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2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 73% Of Wagers On Donald Trump During Debate

Online bettors rushed to back Donald Trump during the final debate against Joe Biden
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2020 US Election Odds: Bookmakers Cut Donald Trump's Odds During Presidential Debate

Joe Biden headed into the final debate as the overwhelming favorite to score a victory, his final debate odds (-600) implied he had an 85.69% chance of coming out on top in Tennessee. Donald Trump's final debate odds only implied he had a 36.4% of winning the debate. 

The muted microphones during the debate had a significant impact on proceedings. The opening exchanges were a lot more civil compared to the chaotic arguing witnessed in the first election debate. Both candidates were asked about future plans to handle the coronavirus pandemic, which was swiftly followed by discussions on reports suggesting Iran and Russia are impacting the November election. As expected it didn't take long before both Donald Trump and Joe Biden started to point fingers regarding relations overseas. 

Bookmakers started to cut Donald Trump's odd when conversations developed on how both candidates would handle relations with China. Of the seventeen bookmakers on our UK site, six of them (35%) cut Donald Trump's odds following the segment on China. 

By the time Donald Trump and Joe Biden got round to discussing the minimum wage, 65% of bookmakers had already cut Donald Trump's odds of winning the election. 

2020 US Presidential Election Odds & Betting

1Odds (UK Odds)Implied % Chance% Of Wagers During Debate
Donald Trump15/8 (+188)34.8%73%
Joe Biden1/2 (-200)66.7%25%

2020 US Election Odds: Pre-Debate 

Joe Biden was the overwhelming favorite to win the 2020 election before tonight's debate in Tennessee. Joe Biden's odds sat at -200 (1/2) a couple of hours ago, which implied Biden had a 66.7% chance of becoming the next POTUS. 

Donald Trump's odds drifted following the New York Times report earlier in the week, following the release, Trump's odds dropped to +188 (15/8). Pre-debate, Trump's odds implied he had a 34.8% chance of winning the 2020 election. 

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The 2020 US election is a global betting event, and our data is taken from the biggest bookmakers in the world. One of our UK partners has already taken $215 million on the 2020 election. In the time leading up to the final debate, Donald Trump dominated the betting on the 2020 election. Trump accounted for 62.8% of bets, compared to just 33.1% of wagers on Joe Biden. 

2020 US Presidential Election: Post-Debate Odds

Despite various oddsmakers cutting the odds on Donald Trump winning the 2020 US election, the highest price available on our UK site didn't budge for Trump. The current President can still be backed at +188 (15/8), however, only one bookmaker holds this price, compared to three pre-debate. 

Only one bookmaker pre-debate had Joe Biden's odds at -200 (1/2), there are now six bookmakers (out of 17) showcasing this price. 

During the debate, a massive 73% of bets were placed on Donald Trump winning the 2020 election, with just 25% of wagers going on Joe Biden. The remaining 2% was made up of more speculative bets on Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

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