Steelers smashed in to beat Luck-less Colts tonight

The Pittsburgh Steelers have moved from 10/11 to 2/7 to beat the Indianapolis Colts, who are without star quarterback, Andrew Luck.

Steelers smashed in to beat Luck-less Colts tonight

Over the last couple of days we've seen swaves of money being staked on the Steelers to beat the Colts in this Thanksgiving match-up, with the Steelers moving from 10/11 to 2/7 in the money line and the spread moving from -2.5 to -9 in places.

That's primarily because the Colts will be without first choice quarterback, Andrew Luck after he was ruled out with concussion ealier this week.

The problem for the Colts is their strength in depth in the quarterback position. Their punter, Pat McAfee, has thrown just as many regular-season passes as any other quarterback on their roster over the past two years. He will be the emergency quarterback for the match against the Steelers.

Starting for the Colts as quarterback will be backup quarterback Scott Tolzien. He himself is in his first year with the Colts and has only thrown one regular-season pass since the start of the 2014 season, after starting two games for the Packers in 2013.

Behind him as No. 2 quarterback is Stephen Morris, who has been called up from the practice squad and has never thrown a regular-season pass. With Tolzien playing quarterback, the Colts don't have a great chance of winning given the Steelers' recent record against them with Luck in the team.

If Tolzien gets beat up by the Steelers' defense though, we could see a novice quarterback and/or a punter playing in that position. If that were to happen we could see a blowout at the Lucas Oil Stadium.

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