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NFL Week 6 kicks off tonight, and handicapper and player props specialist John Hyslop is back to give you two tight ends that should be on your radar this week before placing your player prop bets this coming Sunday.

NFL Week 6 Best Player Props: George Kittle and the TE Prop Watch List

It's tight end time people! I know I say that the wide receiver market is my favorite but the tight-end market is up there too. We're talking variance that the books just can't hang with. Obviously, that same variance can bite us, too, but I feel like it hurts the books more. They have to hang lines for everyone. We only have to bet the ones we want. That feels like the risk is more on their side than ours. I'm not sure if that's really true or not, but it definitely makes me feel better about betting into these numbers. And at the end of the day, isn't that what we want? To feel good? All I know is if we get the numbers we want on these two tight ends, I'll feel pretty damn good.

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NFL Week 6 Tight End Watch

George Kittle - San Francisco 49ers

I know Kittle plays left tackle now, but last week they kind of let him play a little tight end. I love when they let him do that because he is pretty good at it. Here's the thing about Kittle, it's either really good or really bad, depending on how the Niners choose to deploy him. That's why ladders make sense for him. Judging by his numbers last week, I'd be willing to bet we see a number in the mid-40s on him this week. If that's the case, we could see his 50+ ladder rung at plus money. That could be fun.

The Niners will be in Atlanta this week which could mean a "Kittle" game. It's so hard to know, but it would make sense here. First, there hasn't been one yet this season, and there are always a few each year. Second, only two teams in the NFL have given up more receiving yards to the tight end position this season than Atlanta (Arizona, Seattle). Judging by how they use their tight end (Kyle Pitts), they might not know much about the position. They just gave up a 6-43 line to Cade Otton (who?) last week. The week before, David Njoku went 5-73 all over their asses. The week before that, the Seahawks' tight end room went 9-105. Last year Kittle went 6-93 on them. We may need our space suits Sunday.

Adam Trautman - New Orleans Saints

This one is a galaxy brain move, but it worked last week, so there is that. Before we get to the good news, there is some bad news. First, I don't know if we're getting a ladder number for Trautman here. I know what you're going to say. "How the hell is he even in this article if he can't get us to the moon?" It's actually a fantastic question, and you're right for asking it. Hats off to you. The answer is simple, it's fun to bet a guy to go over 9.5 yards which is what his line was last week. You look so smart in front of your friends. You just do.

We don't know a lot about this one yet, though. We don't really care if it's Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton, but we don't want Michael Thomas to play. Or Jarvis Landry, but definitely not Thomas. If that's the case, then game one. The Saints will be welcoming the Cincinnati Bengals to New Orleans, which should give us the game script we're after. On top of that, only three teams in the NFL have given up more receiving yards to the tight end position this season than the Bengals. It remains to be seen what this guy's number will be but keep in mind we don't need a lot to happen here. We're all going to look like geniuses (probably).

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