Lucky 63

A Lucky 63 bet involves six separate selections and, as the name suggests, consists of 63 separate bets in total comprised of six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds and one six-fold accumulator.

For an each-way Lucky 63, you would double the number of bets to 126. The bet is similar to a Heinz bet, which is 57 different wagers, but with the addition of the six single bets.

Lucky 63 bets often come with special bonuses from different bookmakers. These usually involve things like double the odds for just one winner, or percentage bonuses to multiply odds on a double etc. Bearing this in mind, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for these.

The Lucky 63 is a “full cover bet” as all possible combinations from the singles up to the six fold are included. Obviously, therefore, one single successful selection guarantees at least some return, but returns will be multiplied manifold with multiple winners depending on the odds.

So, to illustrate the point, we’ll consider two different scenarios of wholly successful Lucky 63s, one in which the six winners are all evens (as may be the case with tennis matches for example) and another in which the six selections are each 5-1 shots (as may be the case with greyhound racing for example). In these two cases, the total returns would be £728 or a whopping £117,648, respectively, for a £1 per line stake (£63 bet in total).

However, if the bets were rather less successful and each had just two winners, the returns would be just £8 and £48 respectively, without any bonuses, both representing a loss from the initial £63 stake.

A Lucky 63 offers the possibility and the subsequent anticipatory thrill of big returns, as the above five x 5-1 example illustrates. But as with all big multiple bets, it’s rare that the really big wins come off and it certainly isn’t a wager for the faint-hearted!

There are various online tools available that can help to calculate the potential returns from Lucky 63 bets. Just be sure not to go over your chosen bookmaker’s pay-out limits. These are not ever worth exceeding and are always worth double-checking thoroughly before placing your Lucky 63 bet.