Super Yankee

A Super Yankee is also known as a “Canadian” bet and is aptly named as it’s one up from a Yankee bet in the number of selections.

A Super Yankee consists of 26 bets on all combinations from five selections in different events from doubles upwards. Specifically, then, a Super Yankee comprises of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five four-fold accumulators and one five-fold accumulator.

An each-way Super Yankee is double the number of bets, i.e. 52.

The Super Yankee bet is similar to a Lucky 31 but without the singles bets. Therefore, a Super Yankee is five lines less expensive than a Lucky 31 (£26 for a £1 stake versus £31 with the Lucky 31) but doesn’t pay out if your bet has only one winner, of course.

As with all multiple combination bets, the potential returns from a Super Yankee really begin to multiply with multiple winners. To illustrate this point, consider a Super Yankee with five selections at 4-1 each. If you have two winners and three losers, your return for a £1 stake (£26 in total) will be £25, so you lose a net £1. However, three winners at that price would yield a total return of £200, four winners would see you pocketing £1,275, whilst five winners would see you leaving the bookmakers with £7,750. These bets really come into their own with multiple winners, although obviously all returns are odds dependent.

More conservatively-minded gamblers interested in playing more of a percentage game will prefer the each-way version of the same bet, with one or two “bankers” in the mix i.e. strong fancies that should see at least some return on your initial stake.

In this way, the Super Yankee, along with other such multiple bets, is often favoured by punters who have a nap selection (possibly at short odds) but who enjoy having the simultaneous possibility of much bigger returns should the longer priced fancies at the sport(s) or events of their choosing prove successful. Even safer gamblers, however, will probably prefer the Lucky 31 for their five selections.