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Where Can I Find the Latest 2022 PGA Championship Odds?

Looking for the latest PGA Championship Odds? You’ve come to the right place. Here at OddsChecker, you’ll find PGA Championship Odds from top bookmakers across the country. We update our odds every day to ensure they’re always current, so you can see the freshest lines available compared right before your eyes.

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How To Read PGA Championship Betting Odds

If you want to participate in some PGA Championship Betting, you’ll want to know how to read the odds before you begin. The good news is, PGA Championship Odds aren’t difficult to understand. They look and function similarly to most other odds.

When you look at the PGA Championship Odds, you’ll see them displayed alongside a golfer’s name. Next to the name will be a (+) sign, behind which you’ll see a number. To determine which player has the best odds of winning, you’ll look for the lowest number.

Here’s an example of what the PGA Championship Odds could look like, and how they would hypothetically pay out:

Rory McIlroy: +700

Dustin Johnson: +1200

Brooks Koepka: +2100

We can see that Rory McIlroy has the lowest number next to his name. That means he has the best odds chance to win the PGA Championship, and is the favorite of the three golfers. But how exactly do these PGA Championship Odds pay out? It’s easiest to think of the odds in terms of the payout for a $100 bet.

Consider McIlroy’s odds of +700. If you were to place a $100 bet on McIlroy and you won the wager, you would win $700. You’d also get back your original $100, walking away with $800 in total. Now, Dustin Johnson has odds of +1200. If you placed a $100 bet on Johnson and won, you would win $1,200 plus your $100 wager. For a $100 bet on Koepka, you’d net $2,100 plus your $100 wager if you win.

The payouts for Johnson and Koepka are larger than the payout for McIlroy (the favorite), as these players are less likely to win overall. You’re taking on a bit more risk with these bets, but it’s a bigger win if one of these players prevails. If you’re the kind of bettor who gets more thrills from riskier bets, consider wagering on golfers with lower 2022 PGA Championship Odds when you bet.

How To Bet The PGA Championship

So, how can you partake in PGA Championship Betting? Whenever you’re ready to dive in, visit the Golf Betting Odds page to see different competitors’ Odds To Win PGA Championship and other golfing events. You’ll find many different types of bets available, each appealing to different betting styles.

Outright picks, futures, and props bets are some of the more common options. If you want to bet on who will win the whole PGA Championship, an outright pick is for you. This bet is by far the most popular type of wager to make, and can be made at almost any time before or during the event.

As the championship draws closer, sportsbooks will begin to post PGA Championship Odds for prop bets. Rather than relying on outright winners and losers, these fun wagers are made on more abstract concepts like how many players will be under par, how many hole-in-ones could be achieved, or if there will be a playoff.

Want to get started betting already? Take a look at the 2022 PGA Championship Odds and start betting futures. Futures bets are made in advance of the tournament. They can include bets ranging from outright winners to top 5 or top 10, or more specific wagers like head-to-head bets and first-round leader bets. As soon as the current year’s PGA Championship has been won (and for some, lost) you’ll be able to start making futures bets.

No matter which type of wager you choose, you’ll want to stay informed and keep your head in the game. If you need a bit of help making predictions, you can always visit the OddsChecker Picks Section. Here, our industry gurus offer advice surrounding top players and profitable wagers so you can partake in PGA Championship Betting with knowledge and expertise to back you up.

PGA Championship Betting Strategy

Knowing which bets you can place at the PGA is only half the battle. You also need to eye the PGA Championship Odds with a critical eye, betting with strategy on your side and making informed wagers based on hard facts. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

• Course Form

• Current Form

• Odds

• Age

• History

Before you place any wagers, you’ll want to examine the golf course and each players’ history on that specific green. This is known as course form. It will affect the PGA Championship Odds you see displayed, but it’s important to read in between the lines as well. For example, has Dustin Johnson done particularly well on the Southern Hills Course in the past? It might be safer to bet on him, since he’s already familiar with the course and may feel more comfortable there.

However, you’ll also need to examine a player’s current form before placing your bets. Even if Johnson has done spectacularly at Southern Hills before, he may be suffering from problems like injury or illness that have been affecting his performance as of late—if his current performance is lackluster, he might not be your best bet.

A player’s Odds To Win PGA Championship also depend on other factors. It’s a good idea to look at a player’s history and age, keeping in mind how that may affect their performance. If you’re placing bets shortly before the event, look up the weather, wind, and day-of conditions that could play a part in determining how the event goes as well.

Lastly, keep track of the PGA Championship Odds. They may fluctuate daily, and you’ll want to place your wager at the most optimal moment. It’s a good idea to pick players higher in the ranking charts, but don’t be too afraid to branch out or take a chance. If you bet on an underdog and they hit a massive stroke of luck, so will you.

If you want to practice golf betting with less risk, you can take advantage of sportsbook specials like welcome bonuses and free bets. Head to OddsChecker’s Free Bets section to discover top bookmakers that offer free bets and other promotions for new bettors.

When is the 2022 PGA Championship?

The 2022 PGA Championship will be held May 19 – May 22, 2022.

Who won the 2021 PGA Championship?

Phil Mickelson won the 2021 PGA Championship at Kiawah Island, making him the oldest winner in PGA history.

What course hosts the 2022 PGA Championship?

The 2022 PGA Championship will be held at the Southern Hills Country Club golf course in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Who has won the most PGA Championships?

Walter Hagen and Jack Nicklaus are tied for the most PGA Championships won, with each man having won five championships. Tiger Woods comes in a close second with four outright wins.

What are Tiger Woods’ odds for the 2022 PGA Championship?

After his 2021 injury, it is currently unknown whether Tiger Woods will compete in the event. No 2022 PGA Championship Odds have been posted for the famous golfer so far.


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