Harness Racing Fast Results

03:07AUSMaryboroughShow full result

03:07Race 1 Apg - Industry Owned and Not For Profit PaceShow full result

1st9 Forest Force 9/102nd7 Hayjoshandco 7/13rd6 Roxy Royale 5/1

03:33AUSMaryboroughShow full result

03:33Race 2 Vhrc / Aldebaran Park Benefiting Our Members 3yo Maiden TrotShow full result

1st5 Festive Azz 2/12nd7 Walkabout Cascade 5/23rd1 Aldebaran Lovisa 11/1

04:42AUSMaryboroughShow full result

04:42Race 4 Vhrc / Aldebaran Park Benefiting Our Members Trot (2nd Div)Show full result

1st5 Roi Du Soleil 7/102nd3 Allwatfunjingles 30/13rd10 Aldebaran Stevie 30/1

05:17AUSMaryboroughShow full result

05:17Race 5 Apgs and #36;3m Race Series For 2022 Graduates PaceShow full result

1st1 Kimble 2/172nd5 Aussiepride 21/13rd2 Okinawa Beach 16/1

05:53AUSMaryboroughShow full result

05:53Race 6 Apg - Australasias Richest and Best Race Series PaceShow full result

1st4 Cheyella 9/102nd6 Notnegotiable 18/53rd2 Fightnfury 7/1

06:33AUSMaryboroughShow full result

06:33Race 7 Apg - 92 6% Clearance Rate In 2021 3yo PaceShow full result

1st10 October Reign 13/103rd3 Master Remi 6/4

07:08AUSMaryboroughShow full result

07:08Race 8 Become A Vhrc Member Today PaceShow full result

1st9 Blitzern 5/182nd4 Major Mal 14/13rd5 Hair Razor 15/2

07:43AUSMaryboroughShow full result

07:43Race 9 Dont Miss Out On The Vhrc Bonuses PaceShow full result

1st4 Tactile Sensation 5/112nd5 The Boost 13/13rd10 Sundancer Rainbow 21/1

08:17AUSMaryboroughShow full result

08:17Race 10 Apgs and #36;1 5m 2yo Finals Night For 2022 Graduates PaceShow full result

1st9 Wingate Guy 9/52nd10 Radiant Rose 9/23rd5 Beau Bronski 14/1

04:10AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

04:10Race 1 Petstock Trotters MobileShow full result

1st5 Hammer Son 4/52nd6 Liberty Song 16/53rd2 Arctic Pegasus 11/2

04:50AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

04:50Race 2 Arclight Photography 3yo PaceShow full result

1st3 White Star Venus 20/12nd5 White Star Peejay 7/23rd6 Shazzam 1/2

05:25AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

05:25Race 3 Horsemedsa Hills Equine Clinic PaceShow full result

1st2 Bella Blondie 2/52nd5 Summerdays 7/23rd8 Samalise 11/1

06:03AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

06:03Race 4 Hygain Fiber Fresh PaceShow full result

1st4 Watchme Run 8/12nd3 Villanelle 14/53rd9 El Queso 30/1

06:40AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

06:40Race 5 Allwood Stud Farm PaceShow full result

1st1 Sinartra 20/12nd2 Glacier Heights 40/13rd7 Major Mad 13/2

07:50AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

07:50Race 7 Tab Live Sky Racing Vision PaceShow full result

1st3 Liberty Tee Jay 5/12nd6 Celestial Daybreak 3/13rd2 Dougs Cino 4/1

08:25AUSGlobe DerbyShow full result

08:25Race 8 Tab Venue Mode PaceShow full result

1st10 Opinionated 11/22nd3 James Charles 9/23rd7 Master Caribbean 23/10

05:03AUSGoulburnShow full result

05:03Race 1 Sun Solutions Goulburn Trotters MobileShow full result

1st5 Araignee Flair 3/102nd4 Sally Em 9/13rd7 Orlando Storm 14/1

05:42AUSGoulburnShow full result

05:42Race 2 Benstud Standardbreds Nsw PaceShow full result

1st6 Adams It 14/52nd1 Wongalea Penny 12/53rd2 Harrynmicky 2/1

06:20AUSGoulburnShow full result

06:20Race 3 Hollingworth Crane Hire Services PaceShow full result

1st7 Lulu Mae 2/12nd8 Arma Rolling Stone 6/113rd6 Marvella 15/2

06:55AUSGoulburnShow full result

06:55Race 4 Tab Long May We Play Ladyship PaceShow full result

1st1 Zenxena 1/12nd3 Sheza Cracker 6/13rd2 Honey Chicken 9/1

07:33AUSGoulburnShow full result

07:33Race 5 Aspire Traffic Offenders Course PaceShow full result

1st8 Hez Dusty 5/182nd1 Alberio 6/13rd6 Yum Cha 25/1

08:10AUSGoulburnShow full result

08:10Race 6 Goulburn Soldiers Club PaceShow full result

1st4 Ignatius 1/162nd5 Send It 12/13rd3 Smooth Sailor 21/1

06:13AUSPinjarraShow full result

06:13Race 1 Captain Ahab Joins Westbred Pacing Fillies and Mares Ms Pace (sky1)Show full result

1st1 Poppy Sensation 11/52nd7 Iron Annie 12/53rd6 Shehadi 18/1

07:23AUSPinjarraShow full result

07:23Race 3 Captain Ahab - Son Of Super Sire Captaintreacherous 2yo Ms Pace (sky1)Show full result

1st1 Noted 1/52nd9 Rollindowntheriver 9/13rd8 Like It I Love It 15/2

08:21AUSRedcliffeShow full result

08:21Race 1 Stu Valentine For Bloodstock Insurance Pace (sky2)Show full result

1st4 Misterriodejaneiro 19/52nd3 Jilliby Gizmo 7/13rd6 Ima Birubi Boy 10/1

09:19AUSRedcliffeShow full result

09:19Race 3 Aqwa Constructions PaceShow full result

1st1 Geldof 1/12nd4 Getaloadathisgirl 18/1

09:54AUSRedcliffeShow full result

09:54Race 4 Hustler Raptor PaceShow full result

1st2 Major Mischief 16/52nd6 La Safron 10/13rd9 Gabbys Ideal 66/1

10:29AUSRedcliffeShow full result

10:29Race 5 Comfort Inn Northgate PaceShow full result

1st7 Miss Mia 14/52nd6 Showem Simon 25/13rd3 Viewbytherock 11/1

11:00AUSRedcliffeShow full result

11:00Race 6 Elders Woodford PaceShow full result

1st2 Risky Buziness 1/12nd1 Three Machs 40/13rd7 Purple Shades 16/1

11:28AUSRedcliffeShow full result

11:28Race 7 Knudsens Betta Home Living PaceShow full result

1st2 Wavedancer 14/52nd3 Itsmegs 12/5

11:56AUSRedcliffeShow full result

11:56Race 8 Psp PaceShow full result

2nd3 Johnrod 16/53rd9 Okanes Devil 14/5

12:24AUSRedcliffeShow full result

12:24Race 9 Garrards Here On Track PaceShow full result

1st8 Littledee 5/22nd1 Aunty Emily 19/53rd9 Elle Jay 14/1