Five games in how has the Golden Boot market changed?

Five games in how has the Golden Boot market changed?

We take a look at the market movers and ones to watch in the race for the golden boot after five Premier League games.

The golden boot market is more popular than previous years, as Oddschecker users staked heavily on favourites and outsiders alike pre season. Five games have been and gone in the Premier League and goals, or lack of them for some have began to shift prices. We take a look the market, comparing prices between the start of the Premier League season and now.

The Favourites

Aguero Ibrahimovic Costa Lukaku
Goals 3 4 5 4
Pre Season Odds 10/3 17/2 16/1 14/1
Current Odds 10/3 9/2 5/1 8/1

Aguero still remains the front runner in the market at 10/3, where the price has remained unchanged. Understandably, the Argentinian’s style is flattered by Gaurdiola’s and even in the early going the two look a match to keep Premier League defences up at night. Costa and Ibrahimovic have both consistently scored goals at the start of the season leading punters to pile in on the longer prices (compared with Aguero), whilst Lukaku’s sudden spring back to form under new manager Ronald Koeman has seen a shortened price.

Ones To Watch

Kane De Bruyne Firmino Sanchez
Goals 2 2 2 3
Pre Season Odds 6/1 40/1 40/1 20/1
Current Odds 16/1 45/1 50/1 25/1

Kane’s quiet start to the season is no surprise and just as the goal looked to be coming back, a potential 8 week injury has seen him drift out to 16/1. De Bruyne’s involvement in almost every City goal along with his set piece ability has more than tempted some Oddschecker punters to back the Belgian. Likewise, Firmino and Sanchez who are being deployed further forward, both have the quality to score a hatful of goals. 50/1 and 25/1 respectively are both huge prices for players who have started the season positively.

The Big Drifters

Rooney Negredo Bony Vardy
Goals 0 1 0 2
Pre Season Odds 45/1 66/1 40/1 14/1
Current Odds 100/1 100/1 100/1 40/1

Five years ago it would have been hard to find a bookie without Rooney among the favourites, though these days playing a deeper role and losing the support of fans and pundits alike, the England skipper is yet to open his account and is now more than double his opening price. Negredo and Bony were heralded by both their new clubs as potential game changers, though only the former has managed to score a goal. Bony’s lack of goals may come from his club sides shocking start to the season and if you have backed him steer clear of the highlights of their game Crystal Palace. Last year’s superstar Vardy started the season at 14/1, the bookies somewhat sceptical of another party. The goals are yet to surface consistently yet and his sides start has been not completely convincing, paving the wave for a barge like drift.

The Long Shot Strikers

Benteke Silmani Giroud Rondon
Goals 1 2 0 2
Pre Season Odds 22/1 66/1 20/1 100/1
Current Odds 50/1 50/1 66/1 100/1

Benteke looks an excellent fit at Crystal Palace becoming the focal point in attack coupled with an impressive goal scoring record in the Premier League has led many tipsters to believe the 50/1 price tag is too big to ignore. Silmani and Giroud are having contrasting season, one being the man of the moment for their club whilst the latter is the forgotten man at Arsenal, hardly surprising that he has drifted. Even the most avid baggies fan would tell you a top scorer in the Premier League coming from West Brom is highly unlikely, though Rondon looks to be settled and if the goals continue, he could well be one to keep an eye on.

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