Unibet Free Bet & Bonus Review


The largest Swedish-owned online bookmakers in Europe, Unibet has gone from being a smallish Scandinavian operator to one of the biggest and most respected names in the European market. Boasting over 9 million members from over 100 countries, Unibet has established itself as one of the fastest-growing online bookmakers on the market. Offering a range of online gambling products, such as sports betting, live betting, casino, poker, lotteries, bingo and soft games through the Group's websites, Unibet is clearly an operator going places.

As well as boasting one of the most complete betting websites on the market, Unibet offers betting on an extensive range of sports, from the traditionally popular ones to those more alternative sports not all bookmakers take bets on. Whether it’s mixed-martial arts (MMA), handball, netball or betting on politics or entertainment, there is something for everyone at Unibet and plenty of chances to make some serious money.

It isn’t just the amount of sports that Unibet offer to their members that is impressive, rather the depth in which punters are able to bet on each event. When you put everything together, from the extensive selection, the live streaming, the expert opinion available and all the other functions on the sleek platform, it’s not hard to see just why so many betting fans are heading to Unibet.

The Interface

They may still be chasing the big names in the online betting world in terms of customer base, but Unibet’s remarkable selection of different sports have been put together so well that the operator will be confident of chasing down those more established names in the industry. From the minute you arrive on the sleek, easy-to-navigate virtual platform Unibet have put together, it doesn’t take long to get used to all the functions and aspects of the website.

Unibet’s brilliant live betting console gives its members the chance to place bets on the action while the match is being played. Those who have accounts with the operator are able to watch hundreds of live streamed sporting events every month for free, giving an extra advantage to their punters. But the most important aspect of Unibet’s betting platform is just how easy it is to move around from place to place.

You don’t have to be a gambling expert to understand the importance of speed when it comes to making money betting on live sports. Digging out the best odds and taking advantage of them straight away can often be the difference between winning big and missing out. Despite holding so much information, Unibet’s website is compact and smooth enough to ensure punters are able to dart around without getting lost in an endless corridor of dead end links.

The Sports Betting Menu

If you’re looking for an online bookmaker that covers almost every sport you can think of, Unibetare probably right up there. And the amount of different aspects of each sport you can bet on is as impressive as the selection, meaning you can up the ante when it comes to the football fixtures, horse racing events and even handball tournaments.

With the live streaming and betting, punters are able to immerse themselves in the action while placing their bets, making the most of seeing the action unfold rather than just making predictions before the event. Unibet have also established themselves as a bookmaker who has some very competitive odds across their sporting options, which will certainly be one of the reasons behind the operator’s quick assent in the industry.

The fact Unibet cover so many alternative sports is one thing, but the clear knowledge the operator has about these lesser known sports mean punters aren’t walking into these events blindfolded. And with some of sports biggest names working alongside Unibet as experts, you can get advice from the best in the business before placing a wager.

The Tech Wizardry

To round off its sports betting interface, Unibet has a number of additional features that separates it from many of its rivals. The detailed Statistics section of the site works as an excellent tool to help when it comes to those tough betting decisions, and the regularly updated news feature can provide even more insight for those who are still struggling. For those punters looking to plan ahead of time, the Live Calendar allows you to get your bets in before the event and possibly take advantage of any early and tempting odds.

Unibet TV is available as a free service to all their customers, offering a wide range of different sporting events from around the world. Whether you’re betting on that particular event or just wanting to watch some live sport, Unibet TV is one of the stand-out aspects of the operator’s fabulous virtual betting platform. For those looking to get serious about their betting, spending some time watching events and improving knowledge can only help punters in their bid to boost their bank balances.

Members are able to place bets online via the site, on their phone betting and mobile betting is also available as a very popular app. Live betting, pre-match betting, statistics and live score updates are all available on their mobile site, and deposits and withdrawals are also available via a mobile phone. In terms of social media, Unibet are up there with the best when it comes to their online presence, and members are able to hear about breaking news and odds offers.

Bonuses and Bargains

Unibet have complimented their impressive betting interface with an equally eye-catching amount of offers and promotions. With offers and promotions available across a host of different sporting events, there is a bonus to be had for betting fans of any persuasion. Whether it’s in the form of free bets, bonuses or future bets, Unibet have won over a lot of punters due to their willingness to ease the disappointment of a losing bet.

The cash-in bonus has become one of the most popular aspects of betting in recent years, and Unibet have been quick to ensure its members have the opportunity to cash their chips in early and walk away should the action take a turn for the worst. At any time during a bet, punters are able to end the wager before the scheduled time in order to either limit a loss or make a moderate profit.

View from the Betting Floor

Not only does Unibet manage to successfully play host to one of the biggest sportsbooks out there, they do it extremely well. Featuring all the usual functions you’d expect from one of the market leaders, Unibet has all the tools to become a real player in the industry. With top odds, live streaming, detailed statistics and influential experts on board, Unibet is a betting platform that will only get bigger and better over the next few years.


*Easy-to-navigate interface with a huge amount of betting options.

*Solid in-play betting function.

*Unibet TV featuring a plethora of events.

* Cash-in option to help increase profitability.

*Quick cash-out times.