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US Presidential Election 2020 odds: Biden and Trump NECK-AND-NECK according to the bookies

US Presidential Election 2020 odds: Biden and Trump NECK-AND-NECK according to the bookies

There's nothing to split the pair at the bookmakers

Despite being as long as 20/1 just last month, bookmakers now give Joe Biden the same chance as Donald Trump to win the US Presidential Election this year.

The pair are virtually inseparable at the top of the market, with both currently priced at 11/10.

In layman’s terms, both candidates have an implied probability chance of 47.6% of winning the 2020 Election.

That’s because (as you can see in the graphic), it’s most certainly a two-horse race for the White House hot-seat, with nothing between the pair.

Perhaps the only thing differentiating the two at the bookmakers, at the moment, is the percentage of bets on the momentum-riding Biden.

Over the last week, Biden has pipped Trump as the most popular bet, accruing 43% of all bets in the market.

On the flip side, Trump has accounted for 36% of all bets in the market, over the same time period.

As aforementioned as a two-horse race, the next nearest challenger to the pair is Senator Bernie Sanders, who is way off the pace, currently priced at 50/1.

In percentage chances, that’s the implied probability equivalent of just a 2% chance of winning the election.

Another candidate in the exact same position as Sanders, when looking at it from an odds point-of-view, is Vice President Mike Pence, who is also 50/1.

The reason that odds are so short in the case of both Trump and Biden is that they have virtually confirmed their nominations respectively.

In the Democratic representative market, Biden is a 1/12 favourite to be the nominee – indicating a 92.3% chance.

Over on the Republicans, Trump is the exact same price (1/12), to represent the ‘Grand Old Party’ in the upcoming election.

Oddschecker spokesperson Callum Wilson: “For so many years, Donald Trump has appeared a shoo-in for a 2020 re-election, but the President's response to the coronavirus crisis, coupled with the timely emergence of a credible Democratic candidate has seen this theory well and truly dispelled.

“Joe Biden proved a popular vice-president to Barack Obama amongst members of his own party, but with Trump's support waning in the face of this unprecedented global pandemic, it's clear the bookies now believe Biden has the ability to siphon a good number of red states from his opposite number in the White House.”

To win the US Election 2020 (odds):
Joe Biden – 11/10
Donald Trump – 11/10
Bernie Sanders – 50/1
Mike Pence – 50/1

To win the US Election 2020 (percentage of bets):
Joe Biden - 53%
Donald Trump – 36%
Bernie Sanders – 6%
Hillary Clinton - 4%
Mike Pence – 1%