a lock to win, after their strong performance over the Arizona Cardinals, then back them to win on the Moneyline, or back Mahomes' favorite target, Travis Kelce to score a touchdown and revel in your profits should they win. Even if you don't win with your first bet, the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook promo code has you covered, so Bet $20, Win $100 now!

This may be the lowest guaranteed payout of the group, but it's key to boosting your guaranteed bonuses from $725 to $825, and Sports Illustrated Sportsbook is another fine place to wager on the NFL this season. This is a win-win as you add $100 to your account thanks to the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook promo code, and you get access to another excellent sportsbook in your state, at the same time.

Do not miss out on a free $100 on Thursday Night Football, simply win more today in Colorado, Michigan or Virginia, with the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook promo code.

Here is the quick guide to claiming the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook promo code.

Step One: CLICK HERE or the claim button below, to add this Sports Illustrated Sportsbook promo code to your account

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Step Two: Complete your Sports Illustrated Sportsbook registration

Step Three: Deposit $20 into your new SI Sportsbook account

Step Four: Wager $20 on ANY Chargers v Chiefs market, with odds above -200

Step Five: Enjoy your FREE $100, thanks to the Sports Illustrated Sportsbook promo code

Best Betting Markets for Chiefs v Chargers


This is the easiest market to wager on. You are simply picking which team out of the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers will win.

Here are the current Moneyline odds, via DraftKings Sportsbook, for the KC Chiefs v LA Chargers.

  • Kansas City Chiefs -195
  • Los Angeles Chargers +165

If you think the Chiefs continue their fine start to the season and protect home turf, then bet them with the DraftKings promo code now, and you will turn $5 into $207.56 if they win, and still $200 if they lose!

A $5 bet on the Chargers at odds at +165 would usually only return $13.25 total if they won, but with the $125 bonus you get from the FanDuel promo code, this would then be $138.25. If they did lose, at the hands of Patrick Mahomes, then $125 would still hit your FanDuel Sportsbook account, and you only wagered $1 to get it.

Spread Betting

When it comes to spread betting, you are looking at how many points a team will win (or lose) by, and whether they can cover that number.

While the Chiefs are favored to win, both the Chiefs and the Chargers have been given odds of -110 to cover their spread. This line could move as it goes on, but as it stands, the Chiefs will need to win by 5+ points to cover the spread.

This is signified by the odds and market below:

  • Kansas City Chiefs -4 (-110)
  • LA Chargers +4 (-110)

Two things you will see differently when betting on NFL Lines in the spread market, rather than the Moneyline market, is that the odds are closer, and the underdog could still be the favorite to cover the spread. In this case, the spread market cannot be split, and DraftKings Sportsbook gives both teams an equal chance of covering.

The reason you see may see .5 point lines in spread betting is to avoid a 'push'. With this line set at -4, the chance of a push is still there. A push would occur if the Chiefs were win by 4 points.

If you think the Chiefs can cover their spread, claim the FanDuel promo code now, and you will turn $5 into $125 even if they fail to cover, and if they do cover that line, you will keep the profit from your bet on top as well.

With the DraftKings promo code, you could go all in on the Chiefs to cover the line, and if they fail to do so, you will still turn $5 into $200 guaranteed.

Anytime Touchdown Scorer

The Anytime Touchdown Scorer market is a fun way to stay engaged in the action all game long.

In the Anytime Touchdown Scorer market, you are betting on an individual to score a touchdown. If you bet on a Quarterback, they would have to run one in, not throw it, think Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen, or catch one in the end zone, think Nick Foles and the Philly Special.

The anytime touchdown lines are out for the Chiefs v Chargers, and the favorite in this market can be found below.

  • Travis Kelce -150
  • Austin Ekeler -140
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire -110
  • Juju Smith-Schuster +130
  • Mike Williams +130
  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling +185

The sportsbooks are taking no chances on Travis Kelce or Austin Ekeler, especially with Keenan Allen out for the Chargers. They know these two players are the likeliest to find the endzone and with the game total set at 54 points, they are expecting multiple opportunities.

Mike Williams may well be the play at +130, as he is elevated to #1 receiver status, with Keenan Allen out. We saw a connection between Herbert and Williams last year, and this feels like a game he can come alive in.

Bet on this market with the DraftKings promo code or FanDuel promo code now, and you will turn $5 into $200 or $150 respectively, even if your player fails to get in the end-zone.


Tom Jacobs is the host of the Lost Fore Words golf podcast and has been writing betting articles on golf for the past decade. Tom also co-hosts the DP World Tour Picks & Bets show on the Mayo Media Network, so has his finger on the pulse on all the major Tours. A long-suffering Nottingham Forest fan, Tom also enjoys watching Soccer at the weekend, and was delighted to see his Forest team win promotion this season!


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