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Super Bowl Odds: Every Team's Odds Entering Week 8

The NFL season is one-third of the way through, and we’re getting a better hold of what teams are going to succeed this season. Kade Kimble takes a look at every team's Super Bowl odds.
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Super Bowl Odds: Every Team's Odds Entering Week 8

The NFL season is one-third of the way through, and we’re getting a better hold of what teams are going to succeed this season, and what teams have a better chance at contending for the top pick in the NFL draft

Let's take a look at every team's odds to win the Super Bowl.

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Super Bowl Odds: Every Team's Odds Entering Week 8

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32. Houston Texans (+100000) Bet $100 to collect $ 100,100.

Coming into the season, it was understood that the Texans would be in a rebuilding phase. They’ve seen only a few bright spots, and are looking forward to the seasons ahead of them with an improved squad. They’ve found themselves with one win and one tie on the season. 

31. Chicago Bears (+100000) Bet $100 to collect $100,100.

The Bears find themselves with a 2-4 record through six games this season, and they’ve had a couple of rough losses. They find themselves in no contention for the Super Bowl, and the playoffs would be incredibly far-fetched. They also find themselves in the midst of a rebuild and likely looking forward to seasons ahead of them. 

30. Carolina Panthers (+70000) Bet $100 to collect $70,100.

This season has been bad for the Panthers with only one win through six games. They traded for Baker Mayfield this season, but with the squad and coaching they have, they seem to be on a downward spiral and headed toward a rebuild.

29. Washington Commanders (+50000) Bet $100 to collect $50,100.

Their squad just isn’t ready for the playoffs. They need a solid offseason this offseason, and likely a new quarterback before they’re ready to make a playoff run. In the meantime, the Commanders will continue to be below average, but not bottom feeder team.

28. Detroit Lions (+20000) Bet $100 to collect $20,100.

So far, none of these teams are even considering the Super Bowl, much less the playoffs. The Lions have seen a solid jump this season, and are expecting to continue moving in the right direction this season. They’re still very far away from any sort of real contention. 

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27. Pittsburgh Steelers (+20000) Bet $100 to collect $20,100.

The Mike Tomlin era has been solid for so long, but they seem to be in the market for a losing season for the first time in many years. They’re 2-4 on the season and haven’t seen any real consistency on offense. They’ve got plenty of issues that have to be addressed with time roster-wise. 

26. Seattle Seahawks (+20000) Bet $100 to collect $20,100.

Geno Smith has been very solid for the Seahawks, and that’s only led them to a 3-3 record. Even if he continues his season, and the Seahawks happen to slip into the playoffs, it’s understood that nothing would come from it and a playoff win is very, very unlikely. 

25. Atlanta Falcons (+15000) Bet $100 to collect $15,100.

The Falcons have had an odd season, as Marcus Mariota has the Falcons at 3-3 on the season. Much like the Seahawks, they still have no real playoff or contention hopes. They’ll likely be in the QB market after this season for a reason. 

24. New Orleans Saints (+15000) Bet $100 to collect $15,100.

Andy Dalton, Jameis Winston, and Taysom Hill have all been under center for the Saints, yet they’ve still not found any consistency or real success. This season may be the breaking point for the Saints before they decide to blow things up for a rebuild. 

23. Arizona Cardinals (+10000) Bet $100 to collect $10,100.

The Cardinals have been without DeAndre Hopkins for the first six weeks, but their issues go deeper than that. They’ve scored just 3 points in all first quarters combined, which has been the theme of their issues. They’re also 2-4 on the season. 

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22. New York Jets (+9000) Bet $100 to collect $9,100.

While the Jets are similar to the Jaguars in the sense that they’re trending in the right direction, it seems understood that they’re still not in the contention stage, and they might still miss the playoffs despite an impressive 4-2 record. Their entire conference has a winning record and they have a tough schedule ahead of them.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars (+8000) Bet $100 to collect $8,100.

Though they’re 2-4 on the season, the Jaguars are on an upward trend. They look much improved from last season, and they’re no longer bottom-feeders. They could easily be a few years out from contention. 

20. Cleveland Browns (+8000) Bet $100 to collect $8,100.

While they’re 2-4 on the season, they can remain hopeful that Deshaun Watson returns and helps them into the playoffs. Their run game has been incredible, but they haven’t been able to translate that into wins yet. 

19. Denver Broncos (+7000) Bet $100 to collect $7,100.

The Broncos are much lower on this list than they started this season. They began the season with top-10 odds, but with six unfortunate games, they’re slowly falling. The Russell Wilson-led offense hasn’t been good, but their defense is a bright spot. They’re 2-4 on the season.

18. Las Vegas Raiders (+6000) Bet $100 to collect $6,100.

With only one win on the season, their record doesn’t tell their entire story. They’ve played every game close, even with teams as good as the Chiefs. They’ve got plenty of talent, but their unfortunately slow start might hold them back from making a good playoff run. Luckily for them, there are plenty of seasons left. 

17. Tennessee Titans (+6000) Bet $100 to collect $6,100.

After two unfortunate losses to start their season, the Titans rattled off three wins and seem to be trending in the right direction as the season moves forward. With a running back with the level of talent of Derrick Henry, they could be listed as a dark horse playoff team. 

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16. New York Giants (+6000) Bet $100 to collect $6,100.

At 5-1, the Giants are near the top of the rankings in the NFC. Unfortunately, they’ve got Daniel Jones under center, who, right now, isn’t a QB that poses a real threat come playoff time. They’re another dark horse playoff run team. Brian Daboll has been excellent in his short time as the head coach. 

15. New England Patriots (+6000) Bet $100 to collect $6,100.

With Bill Belichick, the Patriots seem to be at least a decent team, but a great coach can only go so far with an average roster. It doesn’t feel like a season the Patriots will scare any other playoff teams.

14. Indianapolis Colts (+6000) Bet $100 to collect $6,100.

They’ve got talent on their squad on both sides of the ball, but they started the season off slow. The Colts are now 3-2-1 on the season. Their roster could definitely make a playoff push, but they’ve yet to put their game together. 

13. Miami Dolphins (+4000) Bet $100 to collect $4,100.

Though Tua Tagovailoa suffered an unfortunate and avoidable head injury, the Dolphins have an even 3-3 record through six weeks. Tua was showing signs of a breakout season now that he was equipped with multiple weapons. They’re a team to watch jump the ranks of this list if they go back to the team they were early this season. 

12. Cincinnati Bengals (+2800) Bet $100 to collect $2,900.

Coming off a Super Bowl appearance, the Bengals have faced some adversity with their all-new offensive line. They evened out their record and are also on an upward trend. If they continue to trend in the right direction, they’re another team that could get a bump on this list. 

11. Los Angeles Rams (+2500) Bet $100 to collect $2,600.

Coming off their Super Bowl run, the Rams haven’t been incredibly impressive, but they’re the defending champs, so they’ll naturally have a chance at repeating. They’re going to have to improve their 3-3 record first. 

10. Dallas Cowboys (+2200) Bet $100 to collect $2,300.

The Cowboys have looked incredibly solid through six weeks, despite playing most of it with their backup QB. Their skill positions seemed to have stepped up and the defense has been incredible. They’re on the brink of being real contenders and should be able to make a solid playoff run.

9. Green Bay Packers (+2000) Bet $100 to collect $2,100.

3-3 is common for teams early this season, but the Packers have to figure out how to mesh their talents together as the season progresses to hold their top-10 slot on the list. They’re in contention to slip to the Dolphins or Bengals as a top-10 team on this list. They do have the back-to-back MVP on their squad, though, so anything can happen. 

8. Baltimore Ravens (+2000) Bet $100 to collect $2,100.

The Ravens should have a much better record than 3-3, but they’ve lost two of their games by letting up a dramatic comeback. If they can improve on holding teams off and securing their wins, their ceiling jumps that much more. They should be 5-1 on the season. 

7. Los Angeles Chargers (+1800) Bet $100 to collect $1,900.

The Chargers, after barely missing the playoff last season, have made their arrival. Austin Ekeler has stepped up tremendously in the past few weeks and they seem like they’re ready to be contenders this season. 

6. Minnesota Vikings (+1800) Bet $100 to collect $1,900.

The Vikings have been incredible this season, and they have plenty of threats on their squad. If Kirk Cousins can stay consistent this season, they could piggyback off their impressive start and continue to remain a top team in the NFC. 

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5. San Francisco 49ers (+1600) Bet $100 to collect $1700.

With an already incredibly talented team, Jimmy G and Trey Lance got another weapon as the 49ers bit the bullet and made a trade for Christian McCaffrey. Whichever QB is under center, they’ve got enough talent to work with and a solid defense to help them win games. 

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+900) Bet $100 to collect $1,000.

Though the Bucs suffered a slow start, many other teams did too. They still have Tom Brady and a very well-rounded team, so they’re not a team that should be counted out despite a slow start. They are 3-3 on the season, though.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (+800) Bet $100 to collect $900.

Though they could have started better than 4-2 this season, that’s not why the Chiefs fell from the second-best odds. The team ahead of them took the second spot, and a loss to the Bills didn’t help. They still remain a top threat and are one of the two teams expected to make the Super Bowl from the AFC. 

2. Philadelphia Eagles (+550) Bet $100 to collect $650.

They are no fluke. The Eagles are 6-0 on the season and are the last remaining undefeated team. They seem geared up and ready to make a solid push this postseason, and their encouraging finish to last season pointed in the direction of them being a near-contender. They’re going to be a top team heading into the playoffs and it’s up to them to continue their high level of play. 

1. Buffalo Bills (+275) Bet $100 to collect $375.

Despite battling many injuries, the Bills are headed into the bye week with a 5-1 record and have beaten down some very good teams. Their only loss comes to the Miami Dolphins during their emergence this season. They’re easily regarded as the top team in the league and if they execute as they’re supposed to, they should walk away from this season as champions.

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Kade has spent his last 3 years writing about the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has also been following the NBA for the past 11 years. Just recently, Kade began co-hosting the Boomtown Hoops Podcast.


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