William Hill Casino Review

William Hill Casino Review

A presence on the high streets of the UK since 1934, William Hill has a longstanding reputation with professionals and novices alike across the UK and it's this reputation that's helped the operator thrive online.

Powered by Playtech and operating in the virtual market space since 1998, William Hill now serves 2 million customers in over 175 countries. They are stats which make it one of the largest online gaming providers in the world. Naturally, with this sort of history and fan base, William Hill isn't short of a few quid and that means you get a whole lot of casino platform when you become a registered member.

Best Bets: Breaking Down William Hill Casino

OK, so that opening gambit probably wasn't enough to sway you towards William Hill. Fortunately, we've got some more plus points to give you and if you carry on reading you'll soon see why William Hill's casino is seen as one of the leading platforms in the industry.

The Interface

Thanks to Playtech's software prowess and William Hill's in-house design team, every game is available at the touch of a button.

Spanning the top of the homepage is the main navigation bar containing three main options for casino fiends: Vegas, Casino and Live Casino. All offering the kind of games you'd expect from the headings given, each section provides a different angle on the "casino" theme.

In addition to making each lobby less cluttered, the tabs allow people to know exactly what they're getting into before they start searching. For example, if you want a standard game of virtual roulette, then you head for the "casino" tab. However, if you want a million pound slot or a chat with a real dealer, then you click on the "Vegas" and "Live Casino" tabs respectively.

Although it may seem like a simple feature that's not worthy of note, it's actually a necessary evil. Because William Hill Casino has so many gaming options, it's important to arrange things in a systematic way. Categorising games into separate tabs is the best way to do this and the reason why the platform has been well received by players of all persuasions.

So what lies in wait once you've chosen your tab? To further organise the game, William Hill has incorporated a secondary toolbar which allows you to search for games based on their style, how new they are, their theme and more. Complementing this system is a dynamic sidebar that moves as you scroll up and down the screen.

Unlike most online casinos that have a fixed tool bar which remains in place as you navigate the page, William Hill Casino has chosen to have theirs follow you as you move. While some may find this annoying, others will appreciate the way it provides instant access to every type of casino game.

The Casino Betting Menu

To ensure that every game is as bold and as easy to find as possible, William Hill Casino uses the tab style layout. This means the games you want to play are encased in a box which contains an image, small description of the game and a rolling jackpot if it's slot.

Entering each game is as simple as clicking the "play now" button which appears after you hover over the tab.

Great, so William Hill Casino's lobby is clear and concise, but what games can you play? As you'd expect, each tab is filled with a selection of traditional casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and casino Hold'em. On top of these options you'll find a collection of slots and video poker options, as well as a host of "non-traditional" casino games, such as scratchcards, darts, penalty shootout games and heads or tails challenges.

For players of any persuasions, this selection would be more than enough. However, William Hill isn't a company that likes to lag behind its peers and because of this you'll find the latest live dealer technology within the site. Divided into William Hill branded games and generic live dealer tables, this section of the site contains options for blackjack, roulette, casino Hold'em, baccarat and three card poker.

Of these options, three card poker is the most interesting as its one that's not offered by many online casinos. Indeed, by virtue of having this option, William Hill Casino has won a lot of praise for its live casino product.

The Tech Wizardry

Because of its prowess in the live casino arena in the desktop world, William Hill Casino has rightly made these provisions available for mobile users. Available for iOS and Android, the live dealer mobile games offer one of the most immersive and impressive gaming experiences in the world.

Of course, you should be mindful of your mobile data if you're playing these games on the go, but for a quick session or a game while you're connected to a wifi network, these apps are fantastic.

Added Extra: Casino Betting Bonuses and Bargains

Unlike some online operators that focus so much on their software that they forget about bonuses, William Hill Casino has created an impressive promotional package. All first-time players have access to one of two welcome bonuses. Worth between £200 (standard 150% multiplier) and £300 (high roller bonus for deposits of £1,000 or more), these deals are available for anyone who makes an initial deposit on a new account.

Once you've picked up these bonuses, there's a secondary deposit bonus worth up to £100 (75% multiplier) and a mountain of additional value available on a monthly basis. In fact, every time you make a fresh deposit you'll receive monthly bonuses which are backed up by a bets for points system. For every £10 you spend on the casino floor you'll earn one comp point which can then be exchanged at varying rates (depending on your VIP level) for bonus cash and special deals.

View from the Betting Floor

In line with modern gaming conditions, all of William Hill's casino games and incentives are available via your desktop or mobile device. This ease of access is yet another selling point and the reason why it's possible to make a lot of money through this operator.

From humble beginnings on the high streets of the UK to a graphical powerhouse online, William Hill has grown to become one of the largest gaming brands in the world and a place where thousands of customers enjoy a bevy of Las Vegas-style casino games every day. Between the operator's slick software and bevy of bonuses there literally is something for everyone regardless of their skill level. Indeed, if you're a novice looking for a lucrative way to start your casino career or an experienced grinder wanting a new place to ply your trade, William Hill is able to cater to both sides of the gambling divide and that's a testament to its hugely impressive platform.

William Hill Casino's Highlights:

Two welcome bonuses worth in excess of £275.

Monthly loyalty bonuses worth up to £3,500.

Mobile gaming with live dealer casino games.

Diverse interface with casino games in a range of styles.

Dynamic interface face that makes anteing up a simple process.

If you want to enjoy one of the most comprehensive online casino experiences in the world then follow our registration link, download the software and create your first account today.