Betting Terminology

Everything you need to know about the different terminology you'll see in the world of sports betting. Just click below to discover the ins and outs of each term.

Point Spread Explained

Here is our detailed and informative guide on point spread wagers. This guide will help you understand and get started using this popular type of sports bet.

Feb 23, 6:49pm
5 min read

How Do Moneylines Work?

Your complete guide to moneyline betting. Everything you need to know about the most popular form of betting in the world.

Mar 3, 6:45am
5 min read

What Are Prop Bets?

OddsChecker guides you through prop bets and explains what a prop bet is.

Feb 23, 6:50pm
2 min read

What Are Sports Betting Picks?

Are you unsure what sports betting picks are? Don't worry, we can help you understand your picks from your handicappers, with this helpful guide.

Feb 23, 6:53pm
4 min read

What Is A Parlay?

What is a parlay? It's a question that you may be asking, luckily OddsChecker is here to explain what parlays are.

Feb 23, 6:47pm
3 min read

Over/Under Explained

Over and Under is a key part of sports betting and OddsChecker are here to explain it for you.

Feb 23, 6:45pm
4 min read

What is a Same Game Parlay?

Parlays are usually supposed to span multiple games in order to be valid. But, some sportsbooks are letting bettors parlay markets from the same game in order to boost odds and maximize winnings.

Feb 23, 6:52pm
5 min read

What is a Teaser Bet?

One of the most popular types of multi-bet in the US, a teaser allows you to add or take away from a point spread or total. But, it'll cost you.

Mar 18, 3:05pm
5 min read

How Do Betting Odds Work?

Odds are the basis of all things sports gambling. But, they can be a little confusing for new bettors. Here, we let you in on everything about how betting odds work.

Feb 23, 6:39pm
6 min read

What is a Betting Exchange?

Your complete guide to sports betting exchange platforms. Is it is particularly valuable for bettors?

Feb 23, 6:37pm
10 min read

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