Honey G is the odds-on favourite to be eliminated this week, having survived a rather bizarre singoff last week. She didn't do herself any favours with her fist-pumping antics on Sunday night, and it's brought to a halt stories about her winning the show. But she remains its main talking point, which is one reason why producers might want to keep her in for a little longer.

Second favourite in the elimination market is Saara Aalto, who serves much less purpose on the show. Last week producers were trying to indicate that her journey was coming to an end. She's the only act left about whom there's been no talk of making the final, or having a shot at winning. In my opinion, that means she's slated for elimination either this coming week, or the following week in the semi-final. As such, 3/1 for her to go this Sunday represents value, and is the suggested bet.

Emily Middlemas is next up at 6/1 in the elimination market. Producers had the possibility of engineering a singoff last week between her and boyfriend Ryan Lawrie, who was eventually cut loose. The fact they chose not to suggests that either her support is a little too strong, and/or that they want her in the final. With Ryan out, the Socttish vote, for what it's worth, can coalesce around her.

5 After Midnight are 10/1 in the elimination betting, yet it was they rather than Emily who were at similar bottom two odds to Honey G and Saara before last Sunday's results show. In other words, they were considered much closer to the danger zone than Emily, but the market thinks the opposite for next weekend. Emily did have the pimp slot last Saturday, and talk of the boyband making the final remains.

But I wouldn't put it past producers to help Honey G out of the singoff this week, leaving Five After Midnight against Saara. There are no prices yet available for this bottom two combination, but it would be worth looking out for anything at double figures. Should Sunday night come to this, the Finn's vocals are much stronger, but it would be her fourth singoff appearance rather than the boyband's first, which would give the judges the excuse they needed to save them. They remain a highly commercial proposition beyond the final, unlike Saara.

The only other contestant, Matt Terry, was given The Chosen One treatment last weekend. He's now 8/15 to win the series as a result. I expect producers to continue to push him for victory, now that they've managed to inform viewers it's an "open race". He's the only contestant for whom it would be a complete shock to see in next Sunday's bottom two.

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Saara Aalto next elimination - 2pts @ 3/1