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F1 Standings 2022: An Updated Look at the Formula 1 2022 Standings

Racing handicapper and expert Phil Bobbitt is here. He gives an in-depth look at the 2022 Formula 1 season at the mid-point and breaks down all the current F1 standings ahead of this Sunday's Austrian Grand Prix.
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F1 Standings 2022: An Updated Look at the Formula 1 2022 Standings

The thing about holiday weekends is that they shorten the next week too. They're a win-win. If you follow @speedwaysteve2 on Twitter, you're probably still celebrating the +2500 Tyler Reddick outright on Sunday night. We don't blame you, but you always have to be thinking about where the next winner is coming from. And for that, you need to know the lay of the land...how we got here if you will. We're almost at the midway point of the Formula 1 season, so let's take a peek at how the drivers are performing.

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Our very first Formula 1 article of the year was a season preview, and we tipped Red Bull (+285) to win the Constructor's Championship. Shops are currently hanging -500 on this prop, so that's pretty encouraging. What happened?

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Constructors Championship Standings

1. Red Bull (Verstappen/Perez) - 328 points

2. Ferrari (LeClerc/Sainz) - 265 points

3. Mercedes (Hamilton/Russell) 204 points

4. McLaren (Norris/Ricciardo) 73 points

5. Alpine (Ocon/Alonso) 67 points

The Ferrari team emerged as an immediate threat to Red Bull but has seemingly sacrificed reliability for raw performance. Sainz has three DNFs, while LeClerc has two. The Ferrari team even had a surprising double DNF at Baku several weeks ago. Although they are routinely fast, poor strategy and shaky finishes have them squarely in second.

Mercedes, the pre-season favorite, struggled out of the gate with the new design and is yet to stand atop the podium. The duo of Hamilton and Russell have not suffered any mechanical failures so far in 2022 but will really need to turn it on in the back half of the season to get within striking distance of the hardware.

McLaren has been super disappointing, especially Daniel Ricciardo. He has managed only two points finishes this year and is routinely beaten by his teammate. Lando Norris has registered seven points finishes and a podium. It is very rare to see such disparity among teammates unless there is a huge gap in skill. That may be the case here, and we will look to fade Ricciardo in certain situations.

Individual Championship Standings (Top Half)

1. Max Verstappen - 181 points

2. Sergio Perez - 147 points

3. Charles LeClerc - 138 points

4. Carlos Sainz - 127 points

5. George Russell - 111 points

6. Lewis Hamilton - 93 points

7. Lando Norris - 58 points

8. Valteri Bottas - 46 points

9. Esteban Ocon - 39 points

10. Fernando Alonso - 28 points

There are a couple of things that immediately stick out. Verstappen has opened up a sizable lead over his teammate, Sergio Perez, in second place. Verstappen was a bit slow to start 2022, suffering two DNFs in the first three races but with a win sandwiched in-between. He has since won five out of the last seven races, while one of them was won by Perez. It's going to be awfully tough to bet against them going forward. In fact, Checo has podiumed in six of the last eight races. The "Red Bull Double Podium" market should be on your radar weekly.

Another thing that we most certainly did not expect to see during the season preview was Mercedes to be third in the Constructor's Standings and fifth and sixth individually. And we had no reason to think that 7-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton would trail his teammate, Georg Russell. With that being said, they have outperformed their equipment on a weekly basis. They have struggled mightily with "porpoising" early on, which is a condition that causes the car to bounce up and down rapidly. Mercedes recently found some speed, with Hamilton finishing 4/3/3 in the last three races. This team is now a "play-on" target.

The Alpine Team of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon have been impressive as well. Alonso had one point finish in the first five races but has since scored in each of the last five. Ocon has shown a similar pace but does not have the finishes to match his teammate. Alpine possesses straight speed that nearly rivals Ferrari, which could be something they build upon in the second half of the year.

Individual Championship Standings (Bottom Half)

11. Pierre Gasly - 16 points

12. Kevin Magnussen - 16 points

13. Sebastian Vettel - 15 points

14. Daniel Ricciardo - 15 points

15. Yuki Tsunoda - 11 points

16. Zhou Guanyu - 5 points

17. Mick Schumacher - 4 points

18. Alex Albon - 3 points

19. Lance Stroll - 3 points

20. Nicholas Latifi - 0 points

The most surprising member of this list is Daniel Ricciardo. He is in equipment much better than the others and will need to drive himself out of this tier. Schumacher scored his first points of the year during the last stop and has looked racey for the last several weeks. Haas teammate Kevin Magnussen has finished races more consistently than Schumacher, and it looks like the team is heading in a much more positive direction with their 2022 driver changes.

Aston Martin teammates have flashed some skill in wet conditions but have not capitalized on improved starting positions from rainy qualifying days.

Williams is completely out to lunch, even with their recent upgrades.

Austrian Grand Prix Pick

For this weekend's race in Austria, we are playing Max Verstappen to win at DraftKings (-110) (Bet $110 to Win $100).

The first practice session is Friday at 1:30 pm EST, so make sure you lock in before then!

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Phil and Steve are lifelong buddies from the Philadelphia area. They specialize in all things motorsports and turned in a 131.3 unit profit in 2021.


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