Odds cut on a White Easter in London as Beast from the East sweeps through the UK

Odds cut on a White Easter in London as Beast from the East sweeps through the UK

The Beast from the East sweeps through the UK, as odds tumble for a white Easter.

As the Beast from the East makes its collision course throughout the country, transport in London is currently halted, schools are shut and an amber weather warning is in place. 

With the extreme weather conditions sweeping through the capital, plucky punters have been quick to back the unthinkable – a White Easter in London. 

Bookies have been prompted to offer the public the chance on whether it’ll snow on Easter Sunday, a twist on the classic White Christmas idea. 

And, if punters are correct, those who back it to snow in the capital could be reaping the rewards. 

Despite only just offering the weather-related bet, bookies have been forced to cut London’s odds from 25/1 into 20/1, with bookies continuing to monitor the market. 

Elsewhere across the UK, Glasgow is the favourite to receive arctic conditions at 8/1, followed by Edinburgh at 10/1 and Manchester at 16/1

The current weather forecast is for further snow until Saturday, when the Beast from the East will push northwards with milder air slowly making its way towards the south of the UK. 

A Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event taking place at the moment looks set to continue to affect UK weather well into March however, which would put the start of Spring on hold. 

Oddschecker spokesperson George Elek said: “It's so snowy in London; it's hard to imagine the capital without a white coating. 

“The Beast of the East could become the Beaster of Easter, netting a tidy profit for those on at 25/1.

“The SSW increases the chance of arctic blasts pushing south making it not at all beyond the realms of possibility that the capital will see snow on Easter Sunday this year.”

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