We are reaching the business end of the competition now, the numbers have to be culled and so here we are at the first double eviction of the series. Kim Woodburn, Heidi and Spencer, Jedward, Bianca Gascoigne and Jessica Cunningham will all be packing their suitcases. Two will be leaving tonight, but correctly predicting which one will go first is where there is money to be made. The market is almost certain that Bianca and Jessica will both be going home, in either order, but is there room for a surprise?

Kim Woodburn (28/1) has enjoyed a fantastic week on the show. Her entertaining rants and eccentric one-liners have substantially boosted the viewing figures since her entrance two weeks ago. She is a complex and fascinating character who is now joint favourite to win the show, alongside James C. It’s likely that Emma Willis announces who’s at the top of the vote tonight, and Kim would become the clear outright favourite if her name were to be called. Regardless, she is looking good to end up placing in the Top 3 and to be Top Female with just one week to go.


Eternally nominated Heidi and Spencer (16/1) are facing the public vote once again. They have started making their move to win the show since being nominated by James C. We have seen them mysteriously promise bigger things for the final seven days, which is both intriguing and provides viewers with motivation to save them. The entertainment value they bring to the show plus their large fanbase should be enough to keep them out of danger tonight.

Jedward (12/1) have seen their price crash in the outright after a jepic couple of days on the show. They will benefit from sympathy votes from all of their clashes with Nicola, where they seem to have handled themselves relatively well, one sexist joke aside. We know their fanbase are voting for them and there’s little reason to believe that they won’t stick with Jedward for the fourth consecutive time.

Former Love Island winner Bianca Gascoigne is favourite to be evicted first tonight at 10/11. It’s her first time facing the public vote too, so we can’t really gauge the level of her support. She has been pretty likeable for the most part, her main storyline of course being her showmance with Jamie. However, this week it was revealed she has a mystery boyfriend on the outside. This could well work against her in the vote, but we also saw a sympathetic side to her, when we saw her sobbing in the diary room. A very similar scenario happened with Stephanie Davis last year, who ended up finishing runner up. History has shown us that voters are suckers for a tacky showmance, and this storyline could help her dodge the first bullet. It’s likely that producers will milk the last of this tonight too, giving her airtime at a crucial time before the lines close.

The Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham (13/8) is up tonight for the second time. She has a likeable personality and is relatively normal compared to most in the house. However, we have not seen a lot of her over the last two weeks. In last night’s show, she revealed she has three different guys on the go on the outside world. This interesting fact is unlikely to go down well with the largely female voting demographic. She was also shown in an odd moment visualising that she will end up as the winner. The main problem for Jessica, however, is that she has no real storyline on the show. She is one of several who has tried and failed to seduce Calum, which could have increased her longevity, had she been successful. Her hope of surviving is going to be whether or not her personality is a strong enough motivating factor to overtake both Bianca and one of the three big hitters, which seems unlikely.

This eviction looks very much like a coin toss between Bianca and Jessica, and in this instance it’s best to side with Jessica to go first as the value bet.

Next Eviction - Jessica Cunningham - 1pt @ 13/8