Sky Vegas Review & Bonus

Linked to the mighty BSkyB media empire, Sky Vegas is an online casino platform like no other. Invoking the spirit of the world's most famous gambling Mecca, Las Vegas, this site places a lot more emphasis on instant wins than any other online casino.

Indeed, unlike its virtual cousin, Sky Bet, Sky Vegas offers a myriad of high roller slots and click to win style games in an effort to create a much more dynamic platform. Of course, traditional games are not excluded from Sky Vegas, but the overriding feeling is why of speed and dynamism.

In fact, if you've ever been to Vegas you'll know that it's the town that never sleeps (a bit like New York) and there's always a winner celebrating somewhere. This is the vibe that Sky Vegas as tried to create with its range of games and options.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Casino

Following a recent software overhaul, existing Sky Vegas customers have been asked to switch over to a new, more dynamic, interface. Although the old platform still has a presence (in spirit), the new look system is ultra modern and one that helps push the Vegas angle even harder.

The Interface

When you land on the Sky Vegas homepage the first thing you'll notice is the absence of any borders. In an effort to move with the times and give everything a more free flowing style, the designers have opened up the platform and allowed things to float as they wish.

As well as mirroring the trend seen in many of the world's top websites, this new design makes the site feel a lot less crowded. By layering each icon on top of a background image it allows them to float in place and move as you move.

In fact, it's this "floating" feeling that also serves a technical purpose. In an age where customers are accessing websites on devices with differing dimensions, it's become necessary for designers to create pages that scale up and down. One of the best ways to do this and continue to look somewhat organised is to remove any boxes and allow the icons on the page the move and shift accordingly.

This detailing is something Sky Vegas has tapped into and it seems to have worked fantastically well. Of course, this styling won't suit everyone's tastes, but if you're someone who enjoys a certain amount of freedom on the Internet then Sky Vegas is a perfect match.

The Casino Betting Menu

To ensure you're always able to find what you're looking for, Sky Vegas has one constant on its pages: the top navigation bar. Although this also scales up and down according to your screen size, the menu offers quick links to every gaming option within the site.

Having this menu not only adds some rigidity to the overall structure of the site, but makes it easy for you to switch between the following gaming options:




Jackpot Slots

Table Games - including three card brag, craps, deuces wild and poker keno

New Games

Top 30 Games


The Tech Wizardry

Aside from the dynamic new interface, Sky Vegas has made it easier for players to keep track of their own gaming activities with the aptly titled "My Sky Vegas" portal. Inside this section you'll be able to fin details of the latest site-wide promotions, any offers personal to your account and any of your favourite games.

Moreover, this is the place where you can control all of your gaming settings, as well as the money you have in your account. Indeed, if you want to make a deposit or withdrawal using methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or PayPal, then this is the place to do it.

Finally, as with all modern online casinos, Sky Vegas is now fully mobile which means you can spin some slots or enjoy one of the main Vegas-style table games wherever you are in the world (with an Internet connection).

Added Extra: Casino Bonuses and Bargains

The main reason Sky Vegas is so popular is because of its bonuses. Before you've even taken a glide through the touch screen world of the Sky Vegas casino app you'll already be in possession of some free cash. Thanks to a no deposit bonus of 50 free spins.

Once you've exhausted these funds (or turned them into something much larger), the Sky Vegas bonus boat pulls into shore once again, this time loaded with a £40 bonus when you deposit and spend £10.

Once you've collected all the free cash you can it's time to enter the Sky Vegas casino app for real. Once inside you'll find an impressive range of games, including multi-hand blackjack with enhanced graphics, Sky Roulette with wagers ranging from £0.01 to £50,000 per spin and exclusive mobile casino slots, including Odds of the Gods and Wild Gambler.

View from the Casino Floor

Sky Vegas has worked hard to become an ultra modern platform in recent years and the new "dynamic" design is a testament to that. Removing borders and making the interface capable of adapting to its surroundings (i.e. the size of your screen) is right in line with modern web design trends and a sign that Sky Vegas is a forward thinking company.

Indeed, if there's one reason to check out Sky Vegas, it would be the design. While the £1,000 deposit bonus and Vegas-style casino games (not available at many online platforms) are great lures, the new look and feel of the site is the hook that will reel you in. What's more, because the platform is linked to the power house that is BSkyB, you know that your money is always going to be safe.

Unlike smaller online casinos that have somewhat illusive backers, Sky Vegas' owners are out in the spotlight every day which means there's very little chance they'll try anything sneaky with your money. Overall, if you're looking for one of most dynamic online casino experiences in the world then there are few platforms that can match Sky Vegas.

Sky Vegas Highlights:

Ultra modern interface.

50 free spins non-deposit bonus.

Impressive deposit bonus of £40.

Vegas-style table games that are rare online.

Excellent brand reliability.

To become a Sky Vegas player and enjoy a shiny new interface and big money promotions, follow our registration link and create your first account today.