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Super Heinz

A “Super Heinz” bet consists of seven selections in different events, with all bet combinations from doubles up to a seven-fold accumulator fully covered.

Specifically, a Super Heinz includes a grand total of 120 bets, consisting of 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, seven six-folds and one seven-fold accumulator. If you make the bet each way, this doubles the number of bets to 240.

As there are no single bets in a Super Heinz, you’ll need at least two selections to win to make a return. As with all fully covered multiple bets, your returns multiply enormously with multiple winners (depending on the odds of your selections of course). To illustrate the point, let’s say you make seven selections in different horse races that are at odds of evens, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 6-1 and 7-1.

In this case, for a £1 win stake, if the two shortest priced horses won and the other five lost, your return for a £1 stake per bet (i.e. £120 gambled in total) would be £6. If, however, the third horse at 3-1 also won, your return would be £50. Similarly, if the fourth horse also won at 4-1, your return would be £345. And if all seven won, your return would be £181,404.

If, meanwhile, all seven selections in a football match, for example, won at evens for a £1 stake, your total return would be £2,172.

A Super Heinz bet is one of the largest standard multiple bets provided by major bookmakers today and is just one selection down from its bigger brother the “Goliath”. Like all such bets, it’s really as risky as your choices and the odds associated with them. So, with seven fairly evenly-matched tennis matches, for example, you’re very likely to see at least some return, whilst with seven longshot horses, you may not. It’s all down to risk appetite. Just remember the Super Heinz is a large multiple bet, so make sure you check your chosen bookmaker’s maximum pay-out limit as there’s no point in exceeding this.

There are various online tools that can help you to calculate your potential returns from a Super Heinz – which may help you decide the stake and selections of your bet before you make a final decision.