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Heisman Watch: Ranking the Top 5 Heisman Odds Candidates Heading into Week 11

The Heisman Watch is kicking into full gear all around the nation as we enter Week 11 of the season. Who will win the Heisman trophy? We break down our latest Heisman Watch list and take a look at the Heisman odds to try and find out.
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Heisman Watch: Ranking the Top 5 Heisman Odds Candidates Heading into Week 11

Well, that was fun while it lasted. Last week, the most significant individual college football news story was that Hendon Hooker had taken over as the favorite, according to Heisman Watch lists and the latest Heisman odds.

Just a week later, Hooker finds himself back in the No. 2 spot on our Heisman Watch list after his first disappointing showing of the season.

The race certainly isn't over, but with CJ Stroud pulling back into the driver's seat and shortening his Heisman odds, it will be tough for Hooker to pull back into the lead. But, as always, we're here to break down the latest Heisman odds as we enter Week 11.

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Heisman Watch: Top 5 Heisman Odds

1. CJ Stroud - Ohio State QB (+200) (Bet $100 to collect $300)

What are we doing here, sportsbooks? In what world did CJ Stroud separate himself from Hendon Hooker last week? To be clear, Stroud completed 10 of his 26 passes for 76 yards in a win against a 1-8 Northwestern team and he somehow worked his way back into being the Heisman favorite. I don't quite understand the clear favoritism Stroud is being given this season. He has some of the best weapons in college football surrounding him and he's still being given the benefit of the doubt at almost every turn. Stroud and OSU have precisely 0 impressive wins so far this season but he somehow has shorter Heisman odds than Hendon Hooker, who has beaten every ranked team that has been thrown at him, with the exception of No. 1 Georgia. I like Stroud as a player, but how about we make him earn the Heisman rather than just giving it to him? Last week's effort should not have brought him back into the favorite spot.

2. Hendon Hooker - Tennessee QB (+300) (Bet $100 to collect $400)

It finally happened. Hendon Hooker played a bad football game. But, when you consider his opponent it really isn't that shocking. As a matter of fact, this is what Georgia has done to basically every opposing QB they have faced. Let me take you back to Week 1. Georgia demolishes Oregon, and Bo Nix, the Ducks' starting QB, looks absolutely terrible against the Dawgs. We have people calling for Bo to be replaced and claiming he will never live up to his hype. Turns out, they were wrong. Bo Nix is in the middle of a fantastic season and is a Heisman contender in his own right. But, that Georgia defense makes even really good QBs look bad, and that's what happened this past week. I expect Hendon Hooker to respond with a big week against an average Missouri team. Tennesee can cruise for the rest of the regular season, and if Hooker puts up big numbers he should absolutely be considered for the award alongside CJ Stroud.

3. Blake Corum - Michigan RB (+750) (Bet $100 to collect $850)

I need justice for Blake Corum and I need it now. What does this guy have to do to be considered among the Heisman favorites? Sure, he's in third place on our Heisman Watch list, but if Hendon Hooker and CJ Stroud aren't going to separate from the pack then Corum should be getting more consideration. All it takes is a look at Corum's numbers of late to see what I'm talking about. Corum has rushed for 100+ yards in six straight games. In every single game this season, with the exception of the game against Iowa, he's averaged more than 5 yards per carry. Corum has 1,187 yards rushing and 16 touchdowns while averaging 6.0 yards per carry. I don't know if Michigan is for real, I have a feeling they aren't, but I know that Corum has been every bit as valuable to his team as the two names ahead of him on this list.

4. Caleb Williams - USC QB (+900) (Bet $100 to collect $1,000)

Speaking of players that should be getting a bit more respect, how about Caleb Williams? Now, I'll be the first one to point out his terrible games against Oregon State and Washington State, but it's impossible to argue with is body of work so far this year. He has more passing yards and touchdowns and fewer interceptions thrown than CJ Stroud while working with a supporting cast that doesn't quite have the same set of skills as the one in Columbus. In his first year in Southern California, Williams has 2,742 passing yards, good for 11th in the nation, he has 28 passing touchdowns, which is tied for third, and he's thrown just one interception. The issue for Williams comes with the fact that he plays in the Pac-12, which is having an up year but still has some bottom-feeder teams that are truly terrible. Still, I don't understand how you can put Stroud and Hooker at +200 and +300 while Williams is hovering around the +1000 mark.

5. Stetson Bennett - Georgia QB (+1600) (Bet $100 to collect $1,700)

If someone was to ask me who on this list I think they should bet on to win this year's Heisman trophy, it wouldn't take me long to tell them Stetson Bennett. For starters, the value is undeniable. At +1600, Bennett's Heisman odds are still long enough to bring you a big payday and he's the QB of the best team in the nation. But, the other reason I love Bennett is the exposure he's about to get. Barring some sort of major upset, we're going to get to see Stetson Bennett in the SEC title game against either LSU or Ole Miss. And, if you can remember back to last year's National Championship game, Bennett shines the brightest when the lights are on him. If there was a player that was clearly distancing himself from the rest of the pack, like Hooker was before last week's loss, I would say stay away from Bennett. But, with no player clearly running away with the award, Bennett is a great choice to win the Heisman at an even better number.

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