Harness Racing Fast Results

01:46AUSAlbion ParkShow full result

01:46Race 1 Welcome To The Creek 2 and 3yo Trotters HandicapShow full result

1st2 Rainbow Majestic 12/52nd4 Ignite 6/43rd3 Hurrikane Spirit 9/2

03:03AUSAlbion ParkShow full result

03:03Race 3 Burwood Stud 2yo Maiden PaceShow full result

1st9 Allmighty Max 9/22nd2 Ceeyeaye 4/13rd1 Catch Phrase 11/13

03:37AUSAlbion ParkShow full result

03:37Race 4 Rio Cobra Sulky TrotShow full result

2nd6 Majestic Ess Jay 30/1

04:12AUSAlbion ParkShow full result

04:12Race 5 Franco Nelson @ Burwood Stud 3yo Qbred PaceShow full result

1st3 Rockslide 6/42nd4 Dataldo 11/53rd7 Reds Good To Go 11/2

04:47AUSAlbion ParkShow full result

04:47Race 6 Badcock Group Of Companies PaceShow full result

1st6 Our Ridgy Didge 9/103rd7 Corindhap Creek 9/1

05:22AUSAlbion ParkShow full result

05:22Race 7 Lunchbox Lodge Spelling Farm PaceShow full result

2nd9 High On Montana 20/13rd6 Coppice 40/1

06:03AUSAlbion ParkShow full result

06:03Race 8 Designline No Band Conditioned PaceShow full result

1st9 Nikitaras 14/52nd2 Live Atom 16/1

06:37AUSAlbion ParkShow full result

06:37Race 9 Visit Www thecreek com au PaceShow full result

1st1 Smokey Quartz 11/52nd8 Just Rokin 12/53rd9 Pacific Drums 17/5

07:13AUSAlbion ParkShow full result

07:13Race 10 Psp Band 5 Conditioned PaceShow full result

1st3 Little Change 8/12nd2 Major Mucha 6/53rd12 Lenny The Legend 11/2

03:17AUSMenangleShow full result

03:17Race 2 Menangle Country Club PaceShow full result

1st1 Chrissy Chic 9/102nd4 Watchmedazzle 6/13rd3 Rock It Baby 17/1

03:52AUSMenangleShow full result

03:52Race 3 Mclaren Real Estate Trotters MobileShow full result

1st7 Muscle Hillbilly 7/103rd6 Bitcoin 15/1

04:33AUSMenangleShow full result

04:33Race 4 Agnes Banks Equine Clinic PaceShow full result

1st3 Crossfirehall 8/12nd4 Lucky Leigh 21/1

05:07AUSMenangleShow full result

05:07Race 5 Nationaltrotguide com au PaceShow full result

1st7 Collina Kay Jay 6/53rd3 Aalesund 8/1

05:42AUSMenangleShow full result

05:42Race 6 Wards Accounting Claiming PaceShow full result

2nd2 Ideal Warrior 6/43rd1 Change Of Mind 90/1

06:57AUSMenangleShow full result

06:57Race 8 Allied Express App PaceShow full result

1st10 Vinny Chase 13/22nd1 Rays Choice 13/13rd9 Im Feeling Firey 11/1

07:05AUSWaggaShow full result

07:05Race 1 A B Cummins Stock Agent PaceShow full result

1st8 The Analyzer 16/12nd4 Dance Baby Dance 9/23rd7 Western Style 12/1

07:40AUSWaggaShow full result

07:40Race 2 Auswest Seeds PaceShow full result

1st7 Irvine 6/42nd9 Heza Blaster 6/13rd2 Isntthatright 3/1

08:10AUSWaggaShow full result

08:10Race 3 Wagga Rsl PaceShow full result

1st4 Nowhere Creek 6/12nd1 Gee Gee Blinxs 16/5

08:44AUSWaggaShow full result

08:44Race 4 Riverina Crane Services PaceShow full result

1st4 Shoobees Charm 6/12nd8 Heavens Hurricane 16/53rd9 Hilly 21/1

09:18AUSWaggaShow full result

09:18Race 5 Tab Odds and Evens PaceShow full result

2nd6 Topsie Grinner 20/13rd7 Rocky Branach 9/2

09:52AUSWaggaShow full result

09:52Race 6 Bodel Plumbing PaceShow full result

1st2 Reibey Beach 3/12nd7 Rocknroll Fever 18/13rd5 Cobie Hall 33/1

10:26AUSWaggaShow full result

10:26Race 7 Cleanaway PaceShow full result

1st2 Dawn Ofa New Brew 5/11st4 Shadow Affair 13/103rd5 Heavenly Wisdom 20/1

11:00AUSWaggaShow full result

11:00Race 8 Duke Of Kent Hotel PaceShow full result

1st7 Killara Juggernaut 5/112nd10 Run Viv Run 21/13rd4 Hannah Hall 21/1

07:25AUSTerangShow full result

07:25Race 1 Goodtime Lodge 3yo PaceShow full result

1st5 Remain Anonamiss 5/22nd7 Helgart 9/2

08:00AUSTerangShow full result

08:00Race 2 Terang Co-op TrotShow full result

1st10 Imamaorijet 6/52nd6 Bacardi Jess 16/13rd7 Penelope 33/1

08:34AUSTerangShow full result

08:34Race 3 Ridley Agriproducts PaceShow full result

1st2 Thelongroadnowhere 14/52nd5 Major Mad 11/13rd6 Goodjet 15/2

09:08AUSTerangShow full result

09:08Race 4 Timboon Motors 3yo PaceShow full result

1st6 Gotta Smudge 5/42nd7 Morrisons Dream 8/5

09:45AUSTerangShow full result

09:45Race 5 Scanlons Dairy Centre PaceShow full result

1st3 Strongnbold 3/42nd8 El Banco 16/13rd7 Lifeasweknowit 8/1

10:19AUSTerangShow full result

10:19Race 6 South West Conveyancing PaceShow full result

1st9 Franco Jolto 12/12nd5 Kowalski Analysis 7/103rd2 Rosarito Miss 16/1

10:50AUSTerangShow full result

10:50Race 7 Dalvue Motel Terang PaceShow full result

1st4 Romany Brown 21/102nd3 Safari Cheer 7/23rd1 A Rocknroll Jet 10/1

07:53AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

07:53Race 1 Tab Long May We Play Pacers SprintShow full result

1st4 The Queen Of Heart 6/112nd7 Alimonie 21/13rd3 Sun Peaks 10/1

08:27AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

08:27Race 2 Hopkins Saddlery Pacers SprintShow full result

1st1 Whoee Johnson 9/102nd5 Celestial Daybreak 9/23rd4 On The Case 13/5

09:35AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

09:35Race 4 Hygain Release Claiming SprintShow full result

1st5 The Ides Of March 19/102nd6 Tezz Khora 23/10

10:09AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

10:09Race 5 Mobilerolling net Pacers SprintShow full result

1st3 Haveachew 5/22nd4 Dont Tell Alice 14/53rd1 The Dapper Don 30/1

10:43AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

10:43Race 6 Amos Vac Pacers SprintShow full result

1st1 Out Of Character 11/133rd6 Takemepitchamister 30/1

08:17AUSGloucester ParkShow full result

08:17Race 1 3yo+ Ms Pace (sky )Show full result

1st11 Carramar Philemon 66/12nd10 Hez A Chance 33/13rd3 Rockinthebox 30/1

08:51AUSGloucester ParkShow full result

08:51Race 2 3yo+ Ms Pace (sky )Show full result

3rd10 Maximum Demand 11/1

09:25AUSGloucester ParkShow full result

09:25Race 3 3yo+ Ms Pace (sky )Show full result

2nd3 Alta Engen 3/43rd4 Deeorse 80/1

09:59AUSGloucester ParkShow full result

09:59Race 4 3yo Ms Pace (sky)Show full result

1st2 Nikki Louise 2/12nd3 Nigel Ernest 33/13rd4 Aussie Edition 21/1

10:33AUSGloucester ParkShow full result

10:33Race 5 3yo+ Ms Pace (sky )Show full result

1st8 The Rock Inn 10/1

11:07AUSGloucester ParkShow full result

11:07Race 6 3yo+ Ms Pace (sky )Show full result

2nd5 Doctor Tom 1/13rd2 Bettys Lass 10/1

11:37AUSGloucester ParkShow full result

11:37Race 7 3yo+ Ms Pace (sky )Show full result

3rd3 American Voodoo 100/1

12:05AUSGloucester ParkShow full result

12:05Race 8 2yo Fillies Ms Pace (sky)Show full result

1st4 Miss Boudica 19/102nd6 Bettors Destroya 9/103rd8 Joelene 11/2

12:30AUSGloucester ParkShow full result

12:30Race 9 3yo+ Ss Trot (sky )Show full result

1st1 Papa Razzi 7/52nd2 Chumani 7/5