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Labour leader odds tracker: Sir Keir Starmer has '95 percent chance' of replacing Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader odds tracker: Sir Keir Starmer has '95 percent chance' of replacing Jeremy Corbyn

It's looking like a one-horse race...

Sir Keir Starmer is in an almost unopposed position to become the next permanent labour leader, according to the most recent betting markets.

The MP for Holburn and St Pancras is the strong favourite in the market at 1/20, which equates to a 95% implied probability chance of winning.

That’s due to a high influx of bets on the 53-year-old taking over from Corbyn, with Starmer accounting for 59% of all bets over the last month.

His next nearest challenger, Rebecca Long-Bailey, is an 18/1 second-favourite to replace Jeremy Corbyn, giving her just a 5.3% chance of winning.

Third (out of three) in the market is outsider Lisa Nandy, who is 33/1 to win the race, giving the MP for Wigan a paltry 2.9% implied probability of being the next Labour leader.

Oddschecker spokesperson Callum Wilson: “It’s been a sideshow to the more pressing matters that the government are dealing with – but it’s important to remember that there is still a major party election taking place.

“It looks like Keir Starmer is set to storm the race, with a whopping 95% chance of being elected, according to the latest odds released by bookmakers.

“For those of you that follow football – there’s now a higher chance of Starmer winning than there is of Liverpool starlet Trent Alexander-Arnold winning PFA Young Player of the Year. That’s just how likely it is.”

Next Labour leader: 
Keir Starmer - 1/20
Rebecca Long-Bailey - 18/1 
Lisa Nandy - 33/1