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'Triffic! Peter Crouch most likely to name fourth child after his former manager

'Triffic! Peter Crouch most likely to name fourth child after his former manager

Burnley striker 12/1 to name his next child after his boss at Tottenham.

Bookies have priced up potential names for Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy’s upcoming fourth child and it’s Harry that is the favourite, at 12/1. 

The 38-year-old played with a famous Harry (Kewell) at Liverpool, but it’s his relationship with former Spurs boss Harry Redknapp that’s the most obvious connection, with Crouch scoring 24 goals in 93 games under ‘Arrys stewardship. 

Edward and Oliver are next in the market at 20/1, with the former having further Spurs connections. Crouch started his career with the North London club and has said previously about being inspired by Teddy Sheringham and the longevity of his goalscoring. 

Elsewhere on the list, Frank and Steven are 33/1 (even on this list they can’t be separated), Bobby is 50/1 and Niko is 50/1

Right at the bottom, you can get 500/1 for ‘hat-trick', although you feel they missed out by not giving that name to baby number three… 

Oddschecker spokesman George Elek: “With their television and podcast celebrity burgeoning, there aren't many more popular footballing figures than Harry and Crouchy at the moment. 

"The Burnley striker records his podcast with Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark, and the former has bragging rights here with his name a 25/1 shot compared to the 66/1 Chris.”