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Sportsbooks With the Best Same Game Parlay Offers

Same Game Parlays are one of the most exciting wagers in sports betting. Check out the best sportsbooks offering Same Game Parlay offers now.
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Sportsbooks With The Best Same-Game Parlay Offers

Same-Game Parlays are quickly becoming one of the favorite betting markets for users in the United States, offering high-excitement betting with huge returns. Not all sportsbooks are created equal regarding their Same-Game Parlay offerings, and there is a real benefit to placing your wagers on the correct sites.

Check out our list of Sportsbooks offering Same-Game Parlays below, and find out where we'd rank them against each other.

FanDuel Sportsbook Same Game Parlay

  • Ranked - 1st

FanDuel Sportsbook is the place to build your Same-Game Parlay, offering an easy-to-use system, brilliant odds boost, and some of the most varied betting markets in the USA.

FanDuel No Sweat Same Game Parlays

FanDuel not only offers amazing odds on normal Same-Game Parlays, but they also boost odds around special events like the NBA Finals. The FanDuel Same-Game Parlay boost and No Sweat Same Game Parlay are both easy to find and can be claimed directly from the Fanduel promos page. Right now, you can see that FanDuel are offering a No Sweat Same Game Parlay on Game 1 of the NBA Finals., which means you can put together a huge bet on the Denver Nuggets vs. Miami Heat, and protect your losses.

Here is an example of a No Sweat Same Game Parlay that you could place on Game 1 of the NBA Finals, which will be covered up to $100!

  • Denver Nuggets -9
  • Jamal Murray 3+ Made Threes
  • Bam Adebayo to Record 10+ Rebounds

This is just one example of the many FanDuel Same-Game Parlays on offer each and every week.

How to Place a Same-Game Parlay on FanDuel

Placing your Same-Game Parlay on FanDuel Sportsbook is simple. Just pick on the betting market you'd like to wager on (e.g. Rams vs Bengals), and add multiple betting selections such as either teams' Moneyline, over/under points scored, a specific player to score, a specific player to throw/receive/rush for over/under specific yards - the options are endless.

Once you have decided what combination of bets you want to bet on, you can check out your return if it hits in your bet slip. The more you add, the bigger the return!


FanDuel Promo Code: Same Game Parlay

FanDuel Sportsbook is offering new users a brilliant no-sweat bet to use on any betting market including Same-Game Parlay wagers (the offer is not available on the boosted Same-Game Parlay + markets).

Claim the FanDuel No-Sweat bet by following our steps below and get $1000 risk-free to use on your first Same-Game Parlay wager.

1) CLICK HERE or the claim button below to add the $1000 No Sweat Bet to your account

2) Complete your registration after claiming the FanDuel promo code

3) Deposit up to $1000 into your FanDuel Sportsbook account

4) Place a wager up to $1000 on your favorite sport, using your FanDuel Sportsbook app

5) Win BIG or claim up to $1000 in free bets, as your stake is returned with the FanDuel promo code

DraftKings Sportsbook Same Game Parlay

  • Ranked - 2nd

Second, on our list of best sportsbooks offering Same Game Parlay betting options is the world-renowned DraftKings Sportsbook which offers some amazing deals for users looking to bet on the Same-Game Parlay markets.

DraftKings Stepped Up Same Game Parlay

Similar to the boosted FanDuel Same Game Parlay +, DraftKings Sportsbook offers users the ability to boost the odds on their Same-Game Parlay wagers, with the key difference being, that the user is in control.

DraftKings Sportsbooks boosts the returns of the Same Game Parlay by a certain percentage for every leg a user adds to their wager.


Not only do naturally get bigger returns by adding more legs to your wager, but you now get an extra percentage on top of your boosted odds, thanks to the DraftKings Stepped Up Same-Game Parlay.

How to Place a Same-Game Parlay on DraftKings

Placing your Same-Game Parlay on DraftKings Sportsbook is simple. From the homepage, navigate to the game you'd like to bet on, click the 'Same Game Parlay' button at the top of the page and then add multiple selections to your slip.

As you are adding your selections, you can track your additions and your expected payout if won on the right-hand side of your screen on the betting slip.

Once you have decided what combination of bets you want to bet on, you can check out your return if it hits in your bet slip. The more you add, the bigger the return!

If you are looking for a quick Same Game Parlay or some inspiration for your wager, you can click on the 'Quick SGP' section above your game odds and get recommended markets to combine.

DraftKings Promo Code: Same Game Parlay

The latest DraftKings promo code is unfortunately not available on their Same-Game Parlay markets, but the $200 bonus you receive from it can be used on any market of your choice.

Claim the DraftKings promo code by following our steps below, wager $5 on any sports market and get $200 if your team wins, regardless of the market odds.

1) CLICK HERE or the claim button below, to add this DraftKings promo code to your account registration

2) Complete your DraftKings Sportsbook signup

3) Deposit $5+ into your new account

4) Bet $5 on a pre-game Moneyline on your chosen sport

5) Get $200 in additional bonuses, to boost your winnings should your team win, thanks to the DraftKings promo code

BetMGM Sportsbook One Game Parlay

  • Ranked - 3rd

BetMGM Sportsbook is the self-declared King of sports betting and their 'One Game Parlay' offering is fit for royalty. BetMGM consistently offers some of the best market odds and offers exclusive One Game Parlay insurance that stops you from losing your Parlay on the last leg.

BetMGM BetMGM One Game Parlay Boost

BetMGM offers a customer loyalty bonus to existing users that qualify, boosting the odds of One Game Parlays by anything from 10% upwards.

To opt-in to the BetMGM One Game Parlay boost, simply navigate to the BetMGM Sports Betting Promotions page and see what offers are currently available.

Once you have opted-in and qualified, you will see a green banner on your account telling you that you have received a reward token. From there, just combine your desired One Game Parlay markets and head to your bet slip. Once you have navigated here, click the 'apply reward' button and add your percentage boost to your parlay.

How to Place a One Game Parlay on BetMGM Sportsbook

The options are endless when it comes to picking your One Game Parlay options, and BetMGM Sportsbook makes finding and betting on your desired game incredibly simple.

With BetMGM’s easy-to-navigate online sportsbook, it’s simple to find your desired market, select each wager, add it to your bet slip, and enter the parlay stake - all whilst watching your payout increase in your bet slip.

Alternatively, Instead of building your own parlay, you can select the BetMGM pre-packaged parlay that is built for you. This option is only available for select sports and events, a pre-packaged parlay combines wagers, some of which might not be available as a single bet, into a parlay.

BetMGM Bonus Code: Same Game Parlay

BetMGM Sportsbook offers some of the best welcome offers and boosts in the sports betting market, and their latest BetMGM bonus codes are perfect examples of their offerings.

Follow our steps below to claim the BetMGM bonus code now.

1) Click this link, or click on the claim button below to add this BetMGM bonus code to yo your account registration

2) Complete your BetMGM Sportsbook signup

3) Deposit $10 into your new account

4) Bet between $10 and $1000 on any sport

5) Win big, or get your stakes back as bonus bets, if your first wager loses, thanks to the NBA BetMGM bonus code

Caesars Sportsbook Same Game Parlay

  • Ranked - 4th

Fourth on our list of Same Game Parlay offers is the Caesars Sportsbook Same Game Parlay option. Caesars Sportsbook are known for going "Full Caesar" with their offers, and providing new and existing users with the very best bonus and rewards, and their Same Game Parlay boosts are no different!

Caesars Sportbook Same Game Parlay 25% Boost

Caesars Sportsbook offers Same Game Parlays on many sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more.

They also offer a 25% boost at times, which you can find via the "Promotions" tab on the Caesars Sportsbook promo code.

For example, ahead of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Caesars Sportsbook are offering Same Game Parlays on the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat matchup.

Here are the Key Terms you will see for a 25% Profit Boost when it comes to the Caesars Sportsbook Same Game Parlay, and they are live.

  • Opt-In and get one (1) 25% Same Game Parlay Token to use on a +400 minimum odds
  • The max wager for the SGP token is $50
  • The max additional winnings for the SGP Token is $1,000
  • Qualifying Wager must be placed between the promotional period
  • Wager cannot be settled before normal market settlement via the Cash Out feature
  • Wager cannot be placed using a previously accrued Bet or any other bonus or special offer
  • Profit Boost Tokens will show up in the “Bonus Drawer” to select if your wager qualifies in your Bet Slip
  • Each eligible participant will earn one (1) SGP Token
  • Super Boosts and Odds Boosts do not qualify for the SGP Token
  • Additional winnings are distributed as cash in your Account Balance, not as Bets

How To Place a Same Game Parlay on Caesars Sportsbook

Same Game Parlays are available on any event on the Caesars Sportsbook website, where you see the "Same Game Parlay Icon".

Once you can see the Same Game Parlay Icon, you can then enter that market, whether that be an NFL, NBA, or MLB game, and start building your bet slip. Once you add these multiple selections to your bet slip, the odds will multiply with each leg you add.

There are a couple of things to consider when adding your selections, these are:

  • Some player props have more than 5 selections. When that’s the case, the options will be displayed in a list that only shows one team at a time. Switch between the two teams in this list, to get your desired selection.
  • For any bets that include Alternative Spreads or Totals, use the slider to the desired amount before adding to your bet slip.
  • These alt lines are available for spreads and totals, but not player props.

That's it, all you need to do is start adding selections you want to bet on, whether that be Moneyline, Spread or Total markets, or even player props like Passing Yards and Rushing Yards in the NFL, Made Threes in the NBA, and Hits or Strikeouts in the MLB.

Caesars Sportsbook often put together their own fixed Same Game Parlays which sit under the "Boosts" section of the site, which you can add to your bet slip. This is a more streamlined process and often features boosted odds, on selections that have proved popular throughout the day.

Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code: Same Game Parlay

If you are yet to sign up for Caesars Sportsbook then now is the time, as you can sign up for $1250 First Bet Insurance that you can use on any sport. This means you can wager up to $1250 on NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, or any other sport with your first bet, and get your stakes back if you lose.

Claim this offer Caesars Sportsbook promo code now, so you can gain access to their Same Game Parlay offers in the best possible, with a big risk-free bet to start!

1) CLICK HERE or the claim button below, to add this $1250 Caesars Sportsbook promo code to your account

2) Complete your Caesars Sportsbook registration, using code OCUS1FULL when prompted to supply a promo code.

3) Deposit into your new account

4) Wager up to $1250 on your favorite sport

5) Win BIG or get your stakes back, thanks to the Caesars Sportsbook promo code


Liam Hudson is an experienced sports writer, with a finger on the pulse of all things NFL and College Football. As a fanatical New England Patriots fan, he spends most of his time convincing others he is not a bandwagoner and defending Bill Belichick in Brady vs Bill arguments. He is also a Fantasy Football fanatic and spends far too much time analyzing player data and statistics in hopes of finding a hidden gem in one of his many yearly fantasy leagues.


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