The fourth eviction sees some of the usual suspects facing the public vote in Stephen Bear, Lewis Bloor and Heavy D. However, this time around they are joined by Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano, whom I think is topping the vote tonight.

Renee got off to a slow start in the house, perhaps due to other characters overshadowing her. It seems she has finally caught on with the British public, and is now trading at single figures to win the series. This is because she has been the only housemate to stand up to Bear with the fierceness that he deserves. Renee has also shown a huge vulnerability as she has told how men have been treating her badly all her life. These are vote-winning qualities, but time will tell if she has it in her to go all the way.

Eternally-nominated Stephen Bear is facing the public vote for the third time. It was embarrassing for him to have only polled second in Friday night’s show, behind James Whale. It’s likely that Renee will also be beating him tonight, but he should be able to see off Heavy D and Lewis easily. It’s been business as usual for the Ex On The Beach character though, doing everything he can to stay in the limelight.

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Tonight’s eviction seems like it’s very much between Heavy D and Lewis Bloor. The former is the strong favourite to go at 4/7, but his price looks far too short. He had a disappointing show on Sunday night, where he was shown to be throwing food all over the house, copying Bear. But he is an outsider character who is just trying to be liked. I believe he will have beaten Lewis easily in the vote this time last week, so the value bet in this instance has to be the TOWIE star again at 7/4.

His showmance with Marnie is getting old, and the Geordie Shore star herself proved she is not popular with the public, landing in the Bottom Two in the previous eviction. Hopefully enough people will want to break up the showmance by sending some votes to ‘the Boominator’. But it should be extremely close at the bottom tonight, which is why it’s best to side with Lewis departing.

Lewis Bloor - 1pt @ 7/4