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What is a Same Game Parlay?

Same Game Parlays are booming in popularity with the expansion of sports gambling legalization. So, we break it all down.
Fri, October 27, 4:20 AM EDT | 5 min read

There's a new sheriff in town, and sports bettors across America are excited about the change. Same Game Parlay betting is skyrocketing in popularity, and many enthusiasts want to join in on the action as soon as possible. But what exactly is a Same Game Parlay, and how can you use it to your advantage? Never fear, because OddsChecker is here to clear things up for you. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Same Game Parlays, including why we love them and where you can start making these thrilling wagers today.

Same Game Parlays are new to everyone. Make sure you also check out our video guide below as Jamie Kelton breaks it all down.

How Does A Same Game Parlay Work?

So, how does a Same Game Parlay work? If you've made a regular parlay bet before, you already get the idea. A standard parlay requires you to make a series of bets called legs, which all go on your betslip under the same wager umbrella. If every leg resolves in your favor, you win the entire parlay bet.

The only catch is, your bets can't be connected in any way. That's because if you win one leg that will directly affect the outcome of the other legs, your odds of winning the entire parlay can increase exponentially. Sportsbooks don't want that kind of risk, so each leg must be made on a different game.

With a Same Game Parlay, all your legs are made on the same game. For example, say you're betting on an NFL match where the Steelers are playing the Packers. You can bet that Aaron Rodgers will score three touchdowns, that the total number of points scored will be over 48.5, and that the Packers will win the game outright.

As you can see, all these bets are correlated and even dependent on one another to some extent. If Aaron Rodgers indeed scores three touchdowns, this will make it more likely that the Packers will come out on top and that the total points scored will be over 48.5 - thus, your odds of winning the whole parlay go up.

You can craft Same Game Parlay wagers strategically by paying close attention to game-day conditions, lineups, player injuries, history, and statistics. But while you can certainly use Same Game Parlays to your advantage, it's also important to keep in mind that they aren't magic. Like any betting offer, sportsbooks will adjust the odds to prevent huge losses on their part. However, smart bettors can still get excellent payouts from these types of bets and reap the rewards of wild entertainment to boot.

What Sportsbooks Offer Same Game Parlays?

Sportsbooks were hesitant to offer Same Game Parlays in the past, but all that's changing now. With more competition than ever in the sports betting industry, providers are going out of their way to draw in new players - and that means Same Game Parlay wagers are back on the table.

Right now, FanDuel is the largest provider of these types of bets. You can use the FanDuel Same Game Parlay betting feature on football and basketball with the NFL and NBA, enjoying exclusive offers and deals from your mobile device or desktop computer as you wager. Other sportsbooks are also beginning to see the writing on the wall, and some have already begun offering their own versions of Same Game Parlays. PointsBet has introduced their "Single Game Parlay" feature in New Jersey, allowing for Same Game Parlay bets on football and basketball. Meanwhile, BetMGM also has a "One Game Parlay" betting option, which covers NFL, NBA, and even soccer matches.

It's likely that more operators will start to implement Same Game Parlay betting as it becomes more in-demand, so be on the lookout for announcements as they come. If you hear about a provider that's starting to offer Same Game Parlays, head over to the OddsChecker Free Bets section to learn more about them and discover their current promotions and bonuses.

How Do I Place a FanDuel Same Game Parlay?

If you're interested in getting started with FanDuel, check out our FanDuel Review to see exactly what they have to offer. New users should claim their welcome bonus to snag a risk-free first bet of up to $1,000, then follow the steps outlined below to begin making a FanDuel Same Game Parlay wager:

  1. Find Your Match: Log in to the FanDuel app and navigate to the Same Game Parlay tab. Then, browse through the eligible games. You'll find Same Game Parlays available for football and basketball, but other options could become available as time goes on.
  2. Build that Betslip: Once you've selected your game, you'll see a drop-down menu of all the wagers you can make. Scroll through the list, selecting the legs you want and adding them to your betslip. Remember, you must choose at least three.
  3. Make Your Bet: Choose the amount you want to wager on with your Same Game Parlay. Once you input it into your betslip, FanDuel will calculate what you'll win automatically. If you're satisfied with the projected number, go ahead and make your wager.
  4. Sit Back and Watch: Now you're ready to watch the action commence. You can sit down with a bowl of popcorn in front of the television, or you can track your Same Game Parlay right from the FanDuel app under the "Live Bets" section.

How do I Calculate FanDuel Same Game Parlay Odds?

So, how much can you win on your Same Game Parlay? FanDuel offers an automatic odds calculator that allows you to see your potential profits instantly. Once you make your selections for the bet, you'll be able to input your wager amount on your betslip in the "Wager" box. After that, the amount you would win will appear in the "To Win" box.

But what if you aren't using FanDuel, or you simply want to check the math before adding any selections to your betslip? You can head to the OddsChecker Parlay Calculator to see how much you'll receive from any given parlay bet. All you need to do is input the odds of each leg and the amount you want to bet. Then, our parlay calculator will tell you exactly how much cash you'll win.

What Sports Can I Wager A Same Game Parlay?

Most sports betting operators that offer Same Game Parlay wagers do so for only the most popular pastimes. You'll be able to find this type of betting available for:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer

As time goes on and sportsbooks begin to gain an understanding of how these bets affect their bottom line, we could see them branch out and start to offer Same Game Parlays for baseball, hockey, and other sports as well.

If you're interested in taking part in some Same Game Parlay betting sooner rather than later, you'll most likely be betting on basketball or football. To give yourself a leg up, head to the NFL Odds section to see the odds at FanDuel and other sportsbooks that already offer Same Game Parlays.

Why Are Same Game Parlays Popular?

Why do people love Same Game Parlays so much? These bets are fun to make, but they're also strategically beneficial. If each leg of your Same Game Parlay bet is successful, you stand to win more than if you bet on every leg separately. And when the odds are increased, the excitement that goes along with them is ramped up as well.

Bettors can get more invested in this type of wager than any other, as the connected nature of the legs builds up the thrills throughout the game. Same Game Parlay betting makes sitting down in front of the TV to watch your chosen match a riveting experience, creating an atmosphere of adventure and drama unlike any you've experienced before.


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