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Last updated: June 1, 2020

Status: Sports betting looks to be on its way to Missouri, but with several bills already proposed and no clear agreement on the final details, it could be a while until a consensus is reached.

ETA: Disruption of the legislative session as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has paused the progression of sports betting legislation in Missouri for the short term.


Missouri Sports Betting Timeline

After the 2018 Supreme Court ruling opened the door to sports gambling in the state, Missouri representatives did not waste any time in initiating the process, but there has been slow progress since.

The latest bill to clear the house committee (HB1119,) was first filed in December 2018 and will now move to the full house for open debate. It is suspected that the bill will not pass to the law in its current state as it includes a controversial 0.25% integrity fee that would be paid to the professional sports and college leagues whose games are wagered on.

A further 0.60% would be paid towards the construction, renovations and repairs of privately owned stadiums in the state. No other sports betting bill in the country is held to the same standards, so it would be an unprecedented move if it was passed in its current form.


Missouri Betting History

Missouri was a little late to the gambling scene, with even charitable gaming not available in the state until 1980. That paved the way for the first bingo halls to open in the state, while raffles were also enjoyed legally. In 1986, 70% of the public voted for a state lottery, while in 1992, a law to permit riverboat gambling was passed before being struck down by the courts on a technicality. Following amendments and a referendum in 1994, the legislation was again passed successfully. Games that are permitted on riverboats include slot machines, table games and poker.

Following the passing of a law that permitted native tribes to open casinos on reservations, an Indian casino was also opened in the state.

Betting on horse races and pari-mutuel wagering on horse race simulcasts is legal. Wagering on dog racing is technically legal but there are no dog tracks in the state.


Is sports betting legal in Missouri?

While some inhabitants of Missouri may have wagered on sports, it is still an illegal activity as the laws to allow and regulate it have not been passed. However, the state has made it clear that it intends to legalize sports betting.


Who controls sports betting in Missouri?

At the moment there is no official body in place to control sports betting in Missouri but it is expected that it will be state-controlled.


What is the legal age to bet on sports in Missouri?

An age limit of 21 or over is expected to be set for sports betting in Missouri.


Where can I bet on sports in Missouri?

Currently, there are no legal sport betting outlets operating in the state.


Who are the current operators/licensees in Missouri?

The legislation will have to be passed before licences can be issued. This could take another year or more depending on what amendments are approved.


Which operators currently offer legal sports betting in Missouri?

There are no operators offering legal sports betting in Missouri.


Is mobile and app sports betting available in Missouri?

Not at present.


How much is sports betting worth in Missouri?

According to State Senator Denny Hoskins, sports betting in Missouri could generate state revenue of between $12.5 to $30.9 million dollars. This figure includes revenue from mobile gaming.


What is the tax rate for Missouri sports betting?

Current proposals suggest a tax rate of 8% tax rate for sports betting in Missouri, though that figure could change if the bill is amended. The lowest rate in the USA is Nevada, with a rate of 6.75%.


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