BoyleSports Sportsbook Review

BoyleSports might be Ireland's second largest bookmaker but that doesn't mean the site is second-rate in any way. Fully equipped with all the latest betting options and quirky gadgets, this site is one that offers a simple yet effective way to ante-up in the online arena.

In fact, while some may complain that BoyleSports doesn't contain as many bells and whistles as its peers (namely because it hasn't blown the budget on fancy graphics), we actually think that's a good thing. By keeping things simple, BoyleSports is able to present the best odds in a format that's easy to read and simple to use. That is something which all serious sports bettors will appreciate.

Best Bets: Breaking Down BoyleSports

If you're looking for fancy graphics and a myriad of colour sights and sounds then BoyleSports may leave your somewhat disappointed. Although the interface is far from bland, the colour scheme and format isn't quite as "fancy" as some platforms.


The Interface

In terms of design, it's clear BoyleSports has been made with serious sports bettors in mind. By leaving out the bold unnecessary animations and images that might attract casual punters, BoyleSports has managed to piece together a platform that is set up perfectly for those that like to get in, seize the best odds and walk away with a profit in the most efficient way possible.

Set out with a quick link toolbar on the left-hand side of the page and a live betting board in the centre, BoyleSports' interface means it's possible for anyone to navigate to their ideal sporting propositions with ease.

For those who need an instant fix, a live racing panel dominates the upper section of BoyleSports' homepage with each daily meeting split into country, course (both horse and greyhound) and time. To supplement this timetable is a results tab as well as a live radio and video commentary links.

Beyond the horse racing panel a further breakdown of the day's top sporting events follows a similar pattern with each fixture being broken down into time and country. By far the most appealing feature of this betting widget is the direct access it provides to in-play betting. Because the timetable is used to countdown upcoming games and list ongoing fixtures, punters can keep track of the odds as they change and easily capitalise on favourable market conditions without having to leave BoyleSports' homepage.

For those who like to take more time over their bets, BoyleSports' left hand panel allows members to select their favourite sport and navigate to every market available for its forthcoming fixtures. For example, if a player wants to bet some money on darts, they can follow the link and be shown a slew of bets relating to events taking place over the coming weeks.

Beyond the sporting links, also links to a quick bet racing tab as well as a list of daily specials. By making this process as efficient as possible it makes it much more appealing to regular punters because it allows them to find the best bets and unlock the most value possible on a daily basis. For someone who makes a living betting on sports these features are fantastic because it allows them to increase their hourly rate and, thus, their bottom-line.

The Sports Betting Menu

As you can tell from the description of the BoyleSports' interface, horse racing makes up a major part of the site's betting markets. Being one of the most popular sports in Ireland, this should come as no surprise. However, that doesn't mean you can't speculate on a full range of sports inside this platform.

In-play betting and future betting is available on a wide range of sports, including football, tennis, darts, hurling and speedway. In fact, if it exists as a competitive endeavour then BoyleSports will let you bet on it.

However, that's not all. In addition to offering markets for the latest sporting contests, BoyleSports also offers wagers on financial markets and local lotteries (countries such as Germany, Ireland, the UK and Canada). Something of a novelty in the online sports betting world, these options not only help separate BoyleSports from the crowd but further cement its reputation as a serious sports betting platform.

  boylesports in play  

The Tech Wizardry

One of BoyleSports best technological innovations in recent years is its radio and TV streams. Open to anyone that places a real money bet on a valid event, the streams not only give punters a way to watch the action from their computers, but help everyone improve their betting prospects. Indeed, by giving someone the ability to see the action develop in real time, it allows them to get a better feel for the outcome and, therefore, make more profitable in-play bets.

Of course, the other piece of tech wizardry that punters will enjoy is the BoyleSports mobile app. Available for iOS and Android devices, the phone and tablet technology allows you to swipe and bet on any available market with ease. Not only that, but thanks to an integrated banking system it's also possible to make deposits and withdrawals directly through the BoyleSports app.

View from the Casino Floor

BoyleSports may have started out life as an independent bookmaker in Ireland, but today it's known as the place where serious punters ply their trade. Although the interface may seem simple on first inspection, the amount of betting options and features it boasts is highly impressive and something that experienced sports bettors will appreciate. Indeed, regardless of whether you're looking to bet on sports, financial markets or local lotteries, BoyleSports has a market for you and that's something very few online operators can say.

BoyleSports' Highlights:

  • Simple, concise and well maintained interface that's virtually glitch free.
  • Mobile betting and live sports commentary.
  • Best odds guarantee on all horse and greyhound races.
  • Exotic betting markets, including financials and lotteries.
  • Regular cashback deals and free bet offers.
  • If you want to check out BoyleSports and take advantage of its latest betting offers, simply follow our sign-up link and create your first account today.