Coral Casino Review

Coral Casino App Review

One of the UK's most respected bookmakers, Coral followed the online casino trend over a decade ago and since that time it's evolved into a complete betting platform filled with promise, intrigue and a little bit of mystery.

OK, so the mystery is really your own luck parading in a different guise, but it does help to create a more engaging online gaming experience when you ante-up and play for millions in daily prizes.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Coral Casino

Because Coral Casino is an offshoot of a major sports betting operation, the quality of its interface is unsurprisingly high. Regardless of whether you play blackjack, roulette or slots, the quality of the games is extremely high and certainly befitting of a brand such as Coral.

The Interface

Point and click your way to Coral Casino and the first thing you're greeted with is a blue and red navigation bar guiding you towards the site's main offerings. Linked to a dropdown submenu that lists the available games, this feature is a neat way to check out the full roster of betting options available and a simple way to find what you're looking for.

For example, if you fancy a few rounds on the roulette wheel then the "roulette" heading is where you'd move your mouse to. Similarly, if you yearn for blackjack betting then the same process applies. Of course, we won't insult your intelligence by going through the full gamut of games and telling you to click on the appropriate heading because you'll have already guessed that this is the way to Coral Casino's riches.

One of the standout features of Coral Casino's interface is the use of dynamic tabs. Containing an image of the game in question as well as a host of additional information, such as the current jackpot and whether or not it's available for mobile play, these tabs provide a colourful yet effective overview of the site's top games.

Finally, and this is probably the most useful feature inside Coral Casino, is the "favourite" option. In the top right-hand corner of each game tab you'll find a star which can be used to assign it to your favourites list. To make use of this feature you need to be logged into the site as a registered member, but once you've completed the registration process you'll be able to click stars to your heart's content and enjoy instant access to your favourite games.

The Casino Betting Menu

Betting at Coral Casino comes in one of two forms: virtual games, which include classics such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, casino Hold'em and slots, and live dealer tables. Being able to interact with real dealers and watch live casino games play out used to be reserved for bricks-and-mortar establishments. However, in the last few years the power of the internet has allowed operators to link human dealers with virtual players. Since the advent of live dealer games in the online casino world, the genre has evolved massively and it's now possible to play against real dealers via your mobile device.

Comprised of blackjack, roulette and baccarat, these tables are the perfect blend of entertainment and speed. The interaction of the dealers alongside the efficiency of placing wagers via your mobile device is something that's hard to beat.

Excluding live dealer tables and a select number of virtual tables, all of Coral Casino's games are available for free play. As you hover over a game tab you'll see a link for "free play" which means you can load up the table and experience all of its nuances without spending your own cash.

For novice punters or those who haven't created an account at Coral Casino, this option is fantastic. When you're putting your own cash on the line there's nothing worse than not knowing the specific rules of a game. Fortunately, by anteing up at a play money table you'll be able to learn the basics and master the requisite skills to become a long-term winner without breaking the bank.

Moreover, once you feel ready to join the action, a real money gaming experience is just a single click away.

The Tech Wizardry

While Coral's live casino app is impressive enough, the Spin Casino is even more special. Utilising a Smartphone's ability to control objects on the screen by titling the device, you can place bets and control various table actions through Coral's casino app. By far the most interactive aspect of this innovative feature is the spin feature during rounds of roulette. Although you can play six table games using the app, roulette is the most entertaining because as you flick your device forward it spins the roulette wheel.

When you combine this kind of technology with a 100% welcome bonus that's worth up to £50 for all new users you get a product that's truly special. While some operators like to put all their effort into creating the most diverse platform possible, Coral has take a core set of casino games and made them fit the mobile gaming world. Using every bit of technology possible, the Coral casino app is the perfect fusion between gambling and innovation.

Added Extra: Coral Casino Bonuses and Bargains

Before you start your Coral Casino mission and make your first deposit, the bonus gods are on hand to give you a £10 non-deposit bonus. This offer is designed to whet your appetite and give you a risk free way to enjoy the site's full suite of games.

Once you've exhausted this option a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to £50 is the next generous offer. Based on a match basis, this deal basically means that whatever you deposit, Coral Casino will match it up to a valuable of £50.

Finally, just as your welcome bonuses are beginning to become a distant memory, the promo gods kick into full effect once again with a slew of daily, weekly and monthly deals. Based on the games you play and the amount you stake, these timely offers will give you a healthy bankroll boost and the ability to continue playing regardless of whether luck is on your side or not.

View from the Casino Floor

Whichever way you slice it, Coral Casino is a fantastic place to play your favourite games. Whether you're an online purist who only dabbles in classically styled games or a modernist who enjoys live dealer action, Coral Casino has you suitably accommodated.

In fact, to help sweeten the deal, Coral will give you £10 just for registering your details, which means you can ante-up for free and, potentially, ride the fortune express all the way to (excuse the pun) a fortune. Choosing the best online casino for your needs shouldn't be a gamble; fortunately, Coral Casino is anything but that.

Coral Casino's Highlights:

Highly reputable gaming brand with decades of industry experience.

A welcome offer worth up to £50.

A unique spin casino app with thousands of pounds in prize money.

Simple and intuitive interface.

More than 300 casino games, including live dealer and mobile options.

To become the newest member of Coral Casino and reap all the benefits we've listed above, make sure you follow our sign-up link and create your first account today.