Oddschecker's Golden Accumulator Rules

With the help of Oddschecker users, we've compiled a list of things to avoid when building your acca.

Oddschecker's Golden Accumulator Rules

We've all got them. Mistakes we make week-in, week-out. We try to tell ourselves this week will be different. But deep down we know it won't. Millwall will still let us down and that one team we put in to boost the odds will still definitely get beat and ruin the whole thing.

So here at Oddschecker, we've decided to try and do something about it. We put out a call to arms to you, the Oddschecker user. To come together and create a list of rules, that if followed, will help us avoid those acca pitfalls we so often fall into.

Your response was impressive, swift and even (at times) insightful.

So behold. The golden rules of building an acca. As created by you, the fans...


Avoid the early kick-off

We've all been there. Included the home team 'banker' at the top of the slip/webpage to get us started. A nice little confidence boost before the real challenge starts at 3pm. If anything, it will help with the cash-out opportunities later in the day.

Next thing you know, it's 2.50pm and that carefully crafted 8-team acca is down and you didn't even get the chance to hear Kammy scream 'unbelievable Jeff' once.

The majority of you agree, the early kick-off is for watching only!


The new manager curse

Bang out of form, players not performing, fans planning protests. All of this can soon be forgotten when a new man walks into the changing room and galvanises a group of players who the week before couldn't string two passes together.

The debate as to whether sacking a manager actually has a positive effect on a team in the long run, is one that would rumble on into the small hours (although it seems to do the trick for Sunderland every season).

One thing that's not in question, is that the possibility of an instant impact a new man at the helm can bring, is enough to put us off including that team in our accas...


Never rely on your own team

There's nothing sweeter than watching your side win 3 points on a Saturday afternoon. Well, apart from if you can profit financially from those said 3 points.


There's nothing worse than watching your side lose on a Saturday afternoon. Well, apart from there is. If you lose out financially from that terrible experience.

Enough said.


Don't be greedy

Whether in the shop or online, it's all too easy to just think 'one more team won't do any harm'. Especially online when you see your potential winnings more than double as a result!

But, more often than not it leads to a realisation at around 4.40pm that your knowledge of the Scottish second division really isn't up to scratch and Montrose probably won't be coming back from 2 goals down at home to Forfar in the last 5 minutes...


Be wary of a short-priced fav on their travels

When you actually think about this one it almost makes sense. Smaller teams will always up their game when the big boys come to town and for most, beating one of the league's giants at home is probably going to be the highlight of their season.

We've all read the stories of heroic goalkeeping, watched the replays of star strikers missing sitters. It's inevitable that when your money is on them, the well-oiled, previously peerless footballing machine will shudder to a halt on a cold Wednesday night up north.

'Can they do it on a wet, windy night in Stoke?' Probably not...


Italy is a no-no

A surprising one perhaps, yet one that a number of you were keen to stress.

The fact Juventus have strolled to the title for the last 5 seasons straight may well be an indicator that the league is quite up to the standards of the late 90's and early noughties (Football Italia anyone?).

With the demise of the two Milan giants, financial difficulties at almost every other club and the fact that Champions Juventus pretty much buy whoever they want from their rivals for ridiculous fees (£75.3m for 28 year-old Gonzalo Higuain) it's safe to say that Serie A hasn't been the most competitive league recently.

However, with this lack of competitiveness has come more competitiveness (no, us neither). With the former big boys of Italy now fighting it out with the likes of Sassuolo and Bologna on a more level playing field than ever before. Which is great for Italian football, less so for us lot trying to build our accas.


The Truth

Pretty comprehensive hey! Or is it? We'll be looking at each rule in more detail over the next week in an attempt to find out whether all of this is just in our heads. Or if we're talking cold hard facts!

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