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2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Twice As Many Bets On Donald Trump Than Joe Biden

Joe Biden's dominance in the betting isn't deterring online bettors betting on Donald Trump
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2020 US Presidential Election Odds: Donald Trump Continues To Dominate Joe Biden In The Betting

Given the latest online polls, it will come as no surprise that Joe Biden is the overwhelming favorite to win the 2020 election. However, online bettors have been happy to take on the oddsmakers, and are extremely confident of an upset next week.

Even if the sportsbooks got it drastically wrong next week, the result of 2020 Presidential election wouldn’t be as shocking as it was four years ago. At this point in 2016, Donald Trump’s odds sat around the +500 (5/1) mark, which implied he only had a 16.7% chance of winning the election.

2020 US Election: Joe Biden’s Odds Of Winning The Election

Joe Biden has been the betting favorite to win the 2020 Presidential election since May, and his current odds imply he's got a massive 69.2% chance of coming out on top next week. At the start of 2020, Joe Biden's election odds implied he only had a 13% chance of becoming the next POTUS.

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2020 US Election: Donald Trump’s Odds Of Winning The Election

Donald Trump sat at the top of the betting market for the whole of 2019. Even in February 2020, Donald Trump's odds implied he had a 61.9% chance of winning the 2020 election. However, there have been plenty of high-profile events which have prompted online sportsbooks to lower Trump’s chances of winning. Donald Trump's 2020 election odds now sit at +188, which implies he has just a 34.8% chance of securing another term.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

1US OddsUK OddsImplied % Chance
Donald Trump+18815/834.8%
Joe Biden-2254/969.2%

2020 US Election: Donald Trump Dominates The Betting

Joe Biden might be the sportsbooks choice to win the 2020 election, but he's certainly not been the popular pick with bettors. Over the weekend, twice as wagers were placed on Donald Trump winning the election compared to Joe Biden.

Just under 65% of all wagers placed on the 2020 US election this weekend were on Donald Trump, compared to the 31.7% placed on Joe Biden. Despite US residents being able to wager on sports, they still aren’t able to place bets on political markets. However, the US election is a truly global event, which is highlighted by one of our UK partners who has already taking $231 million on the outcome.

1% Of Wagers 25-26th October% Of Wagers OctoberTotal % Of Wagers
Donald Trump64.6%61%53.4%
Joe Biden31.7%32.2%23.9%

2020 US Election Compared To 2016 US Election

Donald Trump has been the popular bet since the market opened, with the majority of bettors believing the 2020 election will follow the same pattern as 2016's shock result. Like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton was the bookmakers favorite heading into the 2016 election. Even though the odds were stacked against him, 61% of wagers on the 2016 election were placed on Donald Trump.

As mentioned, Donald Trump’s 2016 election odds only implied he had a 16.7% chance of winning in late October. However, in October 2016 47.6% of wagers were placed on Trump.

Percentage Of Wagers On Each Candidate for the 2016 & 2020 Elections

14Hillary ClintonDonald Trump (2016)Joe BidenDonald Trump (2020)
Jan 2016Jan 202014%23%8%55%
Feb 2016Feb 202026%12%4%47%
Mar 2016Mar 20208%14%24%47%
Apr 2016Apr 20207%15%25%60%
May 2016May 20207%47%29%58%
June 2016June 202015%60%37%54%
July 2016July 202025%49%29%57%
Aug 2016Aug 202022%39%34%59%
Sept 2016Sept 202031%35%41%52%
Oct 2016 (until 10/26)Oct 202032%48%32%61%

2016 v 2020 Election Odds Compared

Implied chance of winning (UK odds) on the 1st of each month

14Hillary ClintonDonald Trump (2016)Joe BidenDonald Trump (2020)
Jan 2016Jan 202058% (8/11)11% (8/1)13% (13/2)52% (10/11)
Feb 2016Feb 202052% (10/11)23% (10/3)14% (6/1)57% (3/4)
Mar 2016Mar 202062% (8/13)29% (5/2)13% (13/2)60% (2/3)
Apr 2016Apr 202068% (8/17)17% (5/1)42% (11/8)50% (1/1)
May 2016May 202074% (4/11)22% (7/2)44% (13/10)50% (1/1)
June 2016June 202065% (8/15)33% (2/1)48% (11/10)48% (11/10)
July 2016July 202074% (4/11)25% (3/1)60% (4/6)36% (7/4)
Aug 2016Aug 202065% (8/15)35% (15/8)62% (5/8)36% (7/4)
Sept 2016Sept 202074% (4/11)25% (3/1)50% (1/1)50% (1/1)
Oct 2016Oct 202070% (4/9)27% (11/4)58% (5/7)42% (11/8)

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