The second semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent seems to offer a lot more quality than the first, at least on paper. There are probably four or five acts performing tonight which have a shot at qualifying at this stage.

Vitaly Voronko is not one of them. He is a typical foreign novelty act selected primarily for people to laugh at. Another foreign act competing tonight is Alex Malaga, but his sort of danger act hardly ever seems to pull in the votes. There are reports that his act is so dangerous that it will have to be pre-recorded tonight. Expect a red and black colour scheme for him, and perhaps some fire on stage, in order to emphasise the danger aspect.

Some sort of fuss may be made about Anne and Ian Marshall as David’s ‘golden buzzer’ act, but they really are quite talentless and don’t offer as much comedy value as Lorraine Bowen did last year.

Also making up the numbers look to be Mythical PSM. As one of the most generic dance troupes you can imagine, they would have to rely on an excellent routine and late running order slot in order to get through.

37-year old mum Rachael Wooding has already had a career in musical theatre, which may or may not be a turn-off for the voters. There’s no denying her talent, however, so it will be important to wait and see how she will be treated tonight.

Family singing acts have been catching on big time with the audience recently. The Garnett Family are vastly superior vocally to Mel & Jamie who were second in the vote just last night. However, producers may deem them to be too similar, and with two singing acts through to the final already, they should really be looking for some diversity from the next few shows.

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This is where Shannon and Peter could be of interest. This husband-and-wife dancing duo won the hearts of the public in week 4’s audition show. The public can often be suckers for a love story, and a talented dance act, and this duo are absolutely excellent at what they do. If treated correctly by the producers, Shannon and Peter would provide the sufficient amount of emotional connection necessary to make the Top 3 and be in the mix for qualification.

Another Kind of Blue are also a talented dance act who have been challenging for favouritism in the outright since their impressive audition was aired in week 2. Their clever usage of the floor and screens manages to be both innovative and gimmicky at the same time. In all likelihood they will probably be going through tonight, but there is little value in backing them to do so. There is also a sense that producers may be slamming the brakes on them, as Saturday night’s edit showed Alesha Dixon questioning whether they are too similar to what they’ve seen before - clearly referring to 2013 winners Attraction.

This brings me to my pick for a pre-show qualification bet for this evening. Wayne Woodward surprised the audience at his audition by unexpectedly singing swing-style music. This type of music tends to go down very well on BGT, with acts like Jack Pack having success in the past. However, Wayne’s biggest asset is not his talent but rather his likeable ‘cheeky chappie’ personality.

He is a good looking guy who will have very wide appeal among females voting tonight, and he should scrub up well too. He will be fanciable to teenage girls, and the style of music he sings will be popular with Middle England mothers and grandmothers. Therefore I think he’s worth a small bet to go through tonight.
Wayne Woodward To Qualify - 1pt @ 10/1