Harness Racing Fast Results

03:20AUSCowraShow full result

03:20Race 1 Grenfell Grain Mix PaceShow full result

1st6 Mcdreamy Guy 25/12nd3 Im A Shy Guy 5/23rd7 Royalhotshot 12/5

04:22AUSCowraShow full result

04:22Race 3 Tab Long May We Play 3yo PaceShow full result

1st2 Leah Shannon 11/102nd8 Ripponlea 5/13rd4 Reason To Be 4/1

04:58AUSCowraShow full result

04:58Race 4 Grenfell Premium Cool Ladyship PaceShow full result

1st2 Mendoza Lass 14/53rd4 Baby Bee Mine 9/2

05:37AUSCowraShow full result

05:37Race 5 Grenfell Stud Mix PaceShow full result

1st7 Bomani 8/12nd8 Itsallaboutned 5/43rd2 Twisted Mistress 17/5

06:17AUSCowraShow full result

06:17Race 6 Grenfell Sweetblend PaceShow full result

2nd3 Classical Music 19/103rd9 Turbo Tommy 15/2

06:52AUSCowraShow full result

06:52Race 7 Grenfell Commodities Silos PaceShow full result

1st9 Lucky Nutter 10/12nd1 Float On By 17/53rd6 Just Won More 20/1

07:24AUSCowraShow full result

07:24Race 8 Grenfell Commodities PaceShow full result

1st7 Meraviglia 15/22nd10 Gabbys Sportstar 25/13rd4 Sputnik 16/1

07:47AUSRedcliffeShow full result

07:47Race 1 Tab Pace (sky2)Show full result

1st9 Ginatiano 1/23rd6 Circle Line 40/1

08:48AUSRedcliffeShow full result

08:48Race 3 Franco Nelson @ Burwood Stud PaceShow full result

1st8 Ashlee Nitro 9/22nd1 Mach Torque 3/43rd2 Blissfulday 9/2

09:18AUSRedcliffeShow full result

09:18Race 4 Hygain Feeds PaceShow full result

1st8 Bukthsystem 11/23rd3 Risky Buziness 8/1

09:49AUSRedcliffeShow full result

09:49Race 5 Dan Costello Photography PaceShow full result

1st7 Lifeinheaven 7/22nd3 Timenpatience 9/103rd2 Vermont 30/1

10:25AUSRedcliffeShow full result

10:25Race 6 Aqwa Constructions PaceShow full result

1st8 Gwendalion 3/42nd3 Turn Turn Flyer 13/13rd7 Beef City Starzzz 10/1

11:03AUSRedcliffeShow full result

11:03Race 7 Hustler Raptor PaceShow full result

1st9 Whata Challenge 14/12nd2 Aurora Rose 18/13rd4 Wavedancer 3/1

11:35AUSRedcliffeShow full result

11:35Race 8 Comfort Inn Northgate PaceShow full result

1st4 Aroona 8/12nd8 Patchwork Jet 13/103rd1 Highmoralground 17/5

12:05AUSRedcliffeShow full result

12:05Race 9 Garrards Here On Track PaceShow full result

1st6 Illbewatching 1/22nd2 Wild About Town 11/13rd9 Mustang Dude 16/1

12:35AUSRedcliffeShow full result

12:35Race 10 Psp PaceShow full result

1st5 Tralee Chic 13/22nd6 Kiss The Aviator 18/53rd7 Somewhereinheaven 30/1

07:52AUSSheppartonShow full result

07:52Race 1 Wendy Szwanenfeld Memorial 3yo PaceShow full result

1st9 Okinawa Beach 14/12nd8 Ifitstobeitsuptome 7/103rd3 Bundle Of Notes 13/5

08:28AUSSheppartonShow full result

08:28Race 2 Horseland Shepparton PaceShow full result

1st9 Our Art Work 17/102nd7 Hayjoshandco 9/23rd1 Driffing 14/1

08:58AUSSheppartonShow full result

08:58Race 3 Dan Murphys Pace (1st Heat)Show full result

1st2 Crossroader 11/12nd5 Little Safari 12/13rd8 Lonestar Lad 7/2

09:28AUSSheppartonShow full result

09:28Race 4 Mooroopna Volunteers PaceShow full result

1st3 Pinnacle Hope 23/102nd2 Feeling Enerjetic 23/103rd4 Hard Road 7/2

10:03AUSSheppartonShow full result

10:03Race 5 Cleaves Earthmoving and Excavation Mooroopna Trotters CupShow full result

1st5 Starlight Red 11/22nd1 Dellsun 11/13rd8 Levina 21/1

10:33AUSSheppartonShow full result

10:33Race 6 Cleaves Garden Supplies Pace (2nd Heat)Show full result

1st1 Jets Art 17/102nd3 Gotonebettor 15/23rd8 Clem Mcardle 13/2

11:11AUSSheppartonShow full result

11:11Race 7 Lift n Shift Mooroopna Pacing CupShow full result

2nd3 Didnt I 25/13rd5 Sheer Modern 18/5

11:45AUSSheppartonShow full result

11:45Race 8 Saddleworld Pace (3rd Heat)Show full result

1st3 Wenthestarzzzaline 4/52nd7 Roslyn Gaye 16/53rd6 Whata Glimpse 8/1

08:03AUSDevonportShow full result

08:03Race 1 Trainers Encouragement PaceShow full result

1st1 Boulder City 19/53rd2 Major Davvin 4/1

08:38AUSDevonportShow full result

08:38Race 2 Harding Hotmix PaceShow full result

1st2 Iden Gorgeous 5/182nd10 Written In Silk 25/13rd1 Heidi Go Seek 20/1

09:08AUSDevonportShow full result

09:08Race 3 Ulverstone Bicycles PaceShow full result

1st9 Aitutaki 12/12nd1 Ideal Karalta 4/1

10:17AUSDevonportShow full result

10:17Race 5 Tasfreight MobileShow full result

1st10 Somedan 11/22nd9 Lockaway Kacie 18/13rd3 Rambleon 3/1

10:52AUSDevonportShow full result

10:52Race 6 Goracing Ulverstone CupShow full result

1st1 Earl Jujon 4/12nd11 Be Major Threat 12/53rd6 Perfect Mach 30/1

11:25AUSDevonportShow full result

11:25Race 7 Claiming Novice DriversShow full result

1st1 Captain Cosmonaut 11/53rd3 Artiflash 60/1

12:25AUSDevonportShow full result

12:25Race 9 Collins Homes Mobile PaceShow full result

1st3 Peppercorn Sam 16/52nd1 Bold Centurian 7/23rd9 Dollarsign 29/10

12:52AUSDevonportShow full result

12:52Race 10 Maxfield Drilling PaceShow full result

1st7 My Ultimate Romeo 9/22nd8 Got The Goods 19/53rd11 Oneofthelads 12/5

01:05NZAddingtonShow full result

01:05Race 1 Dunstan Horsefeeds TrotShow full result

1st8 Gift Card 6/12nd14 Spot The Gamble 13/23rd15 See It Thru 40/1

01:29NZAddingtonShow full result

01:29Race 2 Woodlands Stud Mobile PaceShow full result

1st4 Captain Confetti 5/42nd1 Greenback Boogie 6/13rd6 Twilight Bromac 11/1

01:54NZAddingtonShow full result

01:54Race 3 Nevele R Stud Young At Heart Mobile PaceShow full result

1st13 Overarm 9/22nd12 Pay Me Visa 5/13rd2 Jenabella 6/1

02:18NZAddingtonShow full result

02:18Race 4 Nzb Standardbred TrotShow full result

1st5 Take After Me 9/12nd7 Kenny Keko 9/13rd6 Dds Super Stuart 9/2

02:50NZAddingtonShow full result

02:50Race 5 Paul Renwick Joinery Fillies and Mares Mobile PaceShow full result

1st3 Evangalist 4/52nd2 Tiger Taylor 18/13rd12 Caribbean Lily 10/1

03:15NZAddingtonShow full result

03:15Race 6 Faulks Investment Junior Drivers Mobile TrotShow full result

1st6 Rogie Falls 9/22nd3 Sunnivue Phileah 14/53rd4 Sally Lindenny 21/1

03:39NZAddingtonShow full result

03:39Race 7 Storer Motors Handicap PaceShow full result

1st4 Maybe 8/12nd11 Teds Legacy 17/53rd13 Terrier 16/14th3 Flamboyant 40/1

04:11NZAddingtonShow full result

04:11Race 8 Mid-Winter At Addington Mobile PaceShow full result

1st10 Reflectionsofmylife 5/12nd1 Reinimin Patron 6/13rd6 Bettor Beontoit 4/1

04:38NZAddingtonShow full result

04:38Race 9 Avon City Ford PaceShow full result

1st11 Dont Write Me Off 9/12nd10 All By Myself 13/53rd1 Kennedy 11/1

05:09NZAddingtonShow full result

05:09Race 10 First Direct Taxis Mobile PaceShow full result

1st10 Beta Than Love 7/22nd15 Fancy 7/13rd12 Luminite 18/1