Betway Free Bet & Review

Founded back in 2006 but still something of a niche name on the online sports betting industry, Betway has become a firm favourite with punters who like to place bets away from the glare of the mainstream.

Set up by a group of sports fanatics who wanted to use their experience to create a more customer-friendly gaming environment, Betway is now a platform where you can "place bets how you like, when you want and wherever you are". Of course, for those of you with an in-depth knowledge of the online sports betting industry, a site developed "by players, for players" is not always the success the owners dreamed it would be.

Indeed, although many punters seem to know what they like, that doesn't necessarily mean they know what everyone else likes. In fact, sometimes one gambler's love is another gambler's hate. Fortunately, Betway's founders have managed to push their personal preferences to one side and simply create a site that's based on a pure betting experience.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Betway Sports

Back when this site was just a twinkle in the developers' eyes they had a desire to make it the most comprehensive sports betting platform in the world. Making it their mission to provide punters with the most betting options possible, this portal now offers more than 1,000 betting lines every day on some of the most diverse sports you can imagine.

This desire to compete with the iGaming industry's "big boys" has pushed Betway to not only offer a highly professional sports betting product, but join forces with some of sport's biggest brands. As well as featuring on West Ham United's team shirts as headline sponsors, Betway has also been in attendance (in the branding sense) for a myriad of high-profile events, including the George Groves vs. Carl Froch title fight.

Through this combination of internal excellence and external visibility, Betway has become a solid brand within the sports betting arena which is why we've picked out some of its highlights.

The Interface

In keeping with its easy-to-read ethos, Betway has divided its sports betting platform into two sections: "sports" and "in-play". The former is where you'll find all the forthcoming betting options for every sport imaginable. Whether you're a fan of football or an MMA junkie, this platform has all the future markets laid out for you in two sidebars.

The top sidebar is reserved for quick links which usually means you'll find the latest special offers, combos and themed bets (centred of the major sporting event taking place at the time). Below this you'll find the main widget which outlines all the available betting markets. At this stage things are all very standard, but for Betway's designers the devil is in the detail.

Although it would have been perfectly fine to leave the sidebar as it was and simply link players to each betting market, Betway's team of experts has decided to make the table as efficient as possible with a range of filters. Depending on your preferences, you can sort the categories and their sub categories in the following ways:

Current and upcoming contests.

Events starting within one hour.

Events starting within four hours.

Events starting within 24 hours.

All events.

While this feature isn't strictly necessary (you could find what you're looking for without it), it is one that serious punters will appreciate. By cutting down the time it takes to find the latest bets, Betway has made it possible for its customers to find the best odds.

The Sports Betting Menu

As we mentioned above, beyond the main sports betting section is the in-play tab. Although you can find a preview of the in-play market the sports tab, you'll need to navigate to the dedicated "in-play" section if you want to get the full spectrum of options.

As you move around the site, you will see a list of the day's ongoing and forthcoming fixtures listed in a central table. All prefixed by the fixture's vital stats, such as the time elapsed, the score and the latest betting lines, this central table not only gives you all the information you need to make a profitable choice, but it keeps everything neatly tucked away.

To supplement the live betting widget, Betway also gives its customers the ability to watch live streams on selected fixtures. By placing a bet on an eligible event, interested parties can watch the action unfold via their computer screen and even continue betting as they do.

The Tech Wizardry

One of the most impressive features of Betway Sports is its dedication to information. Because the site was created by sports fans and betting experts, they know that punters are as keen to get the latest sports news and updates as they are betting odds.

Indeed, to become a success in the sports betting world you need to have the requisite knowledge to make the best decisions possible and the only way you can do this is have your finger on the industry's pulse.

To address this need, Betway's interface has daily news articles and blog posts directly built into it. By scrolling down the page, punters can read the latest headlines and get useful insights without straying too far from the betting floor.

On top of this, Betway also offers a "useful stats" section. Giving access to a matrix of past results, key pieces of team / individual news and professional data analysis, this feature is one of the best ways to improve your EV and take your bankroll in the right direction.

The end result of these two features is a platform that allows customers to learn and earn all within a few clicks of their mouse. By giving people direct access to news and updates via the betting platform, it makes it easier for them to use that knowledge and apply it on the betting ring with the minimum of fuss.

Added Extra: Betway Bonuses and Bargains

When you first sign-up to Betway and make your first deposit you'll be eligible for a welcome bonus worth £30. This free bet is subject to certain conditions but is basically a way for you to decrease your risk and increase your EV at the same time.

By using your £30 free bet to supplement your opening wager you can essentially write-off a loss or enhance your returns. Furthermore, once you've used this £30 free bet you'll be part of the Betway+ loyalty programme. Designed to give punters an ongoing series of bonuses, this VIP scheme is great for punters who want to use the Betway Android app on a daily basis.

The final aspect of the Betway Sports which is worthy of a mention is its enhanced odds offers. Changing daily to incorporate a range of different sporting fixtures, this deal basically gives customers a chance to enjoy better odds on a daily basis. Pitched against the industry’s other top operators, users who take advantage of Betway's enhanced odds will typically receive betting lines that are one point better than the market average.

View from the Betting Floor

Betway Casino could have easily fallen by the wayside like so many upstarts created by former betting fans. However, thanks to a clever mixture of timing, simplicity and branding, the site has managed to carve out a strong reputation in the industry. That fact, coupled with the offer up £30 free when you place your first bet, should be more than enough reasons for you to give this site a try.

Betway's Highlights:

£30 free welcome bet.

Clean interface that's fully customisable.

In-play betting and dedicated live streams.

Daily special bets and enhanced odds offers.

Internal newswire and stats service.

To become a Betway member and enjoy all the benefits listed above, follow our dedicated sign-up link and create your first account today.

16:51 17/08/2015