BetVictor Free Bet & Review

BetVictor Sports Review

Part of Victor Chandler's online gambling empire, BetVictor Sports has earned a reputation over the last decade as a bastion of excellence. Utilising the same skills and expertise he used to forge similar empires in the casino and poker world, Mr. Chandler has worked with industry leaders to build a platform that's both comprehensive and innovative.

Featuring all the expected features, such as in-play betting and future markets, as well as some unique twists, BetVictor Sports has managed to become one of the top ranked online sportsbooks in the world. Still not sure whether you should ante-up or not? Maybe the following review will convince you.

Best Bets: Breaking Down BetVictor Sports

BetVictor Sports is part of the Victor Chandler family of gaming platforms which means it's able to draw liquidity from a number of sources. By having an interest in all areas of the online gambling world, Mr. Chandler is able to pool his assets and use his cash to create a complete gambling ecosystem.

Indeed, once you become a customer of BetVictor Sports, you quickly find out that you're part of something a lot larger. Having this interconnectivity with other areas of the online gambling world means it's possible to profit from a range of options without having to switch account and move money around.

The Interface

Unlike many online sportsbooks that attempt to cram every betting option into a single tab, BetVictor Sports has done things a little differently. Instead of merging regular bets with in-play markets, the designers have separated them into different tabs. Although it's possible to place in-play bets inside the "sports" tab, the majority of options are contained within the "in-play" section.

For some users this may seem like an unnecessary distinction to make. However, the partition is actually one that works well. Creating a specific page for in-play betting means the designers can incorporate more useful features. Indeed, one of the most useful is the running match report. Featuring a countdown timer, scoreboard and "action-meter", the panel is a great way for users to keep track of the latest action and, more importantly, refine their bets in order to increase their chances of success.

Beyond the in-play betting page, the main sports betting tab is dominated by the current fixtures table. Broken down into sports and showing the latest matches (or races) as well as live results, this is another fantastic feature for those who like to make in-play bets. In fact, contained within this widget are links to historical data (listed under "results") and expert commentary, which can help canny punters to make more informed decisions on the spot.

Flanking the fixtures panel to the left of the sports betting page is a series of links to BetVictor Sports' available markets. Broken down into manageable chunks, users can choose to view "top sports", "popular sports", or "all sports". Categorising the tables in this way makes it much easier for users to find what they're looking for and stay on top of the latest action.

Finally, to the right of the centre console, is the "round up" bar. The reason we've nicknamed this section of the page the "round up" bar is because it contains a recap of all your betting activity as well as the top bets of the day. In fact, to make the betting process as slick as possible, the designers have added a "add to betslip" button to the popular bets table. This means a single click of your mouse will have you anteing up on the top-five prospects of the day as chosen by BetVictor Sports' betting experts.

The Sports Betting Menu

While standard bets are part and parcel of BetVictor Sports platform (think sports such as football, tennis, golf and horse racing), the area in which the site excels is exotic and combination bets. In an effort to increase value and give its members a cheaper way to win more money, BetVictor Sports offers "bet bundles" and special bets.

Most commonly linked to football, these options allow punters to bet on a series of teams or particular results and enjoy big returns on a small stake. For example, the football specials tab has unique bets that focus on all manner of competitions, including the Premier League, the Champions League and international fixtures. Within each section are exclusive bets on a range of topical and seasonal things, such as the next England manager, which teams will finish in the top five and which players will be sold to which club. For football fans, this range of standard and special markets represents a great way to make some serious money.

The final notable point about BetVictor Sports' software, other than its mobile betting app, is its virtual games. Featuring a range of sports, including tennis, football, cycling and horse racing, this area of the site offers in-play betting on fantasy fixtures. Controlled by a random number generator (this basically determines the flow of the match), this feature is something few online sportsbooks offer. Moreover, because the action is fully automated, it means you can always find an event to bet on regardless of the time of day or night it is.

Added Extra: Bonuses and Bargains

Making money is the name of the game at BetVictor Sports, but even Mr. Chandler knows that sometimes you need a bit of a push to get the ball rolling. Because of this, all new customers are entitled to a £25 free bet bonus when they sign-up and make their first deposit. Open to all first-time punters, this offer is a match bonus which basically means your first bet will be matched up to a maximum of £25.

To supplement this golden hello, BetVictor Sports boasts a slew of seasonal betting offers. Ever-changing and usually focused on specific sporting events, these bonuses range from no lose bets and refunds to cash payments for making certain wagers.

These recurring bonuses are backed up by BetVictor Sports' best odds guarantee. Applied to all horse racing events, this promise means you won't have to scour the internet to find the best horse racing odds because BetVictor Sports will either be leading the pack or in line with the top bookmakers in the industry.

View from the Betting Floor

For in-play betting and generous odds, there are few online sportsbooks that can compete with BetVictor Sports. Although the welcome bonus may be slightly lower than some virtual bookmakers, the site's ability to match the best odds in the market is something that ensures you have the best chance of making money anywhere on the internet. Not only that, but with virtual sports giving you the ability to ante-up any time of the day or night, there are few platforms that are as consistent and as lucrative as BetVictor Sports. Mr. Chandler may not be as prominent on the site as he once was (he used to enjoy having his picture pasted around the site), but his knowledge and foresight is ever-present and that's why BetVictor Sports is one of the leading operators in the industry.

BetVictor Sports' Highlights:

  • Free welcome bet worth up to £25.
  • Mobile and in-play betting.
  • Betting on virtual sports.
  • Best odds guarantee on horse
  • Clean and simple interface.
  • To join Mr. Chandler and enjoy one of the best online betting experiences in the industry, follow our sign-up link and join the action today.