Stan James Sportsbook Free Bet Bonus & Review

Stan James Sports Review

Founded back in 1973, Stan James has been at the forefront of the betting world for the best part of 50 years and during that time it has grown from humble beginnings on the streets Oxfordshire, to a virtual behemoth known around the globe.

Having been active in the online sports betting arena for more than a decade, Stan James knows what it takes to win over the betting public. Indeed, with an interface that's evolved over the years to become more efficient, more engaging and more interactive, Stan James is now recognised as one of the leading online operators in the iGaming sector.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Stan James Sports

Ever since Stan James decided to set up a bookmaking shop in Oxfordshire he had one goal, to offer the most comprehensive sports betting platform possible. Back in the 1970s this wasn't easy as the access to information bookmakers had was limited.

However, as times changed and information became more freely available, Stan James has gradually increased its portfolio of products and today it offers all manner of betting options inside a slick portal that's been designed to make the betting process as efficient and pain free as possible.

The Interface

Despite looking somewhat busy when you first click through its virtual doors, Stan James contains enough clever tricks and tools to filter this myriad of information into an easy-to-read format.

From the top down, Stan James is split into categories and each section is listed in a tabular form either down the side of the page or bang in the middle of the action. As with all major online sportsbooks, Stan James puts its live betting widget pride of place in the centre of the page. Although this style of betting isn't suited to every gambler, it is a great way to make money and those who are able to predict the flow of an event will appreciate the emphasis Stan James puts on this section of their site.

Away from live bets, Stan James' homepage contains a sidebar with all the day's forthcoming betting opportunities, as well as overviews of the latest sporting headlines. The news articles are of particular significance because they not only give members an insight into potential wagers but a wealth of information that can be used to refine their daily picks.

For members who want to bore down into the specifics of a particular sports, Stan James lists and links to every variant possible. From horse racing, football and cricket to darts and boxing, a simple click on a direct link will open up all current and future betting markets for that sport. The types of bets that are on offer will vary, but members will find that the main propositions range from outright winners to various accumulator bets.

The Sports Betting Menu

Like all major operators, Stan James offers betting markets for all the major sports in the world and punters can ante-up from as little as £0.10. However, talking about football bets and horse racing wagers isn't particularly interesting which is why we've decided to focus on the more innovative betting markets available on Stan James.

If you take the time to scroll down the sidebar and check out all your various options you'll find two categories standout: novelty bets and totes. The former is a section of the site that allows you to bet on things other than sport. For example, if there's a major political event about to take place you can speculate on it. Or, if there's a royal baby on the way you can bet on which university it will attend. Basically, if there's an uncertain outcome and it's in the public eye then Stan James will give you the option to bet on it.

Away from the weird and wonderful world of novelty bets, online bettors can also enjoy the uncertainly of tote betting on Stan James. If you've ever been to a horse racing event you'll have seen tote betting options alongside fixed odds options. Although there are a number of subtleties to behind the tote betting system, the main premise is that the money you can win is determined by the sum of the money collected before a race.

In the online world this system isn't widely available, but Stan James has bucked this trend and used its gambling licence to the fullest in order to offer experienced punters a unique way of betting online.

The Tech Wizardry

To supplement this dynamic presentation of betting opportunities, Stan James Sports also has a selection of live commentary and tipping services. Run in conjunction with various industry experts, Stan James members can watch live racing courtesy of Racing UK, listen to sporting commentary and read specialist advice from professional tipsters.

Not only that, but active members can receive customised horse racing updates direct to their desktop account or mobile device (yes, you can access Stan James via a mobile app). By giving customers greater access to the latest racing news it not only makes Stan James a more comprehensive betting platform, but a more lucrative one for punters of all skill levels.

Added Extra: Stan James Bonuses and Bargains

All new Stan James Sports members will receive a free £10 bet after the place an initial wager of £10, but this is simply the tip of the site's iceberg of value. In order to keep its platform fresh and to open up the entire spectrum of sports betting opportunities, Stan James runs a number of seasonal bets that focus on specific events.

For example, golf fans can get enhanced betting odds on the latest hotshot player, such as Rory McIlroy, or enjoy second chances (i.e. free bets) on major sporting event such as Royal Ascot or the World Cup.

In addition to this ever-changing bonus system, Stan James also has a fully functional mobile app which makes betting on the move a simple process. Much of a gambler's value comes from being able to seize favourable market conditions and thanks to the Stan James Sports mobile app this is not a problem.

View from the Betting Floor

Thanks to a long history in the gaming industry and a forward-thinking group of designers, Stan James has become one of the best online gaming operators in the world. Although newbies may find the site's interface a little daunting at first, the range of betting opportunities and bonuses is such that this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

In fact, once you've got to grips with the layout of the site you'll find one of the most extensive online betting markets in the world. From standard bets on football and tennis, to novel wagers on things such as the potential sex of a celebrity baby, Stan James literally has something for anyone regardless of their experience or skill level.

Stan James' Highlights:

£10 free welcome bet.

Long-standing reputation in the sports betting industry.

In-play and mobile betting.

Sport specific bonuses and promotions.

Live streams and expert tipster service.

To become a member of Stan James and take advantage of all the benefits listed above, follow our dedicated download link, register your details and open your first account today.